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Africa is not really a place for lots of job opportunities. However, Africans are lucky to have the internet in their hands. With the internet, every poor African can become richer than he was yesterday. And this is possible with sites such as!
Wanna know more about sunlighte? We would happily tell you all about it in this article. was launched very recently, and many internet users(especially South Africans) are hurriedly signing up and starting to earn revenue before it becomes too late. Don’t sleep on it readers. You should milk this platform now that it is not known by a lot of internet users.

Don’t panic if you have little or no knowledge of how works. This whole article would give you all the info you need. And after reading, you would most likely have no challenge with being a member of the platform.

For those with no knowledge of how sunlighte works(except for the fact that it is an online money making platform), it wouldn’t take you more than five minutes of your time, to read this article.
Trust us, it is totally going to be worth it! Review

Although this article may not be lengthy, it would still provide answers to all your queries, and solutions to all your problems(related to the earning site).

Disclaimer: This article is not meant for the promotion of the website( We do not have any affiliation or deal with the owners of sunlighte. Also, we are not the owners of the site.
This article is meant for the passing of information, only.

Now, note that many part of this review article will focus on answering questions.
These are questions that you will most likely ask as a member of

Questions like: what is, how to make money from, how to get referrals, how to go about login process, is legit or scam, and a couple of other important questions.

The questions that would be answered, would help you with issues you are likely to face.

What is is an earning website for internet users from different part of the world. Though the earning is only in South African Rand(ZAR), so you can only withdraw via a south African bank account.

The purpose of sunlighte is to allow internet users earn online without having to be good at any particular thing.

For instance, uneducated folks, unemployment youths, and even those without special skills can all sign up and immediately start earning on

Isn’t it amazing?

Well, is an earning website where you perform easy activities and get paid for it everyday. The site doesn’t even require too much of your time. Just ten minutes of your time everyday is enough.

And best part of it all, is that you do not necessarily need to deposit before you can earn.

Also, if you join the site, you would even get rewarded for registration. That’s right! All who perform sign up process, immediately get the sum of R50 added to the balance.

How to Earn from

You can make money, everyday, on this platform by simply heading to your dashboard and picking one of the levels to invest in. have actually got eye-bulging investment offers. And the percentage returns are quite fair.
For the least and cheapest investment package, which is regarded as level one, you get back 18% of your invested sum.

You can head to your dashboard to checkout all of the levels available.

If you don’t want to invest/deposit, another way you can make money on is by referrals. referrals has got you covered!

Referrals on this website is very impressive.

One referral is equal to R10. Meaning that thirty successful referrals is equal to R30.
The platform made no mention of the total amount of referrals a member is allowed to have, so this means a member can accumulate even a hundred referrals!

Note: It is better to refer on this site, than to deposit.

How to get Referrals

You can get referrals by merely sharing your referral link. This is a link that can be found in your dashboard, in the invite page.

The referral link is the only thing that would make your referrals count. You must share it, and it must be clicked on before your referrals begin the sign up process.

When was Launched

We actually have not even a hint to the   date launched operations.

This is because the owners of the site didn’t provide us with any valuable info.  Infact, they provided us with no info at all.

Who is the Owner of

For those of you wondering who the owner of is, we would like you to know that the owner would never reveal his/her identity. Because, this is common among money making sites. Sign Up

If you are yet to register, then here is how to go about sign up process.

Firstly, find your way to sign up page. You can get to the sign up page by either clicking on a referral link, or going to the homepage.

On the sign up/registration page, fill all your personal informations in all the boxes provided. Then submit it when done. Login

To perform login process, perform the same process you did to sign up, but select ‘Login’ to get to the right page.

How to Withdraw on

The minimum withdrawal is not up to R100. And it is easy to locate sunlighte withdrawal page.
So head to the withdrawal page, fill up the page with your bank account details, then request for your payment.

Is Legit or Scam was launched not long ago. So making a final verdict on whether is legit or scam, is a bit too early.

For those that want an answer to the question, “Is legit or scam?” We want you to know that it is too early to get an answer to the question.

Thanks for reading every part of this review article. If there is any question you have to ask, then drop a comment below. The end.

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