Latest Supernano-in Review(Is Legit or Scam?)

There is no better way to earn money than to earn remotely(earning remotely means working virtually, and it also means basically working from anywhere). People who work remotely, they could be at a party and still be making cool cash. This is why in this article, we would be talking about, a site for those looking for remote jobs.


Supernano-in is a remote job site, and an easy one at that. The platform is free to join, and it has got qualities that a lot of job seekers cannot resist(e.g guaranteed daily earnings). So, you reading this review article, you should buckle up and pay more attention to this article.


Because in this article, you will be introduced to the A to Z of supernano-in. And if you are serious about wanting to work remotely, then you won’t take this write-up for granted. This writeup has got all the necessary info you need, if you want to cash out from with ease.

A gentle reminder that “information is power.” And reading to the end of this review article, is equivalent to gaining more than enough information. Review

There is much to tell you about supernano-in. But are you willing to read all about it? It is all up to you.


In this article, many sub-topics will be discussed. Many explanations will be provided. And most importantly, answers to questions will be present.

This will include answers to questions such as; what is supernano-in, how to make money from supernano-in, how to go about supernano-in referrals, how to perform login steps, is legit or scam, etcetera.

In as much as you may be seeking answers to just one or two of the above questions, it would be ideal if you just read every part of this article, and get answers to every stated question. This would help broaden info you know as regards to!


Oh, and please do not make the mistake of thinking our blog is in any form of paid(or unpaid) partnership with the owner of supernano-in. This article is for educating members of supernano-in, and also those planning to join the platform.


What is

Supernano-in is a simple money making platform launched by Nigerians, and for the sole purpose of making money. They have no other agenda.

Before you ask, “non-Nigerians can also make money from!”


Supernano-in is an order grabbing platform. And just like other paying order grabbing sites, your only job as a member is to place orders and grab virtual products daily. Then you get paid daily for it.


Unfortunately, supernano doesn’t give welcome bonus to new members. It is quite surprising because this is a feature a lot of similar sites have. But regardless, it doesn’t make less cool.

There are still a lot of likeable features that would mentioned as you continue to read this article.

How to Earn from

It is super easy to earn on supernano-in, and there are two different ways to increase your revenue.


The first earning method is by investment.

All order grabbing sites have to do with depositing and investing. This should not be surprising.


On, you can invest in different pocket friendly packages. Currently, there are about five different levels that members can choose to invest in. The thing is, the more expensive the level is, the more money you will earn daily.


Below are all the investment levels on supernano-in.


Invest :3,000

Daily Earning :170

Total Earning :30,600

Keep Earning For :180days



Invest :10,000

Daily Earning :550

Total Earning :99,000

Keep Earning For :180days



Invest :30,000

Daily Earning :1660

Total Earning :208,800

Keep Earning For :180days



Invest :50,000

Daily Earning :2,800

Total Earning :504,000

Keep Earning For :180 days



Invest :100,000

Daily Earning :5,700

Total Earning :1,026,000

Keep Earning For :180days



Invest :300,000

Daily Earning :18,800

Total Earning :3,384,000

Keep Earning For :180days



Invest :500,000

Daily Earning :31,500

Total Earning :5,670,000

Keep Earning For :180days

To be honest with you, our blog doesn’t support ‘online investments.’ Especially not on sites like Supernano.

Which is why we recommend the other earning method, which is Referrals. referrals allows you to earn even when you do not deposit a dime. The down side to this, is that your referrals have to deposit and invest before you get your referral reward.


Here is how referrals work. You share your referral link to a friend, family, or random person on the internet. The person clicks on the link and registers on supernano-in. The person the invests in one of the packages.

This would then allow you to start earning certain percentage from your referral earnings.

How to get Referrals

You can simply get supernano-in referrals when you begin to share your referral link with people you know, and even the once you don’t know.


Simply find your link in your dashboard, copy it, then share!


When was Launched was launched on the twenty third of August(28-08-2022). It is obviously a newly launched site, and now is seriously the best time to be a part of it. Remember, the earlier you join, the better for you.


Who is the Owner of

We are yet to uncover who runs the operations, and who owns

The owner have taken extreme measures in ensuring his/her identity remains a secret.

Which brings us to the million dollar question, “Why is the owner of in hiding?” Sign Up

To register/join supernano-in, find yourself a referral link and click on it to get to sign up page.


Or, head to the homepage of the website. Then, click on ‘Sign Up.’ This would immediately redirect you to sign up page. And on this page, you will have to provide all your personal details, and then submit. Login

If you want to login, head to the homepage of this site. The homepage is the same as the login page. So type in your phone number and password, then click on ‘Sign in now.’

How to Withdraw on

To place withdrawal, perform login process, then find your withdrawal page. Provide your wallet details and get paid instantly!


Is Legit or Scam

Many internet users don’t get tired of asking if is legit or scam. You really can’t blame them though, there are just too many scam platforms out there.


So, if you are among those that have been asking “Is legit or scam?” We want you to know that this site is not 100% trusted by us. It may be a scam! Be warned!


If you have any further questions about this review article, then drop your questions below.

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