Review: Is Legit or Scam?

Have you heard of betaforex world? Would you be interested in joining If yes, then read this entire review article, and get the answer to the question, “Is legit or scam?” is a platform that internet users see as an opportunity to make money. On the website’s homepage, you will find lots of amazing features, and this would most definitely tempt you to join the platform.

However, we want you to know that before you sign up on this platform, there are info that you are yet to know.


Like, how betaforex works, how to withdraw from betaforex, and so on. This “ review” would be teaching you these things.


You should know by now that jumping into just any money making site you find online, is not a smart thing to do.

Which is why you should read this review article before deciding whether or not you should register on!

Even though you see folks on the internet hyping endlessly, bear in mind that all they seek to gain from it, is referral earnings. You shouldn’t let them confuse you. Read all about the platform here, before joining!!


Enough said. Now let’s get started with this article. Review

The fact that betaforex might be worth your time, is more than enough reason for you to read to this “ review.” This article will list out the A to Z about the earning platform. Trust us, no important info would be left out!


In this review article, we will have to focus on many important questions(of course the ones that you readers have been asking).

Here are some questions we will give answers to; What is How to earn money on betaforex? How to go about referrals? How to perform login process? Who is the owner of betaforex? Is legit or scam? And many other good and important queries.


Disclaimer: Even though there is a bit of similarity in our names, kindly note that our blog, Beta Hustler, is neither in affiliation, or in any form of partnership with BetaForex.

This review is only to pass information to our esteemed readers.

What is

The name of this platform gives a hint of what the platform is all about. Betaforex is a website that deals mainly with Forex trading. Unrelated, but do you know how many internet users have become millionaires from trading forex?? is a website that claims to make forex trading easier and better for its members. According to them, they have an in-built trading bot that would increase your chances of winning in every trade you get involved in. A 75% win rate for that matter!

This platform makes it look like even newbies that just started forex trading, will have no problem with getting high profits.


Could all these be true? Well, keep reading this “ review” to get more answers.


How to Earn from

By now you should be able to guess how you can make money on betaforex.


Making money on this site is simply trading. Forex trading.

“Every 4 hours the chart moves to any direction between sideway, upward and downward. Predict the movement and earn 300% profit. Use our BetaEngine bot for high win rate.”

The thing however, is that you would need to deposit some funds to enter the market. You can’t trade forex without funds. And unfortunately, doesn’t give any money bonuses. So, you must be ready to deposit, if you want to trade. claims you cannot fund any amount less than R50.


To boost or increase your revenue, the platform gives another way to earn. And you probably may have guessed this alternative method.

It is referral, and it is a way for members to earn without trading at all.

For every referral you get, you earn about R15. Which means ten successful invites or referral is equal to R150.

Unlike trading, you don’t use money for referral. You only make money from it. So you can see, it’s way cooler than trading!


How to get Referrals

To get referrals, the only thing you have to do is get your referral link. So, simply perform login process. When you login, find the referral page, and enter the page.

Then copy your referral link, and share it with people you plan to invite.


When was Launched was launched on the 20th of September, 2022. This is probably not the date the website was created. But it is definitely the date that they started their operations.


Who is the Owner of

The owner of does not seem to like fame. He, or she, has been hiding his identity from the general public. And not even members of betaforex have a hint of who the owner is. Sign Up

Signing up or joining is no problem at all. Just head to the homepage first.


On the homepage, click on ‘Start Trading.’ You would be taken to sign up page. And you would be asked to provide one or two personal informations about yourself. Login

To get to login page, find and click on ‘Login.’ Provide your username, and your password.

If you can’t seem to remember your password, you can try to recover it from the login page.


How to Withdraw on

If you want to request for payment, the first thing you should know is that the minimum withdrawable amount is R50.


If you have earned up to the withdrawable amount, perform login process, and find your way to the withdrawal page. Provide your bank account details, and request for cash out.

Is Legit or Scam

Betaforex sounds like a really cool platform. And it probably is. But we still do not recommend this platform.

Even with the fact that it sounds like something to give a try, know that it is a big risk. And we do not know if is legit or scam.



If you have any opinion regarding the question, “Is legit or scam?” Then you can drop your opinions in the comment section.


Thanks for reading to the end of this “ review.”

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