Testerup.com Review(Is Testerup.com Legit or Scam? Find Out)

It is really amazing to know that there is a site called Testerup.com, and that this platform allegedly pays internet users $120 for each task done. If you find this cool, then you might want to know more about this platform. We advice that you read this “testerup.com review article,” to know more about how the platform fully works. And on top of that, we also will reveal an accurate answer to question; “Is Testerup.com legit or scam?”

Sounds good to you?


These days, the internet offers a wide range of options for internet users to choose from. The good thing about living in this generation, is that almost every action can earn you revenue.

From playing games, to watching videos, to answering questioners, money making on the internet keeps becoming easier and better.

In this article, you will be surprised to find out that you can make money on testerup.com by carrying out a ridiculously simple task. This is something every smartphone user does every now and then. So, it is safe to say that literally everyone would have little or no challenges with making money.


However, you must know that every money making site has its own challenges. This testerup.com review will help with the solutions to the challenges you are likely to face.


Testerup.com Review

Testerup money making site is an easy to join platform, but before you go ahead to perform the sign up process, you might want to go through every line of this testerup.com review first. Because:

1. You may face challenges with earning.

2. You may not know how to go about the withdrawal process.

3. You could be stuck with even signing up or signing in.


The short list above is one of the numerous reason you ought to read the whole of this review article. What you stand to gain from reading this review is stated below.


This review will be providing solutions, and answers too. Here are some of the questions we will provide you accurate answers to: What is testerup? How to make money from testerup? How to go about testerup.com referral? Who is the owner of testerup? How to perform testerup.com login process? Is testerup.com legit or scam? And many others

What is Testerup.com

Testerup is a simple money platform with the easiest way to earn money.


The way to earn money is straightforward. Your job is to test different types of mobile apps. By test, we mean download and use these apps. Mostly, the apps given are games. On few occasions, it may be another type of app. What is certain, is that making money all involves downloading and using an app the way you were asked to.

Every single time you login, you will find different offers on your testerup.com dashboard. At times, it could total up to one or two thousand dollars. If you test all apps available, you will get your total revenue.


How to Earn from Testerup.com

There isn’t much to say about making money from testerup.com

Everything you need to know has already been mentioned. In summary, making money on testerup is all about app downloads, and testing of the apps. In most cases, the apps are mobile games. In other words, you get paid to play games on testerup.com! Sounds good, innit?

Oh, you should also know that testerup.com will not pay you to test a game you already have in your smartphone. You only get rewarded for testing/using apps that you have never downloaded before.


The price per test could range from $10 to $200. It could even be more.


There is also one tinny bit of info we may have left out.

You can increase your testerup revenue via a means that has nothing to do with downloading apps. It is called Testerup.com referral.

Testerup will reward you for getting new members to sign on the site.

Every member gets his or her own personal referral link. And when a person uses your link, you will get referral earnings.


How to get Testerup.com Referrals

To earn via referral, you need a link. This link is available in your testerup dashboard. So perform testerup.com login process first. When logged in, find your referral page, and find the referral link.


Copy the referral link, and share the referral link. Goodluck with that.

When was Testerup.com Launched

Testerup is actually not a new platform. In fact, it has been operating for a very long time, but under another name. It was once known as Testery. But recently it changed name to Testerup. Who knows, it may probably change to another name in the coming future. Maybe Testify. LOL.


Who is the Owner of Testerup.com

The owner of testerup is not known by anyone. And the platform seems to like it that way.

On their website, there is an entire page dedicated to answering questions related to testerup, but they purposely left out info about the owner of testerup.com

No one knows why.


Testerup.com Sign Up

To get registered, you will need to perform testerup.com sign up process. It is actually pretty easy. You can sign up with your google account, or with an email address and desired password.


Simply head to the homepage, then click on ‘Register for free now.’ You would be taken to testerup.com sign up page and you will know the next step to take.

Testerup.com Login

To login, head to the login page by clicking on ‘sign in now.’


Then on the testerup.com sign up page, type in your username and password. Then submit.


How to Withdraw on Testerup.com

There is the withdrawal page that you can easily find after performing testerup.com login process. Note that, the minimum withdrawable amount is $70.

Is Testerup.com Legit or Scam

This whole thing looks like one huge fraud! And in fact, it is indeed what it looks like. Testerup.com isn’t legit, and don’t even get your hopes high. This platform will not pay you. It is nothing but pure lies!




For those asking; “Is testerup.com legit or scam?” The answer will always be, ‘Testerup is a scam!’


Have any questions related to this “testerup.com review?” If you do, then drop a comment.

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