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One of the easiest ways to make money from the internet, is by participating in surveys. What makes surveys amazing, is the fact that the only thing needed is your humble opinion. So, why haven’t you started earning from survey websites??

Before you say you do not know any survey websites that pay, let’s tell you about, better known as Yezpro.


You may not be very familiar with, because it is a survey platform that was launched very recently. This is why this review will be doing all of the explanations that you need.


As many of you know, earning by survey is one of the few methods that involves no deposit at all.

For those asking what a survey is – Surveys are questions asked by companies, for the purpose of understanding their how users see their brands.

Basically on survey sites such as, the only thing you will be doing is answering questions based on what you think.

Mind you, whatever answer you give is always accepted. Because answers to surveys are based on people’s opinions. Review

In this yezpro review, we will be facing the questions that members will most likely be asking each other.

No doubt, most members especially the new ones would be curious to know how to earn and how to withdraw. Some would also like to be sure if is legit or scam.


So, some of the questions we will provide answers to, will include: How to earn from yezpro, how to get referral, who is the power of, how to perform login process, is legit or scam, and many more.

If you knew absolutely nothing about yezpro before landing on this review, we assure you that by the time you are done reading every single line, you would have gained all knowledge about the site. Read to the end!


What is, or Yezpro, is a free survey website. You make money from the platform everyday, or whenever you feel like. And the only requirement is to become a member is ‘no requirement at all.’


Anyone can sign up on yezpro and start earning immediately. It is a really amazing earning site.

Speaking of amazing, one of the amazing features about Yezpro is that all new members get a sign up bonus. If you are new, all you have to do is carry out sign up process. Once done, you get credited $10 on your dahboard.

The bonus can be withdrawn along with your other earnings. But you must have gotten to the withdrawal threshold.


How to Earn from

It has already been stated, numerous times in this article, that you earn by participating in different surveys provided for you.

The surveys on yezpro may vary everyday, but all it takes to answer, is your honest opinion.


How much you earn from one every survey answered may also vary as well. Just keep answering more surveys consistently, to earn more money.


Mind you, earning by survey on is the main way to make money, but it is not the only way.


Dash.Yezpro.Cc referral is just another cool way to earn from the site too. It is even better, because there are no daily limits compared to surveys that are limited to only six daily.


When you get referrals on yezpro, you earn $1. This is amazing because most money making sites do not pay this much for their referral program.

If you can set goals of getting ten yezpro referrals everyday for ten days. Then you would be sure of a whooping $100 every ten days.

Can you now see why referrals is more preferable to answering surveys?


How to get Referrals

If you want to earn by getting referrals, you must first be able to locate your referral link.


Without the yezpro referral link, it would be impossible to get referrals.

So first start by, performing login process. Next, find your referral link by clicking on the menu icon on your dashboard.

Amongst all the listicles in your menu, click on ‘Referral.’

This will take you to your referral page.


On the referral page, copy your link, and begin to share with all your internet friends.


When was Launched

Although there is no official information relating to the date of when yezpro was launched, what we know for certain is that was launched in the month of June.


Who is the Owner of

Well since over 50% of survey site owners are fond of hiding their identities, it isn’t coming as a surprise to find out that the owner of is also unknown. Sign Up

How to sign up on, or yezpro, is actually very easy. You can start with clicking on a yezpro referral link. It will take you to the sign up page.


But for those that do not have a referral link, you can simply head to the homepage. Then, scroll down and click on ‘Start Now.’

When you are taken to sign up and login page. Fill in your details, then click on ‘Register.’ Login

The same way you sign up is the same way you perform login page.


The login page and sign up page is actually on the same page. So you wouldn’t face any trouble signing up on logging in.

How to Withdraw on

For now, the least amount that can be withdrawn from yezpro is $80. And it’s quite easy to reach.


If you have reached the withdrawal threshold, head to the withdrawal page. Then select your method of withdrawal. There is a whole list.

Provide your account details, then request payment.


Is Legit or Scam

When you think about it, seems legit. It makes sense that you can earn money from a site that collates data.


There are chances that is legit, so it we recommend that you all give it a try. See if you can earn some decent amounts from the site.


Thank you for reading this Yezpro review. Do well to drop your questions and comments below.

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  1. Charles

    I will be so glad to have met you

  2. sputing23

    I’ve earned $47+ on yezpro dashboard, but now whenever i signed in i could not participate in the survey even though the dashboard is open for survey, it only scrolled up & down but when i click the select bar nothing happens i think this yezpro thing is a scam.

  3. Gabriela Sarreal

    I think this is a scam my dashboard stops working when i reach $43+.

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