Windeyfund Review(Is Legit or Scam? Full Details)

It is totally okay if all you want to do is sulk all day about unemployment in your country. But a wise person would actually act wiser, and make use of the internet to earn! For instance, why not join a platform like It is a free to join site, and people from any part of the world can sign up on the site(on the condition that you have a Nigerian phone number).


Would you like to know more about windeyfund earning platform? If yes, then there is nothing between you and all information about this site. You just have to read this review to the end.


Windeyfund is quite similar to some former earning site that have come and gone. It even makes sense to say or think that this platform is being run by one of the previous online earning site that have crashed. But no one knows for a fact. It can only be an assumption.


Anyways, if you are serious about making money from windeyfund, or at least if you want to know about how windeyfund works, all you simply have to do is read every line of this article.

For your own good, do not skip any part of this review article. Review

Incase you are wondering; “Does this blog have any partnership with” The answer is a big NO!


This article is only going to for explaining and educating. We didn’t come up with this review writeup to promote windeyfund.



Now, you should expect to get lots of answers to your never ending queries. Since a huge percentage of you readers obviously came here to get answers, this review article will be giving many answers.


This includes answers to questions like; What is windeyfund, how to make money on windeyfund, how to get windeyfund referrals, how to perform login process, is legit or scam, and a couple of other vital questions.

You know what they say, ‘knowledge is power.’ You need this knowledge more than you know it.


What is is a newly launched Nigerian money making platform. And like most earning sites, this one has got some pretty easy rules and regulations. When these rules are followed, earning is certain.


The first thing you should know about windeyfund, is that there are bonuses for all members.

The first bonus you will receive, is the sign up bonus.


When a new member performs sign up process, the platform automatically gifts the new member a sum of five hundred naira.


The other bonus that can be gotten, is the bonus received from sharing about windeyfund to your social media groups. It is also a five hundred naira bonus.

Please bear in mind that those are just bonuses, not the real earnings. Want to know how you can earn more money on Then read all about it below.


How to Earn from

Windeyfund has two official ways for members to earn. The first is not recommended by us. And to be honest, not a lot of people would be interested in it anyway. investment is the first way to earn. It actually involves making deposits before you can make money daily. It works the same way most online investment schemes work.


There are about six investment packages to choose from. All packages/plans have different price tags, and the return on investment varies as well.

The least package costs five thousand naira, and you would get back two hundred and fifty naira back daily.

Checkout all of the other windeyfund packages in their website.

The other way to earn is by Referrals(be honest, you saw this coming). There are very few money making sites that don’t pay you for referring. referral is not any different from other site’s referral programs.

This platform actually gives certain percentages from the earnings of the persons you referred.


How to get Referrals

What you should know is that, without your windeyfund referral link, you cannot get yourself any new referrals.


How it works: A person has to click on your referral link, then register. So when the person earns, you would get part of his/her earnings.

To get your referral link, perform login process first. Next, click on ‘Team.’ On the page, you would find your windeyfund referral link.

Copy it and share it.


When was Launched was most likely launched on August 22nd, 2022. This is because, before the 22nd, no one had ever heard of windeyfund. Hence, the reason why we say so.


No one actually knows the exact date that they launched.


Who is the Owner of

The owner of windeyfund obviously prefers to stay hidden. No member knows who she or he is. Sign Up

Yet to join windeyfund? Then you are missing out on a lot! Quickly, head to sign up page and perform the registration process asap!

You can sign up on this site by either using a referral link, or finding your way to sign up page.

Ensure that you punch in the right info when filling the boxes with your details. Then submit when done.


Remember, there is a bonus waiting for you as soon as you complete windeyfund sign up process. Login

Head to! The homepage is the same as the login page. Fill in your phone number and password, then submit. That’s all.


How to Withdraw on

The least withdrawable amount is eight hundred naira. To place withdrawal, first thing to do is perform login process. When logged in, click on ‘Withdraw.’

Then on the withdrawal page, enter your amount and bank account details.


Is Legit or Scam

To be frank, no one knows the truth about this earning site. Do not be deceived no one knows if windeyfund is legit or scam, at least not yet.


Remember, it is a newly launched site.


If you know persons asking the question, “Is legit or scam?” Simply tell them what you just read now.


Thanks for reading to the end of this windeyfund review article. Drop your comments or questions below.

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