Easybucks.store Review: Is Easybucks.store Legit or Scam?

Oi mates! Don’t you think you have wasted your data enough? Wouldn’t it be nice if you use your data for something better? Something like earning money every day! Yes, this is possible. Earning online didn’t just start recently. And with sites like ‘Easybucks.store’ it is possible to earn with your data easily. Don’t know how? Then this article will go into detail of how it works.


Easybucks.store is a South African-owned site. The platform is recently launched, but new members have got high hopes for the site because most of them believe that easybucks is owned by the owner(s) of TreasureStores.

Mind you, treasurestores is a site that paid a lot of members back then. Hence, the reason for the high hopes.


So, this article is targeted not only for those that would like to earn online, but also for those that have already join easybucks.store but don’t know how it works.

Keep reading to the end of this easybucks.store review article if you fall in the category of people mentioned above.

And even if you already have a job/career, it doesn’t matter because, earning from easybucks.store can be like your side hustle. Only a couple of minutes on the site would earn you a fair amount daily.


Easybucks.store Review

While you might want to hurriedly want to register on easybucks and start earning, do bear in mind that there are a handful of things you should know first.

Even if easybucks.store allows members to earn money easily, some members would still most likely face few challenges on the site. Especially with knowing the next move to take.


But for those who read through every line of this easybucks.store review article, you would know everything you need to know. And you would likely face no challenges or hurdles anymore. So read to the end.

In this review, here are some of the questions you will get answers to; What is easybucks, how to make money from easybucks.store, how to get easybucks.store referrals, how to perform easybucks.store login process, is easybucks.store legit or scam, and so on.


What is Easybucks.store

Easybucks.store is a newly launched money making site(this was mentioned earlier). The platform is one that is actually very generous and rewarding.


Did you know? When you complete easybucks.store sign up process, you instantly get rewarded with R30.

Not all earning sites will give you such high amount for a welcome bonus. So sites don’t even give welcome bonuses at all.

Another thing to note, is that depositing is not necessary on this site. As you may know, some earning sites do not allow members to place withdrawals, unless you made deposits. But with easybucks.store, you can earn, withdraw, and earn again, without having to deposit a dime.


And on top of all these, it is very easy to earn money on this site.


How to Earn from Easybucks.store

You can earn on easybucks by stacking tokens on the platform. These tokens can be converted into rands, and can then be withdrawn.


This platform’s generosity is displayed again when they give 30 free tokens to all new members. When earning with tokens, you actually earn every six hours.

This means you can even place withdrawal after every six hours(if you get to the withdrawal threshold each time).

On top of that, you could actually buy easybucks.store tokens, and then resell them to get returns. The platform claims you can get back as much as 100% returns. Sounds good, innit?


There is also one more way to make money on easybucks.store, and this is also very rewarding as well.

This earning method is called ‘Referrals.’


Easybucks.store referral is all about being a convincing and persistent person. Once you succeed in urging a person to join the platform(and they must use your referral link), you would get rewarded for this action.


The reward for easybucks referral is R2.5! If you can get ten referrals daily, this would add up to R25. And it can be withdrawn everyday.

How to get Easybucks.store Referrals

You can get easybuck.store referrals easily, by sharing your referral link with friends and families.


To get the link, simply perform easybucks.store login process first. When you have gotten access into your dashboard, find the referral page, and then copy your easybucks.store referral link.


You can then copy your link and begin sharing it.


When was Easybucks.store Launched

It is certain that this site was launched not too long ago. However, we are not sure about when easybucks.store was launched.

Also, you may want to know that people started talking about easybucks on August 24th, 2022. But we cannot be certain that this was the date the site was launched.


Who is the Owner of Easybucks.store

The owner of easybucks.store has his identity hidden from all members. The reason remains a mystery.


Easybucks.store Sign Up

If you are yet to register, then it is high time you do that. To join easybucks.store, do the following:

First and foremost, head to easybucks.store, then click on the menu icon at the top left corner. Then, click on ‘Register.’


On easybucks.store sign up page, fill in your desired username, phone number and password. Then click on ‘Sign up.’

Easybucks.store Login

To login, head to this site’s homepage, then click on ‘sign in’ at the top right corner.


On easybucks.store login page, fill in your username and password. Then submit.


How to Withdraw on Easybucks.store

It is possible to withdraw as low as R10. And this can be done in the withdrawal page. To get to the withdrawal page, log into your dashboard, then click on ‘withdraw.’


Is Easybucks.store Legit or Scam

You know it is very vital that you are aware of whether easybucks.store is legit or scam. If you aren’t aware, then would be very careless of you.


Unfortunately, no one can tell, at this moment, if easybucks.store is legit or not.

And for those of you asking, “Is easybucks.store legit or scam?” Keep in mind that, nothing is certain for now!


This is the end of this easybucks.store review article. If you have any questions or questions to make, drop it below.

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