Latest Review(Is Bitmain Legit or Scam? Find Out)

There are these set of people always complaining of being broke and having no job. There is also another set that never get tired of speaking endlessly of how dire they need a side hustle. Welp, have you guys not heard about If you have heard about it, then why is it taking you forever to join bitmain???


We all know that finding a job that pays can be hard sometimes. You would need to be extremely good at what you do before you can get that great job. But with, you don’t need to possess a skill or to be good at anything. You can join this site ‘just like that.’ And totally free of charge!


No more complaints about unemployment, no more complaints about having to go to work early(because you can work and earn from wherever you are). Bitmaincenter is one very cool opportunity that everyone should grab!

Want to know more about making money on bitmaincenter? All you have to do is read to the end of this review. This article will guide on the right and important steps to take, as a member of bitmaincenter. Review

Hey there! For no reasons should you think this review article is only for those that are yet to join the site. Even old members will gain a lot from reading this article. Because, a lot of unanswered questions are about to be answered.


In this review article, here are some of the questions you should expect to get answers to; what is bitmaincenter, how to make money from bitmaincenter, how to get referral, how to go about login process, is legit or scam, and many more.

Be we go any further, we advice everyone reading this, to be attentive and not skip any part of this review writeup. Just so you know, many members of bitmain have started placing withdrawals and receiving payments. If you too would like to earn from this site would ease, the only way to acheive this is by gathering all the info you need.


Luckily for you, this article has got the info. You just have to read!


What is

Bitmaincenter, also known as bitmain, is a platform that rewards internet users for using the internet the right way. The site offers earning opportunities for anyone who is interested. And on top of that, the site has got more than enough generosity to go round. gives the sum of one thousand, five hundred naira to all new members.

This sum is called the welcome bonus. And all new members receive this bonus.


Bitmaincenter have got a couple of interesting money making activities.


How to Earn from

The top way to earn on, is by choosing an investment package and depositing in it. The return is quite amazing, and the interesting part is that you get back returns day in and day out.


Another interesting thing about bitmaincenter, is how this isn’t one of those platforms that promises back 10% return on investment(roi). Bitmain however promises about 3% to 40%. While some may see this as low, it is how logical and makes more sense.

Keep this at the back of your mind, Legit paying sites would never offer you high return on investments. The once that promises high ROI, are mostly scam sites.


Now that you know how investment works, below are all the investment plans/packages available on the website.


Price #3800

Hourly Profit #4.8

Daily Profit #115

Total Profit #42048



Price #10000

Hourly Profit #13

Daily Profit #312

Total Profit #113880



Price #30000

Hourly Profit #38

Daily Profit #912

Total Profit #332880



Price #80000

Hourly Profit #108

Daily Profit #2592

Total Profit #946080

To add to your bitmaincenter earnings, this platform provided another way to earn. A cheaper way to earn in fact. This is known as referral process. It is easy and can even be more rewarding than investing. referral is the method of earning that involves going about and asking people to join the site. If you succeed in doing so, the platform pays you a token called ‘referral earning.’


Just so you know, every member is eligible to earn via referral. And the reward is about One thousand, five hundred naira(#1,500).


How to get Referrals

You can start getting bitmaincenter referrals by sharing your referral link with your friends on the internet.

Whenever a new person clicks on your link and sign up, you will receive your reward.

When was Launched

Although has been in operation since the month of June, we still cannot tell the exact date was launched.


No one really cares though. As long as it continues to remain legit, then no one would even bother to ask when bitmain launched.


Who is the Owner of

It is really not surprising to know that the owner of is hiding from the general public.

This is a well known habit among owners of money making sites. They all hide their identities, and no one really knows why. Sign Up

To get started as a member of bitmain, you need to perform sign up process. What you need to know is that to sign up, you need to find your way to the sign up page.


Start by heading to the homepage. Next, click on register or download the bitmain app.

On sign up page, fill the form with your personal details and then submit. Login

To login, open bitmain app or head to the login page. Then type in your phone number and password.

Then click on ‘Login.’

How to Withdraw on

Lots of members claim they have been able to withdraw as low as one thousand, five hundred naira. If this is true, then that is the minimum withdrawal amount.


To place withdrawal, find your way to bitmaincenter withdrawal page(this is after you have performed login process, and you are in your dashboard).


In the withdrawal page, fill your bank account details correctly, then submit for cashout.


Is Legit or Scam

Currently, many believe is legit and paying. This is true, bitmain is legit! But this is for now. In due time, this site will stop paying. So proceed with caution.


If you are asking, “Is legit or scam?” Then read the above lines one more time.


That’s a wrap on this review. If you have questions to ask, do well to comment below.

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