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Are you web developer or aspiring web developer? If yes, did you know there is a platform for you to learn more about your digital skill, and also earn by learning on the platform? Bet you probably didn’t know this. The platform is Coderons, and it is one that would really amaze you in so many ways. is actually a new website. It is a very impactful site, and it has got lots of ways to enrich the pockets of those they are impacting knowledge upon.


Hold on a minute! If you are reading this right now, and you have no interest in web development, this doesn’t mean you are not eligible to earn money from coderons. Literally every internet user(from any part of the world) is eligible to earn from the platform. However, those with knowledge and interest in web dev would stand a higher chance of earning more.

The reason would be revealed in this review article.


In this article, everything that can help you earn on coderons, will be discussed. So please, read to the very end.

Here’s a piece of information that might get you excited to know more about – Every member of the site gets a free bonus of $10 *wink* Review

There’s just too many things that you need to know about Coderons before you should sign up and get started with earning. In this article, we provided all you need to know, and it was all done as a ‘question and answer segment.’

Meaning, we simply provided questions that you coderons members are likely to ask. And then underneath the questions, the answers are waiting to be read.

Here are some of the questions you should expect to get answers to: What is coderons, how to earn money from coderons, how to perform referral, how to go about login steps, is legit or scam, and a few more questions.


Once again, we urge you all readers to read to the last line of this review article. It would greatly impact your knowledge on earning with ease.


What is

The main idea of Coderons was not actually to make money. So it would be safe to say, is not originally a money making site.

Like we mentioned, is an avenue for website developers and coders. Think of it like Facebook, but Facebook for only techies.


However, to spice things up, the owners of made it possible for members to earn money in many different ways.


The first way to earn is merely performing sign up process.

That’s true. When you sign up and confirm your email address, you would receive a bonus of $10. This is just for a start. The other ways to make money on, is mentioned below.


How to Earn from

After join, you can decide to start teaching other developers tips and tricks to help them become better at what they do. You can do so by writing and publishing articles on coderons.

By writing these articles, you would earn revenue when you get views.

Coderons actually pays $5 for every 1000 views you get on a post.


To earn more money, you can write and publish more articles on the platform.


That is not the only way to make money on coderons. You can also increase your daily revenue by becoming a referral. This means getting involved with the referral program. referral is an additional earning method provided by the owners of coderons.

This is the act of getting new members to register and join this online community.

To go about coderons referral, you must possess your referral link. Then when you share this link, a person must click on it and proceed to complete the registration process.

In the end, you get a bonus of $10. And your referral also get a bonus of $10.


It’s a good thing is going to be very easy to get new referrals. You just have to tell people that they’ll get $10 for signing up, they’ll instantly become interested.


How to get Referrals

To refer a person, find your referral link. The link can be found in your dashboard. Just login and click on ‘Referral Program.’

In the referral page, copy your link and begin sharing around.


When was Launched

It was in 2022 that we got to discover coderons and its money making offers. But according to what is written on the ‘About’ page of, this platform was founded in the year 2021.


We have no idea how accurate this may be.


Who is the Owner of

The owner of is not someone that have been revealed, yet. So no one has any idea of who he or she may be. Sign Up

If you want to take the big leap of earning, then to get started you must perform sign up process.


The first step is to head to the sign up page. To get there, click HERE.


On sign up page, provide your email, desired username and password.

When you finish with signing up, you will get ten dollars reward. Login

To login, simply go to login process.

Then provide just your email and password.


How to Withdraw on

On this platform, payments are made to Paypal accounts only. So create one if you haven’t already done that.


To withdraw, start by performing login process. When logged in, find and click on ‘Earnings.’ Then click on ‘Request Payments.’

Your payment would be made to you if you have earned up to the withdrawal threshold(the amount is unknown).


Is Legit or Scam

For those doubting thomas, what about this website makes it look like a scam? is legit, and it is quite obvious. Everything adds up and tallies. So stop asking if coderons is legit or scam. Instead, start earning and cashing out!


For those still asking, “Is legit or scam?” We have strong reasons to believe that this is a legit platform!


Thank you for reading all parts of this review article. If there is any question you have to ask, drop it in the comment section below.

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