Review: Is Legit or Another Scam(Get Answers)

Day in and day out, you have come to the Internet, chat with friends, watch videos, then go offline when the day is over. Only to come online the next day and repeat the same process. It shouldn’t be so! Why not sign up on a site like, begin earning easily with your mobile data, then filling your pockets with money earned on the publiccar platform. Sounds good to you?


If you do not know what is, this article will help you with an answer to that, so do not panic. Just keep reading.


For the past couple of days, a lot of ‘internet hustlers’ have been excitedly celebrating, because they feel that this platform is going to be a great one. is very similar to Fortuneauto, and as you probably know already Fortuneauto have been paying members for a very long time.

Publiccar seems like a platform with lots of pontentials. Hence, the reason why internet users are very excited to sign up and give it a try. You too should try this site.

But before you hurry to sign up page to begin the registration process, kindly do your self a huge favour by reading this review to the end.


You need to understand how the site works before you become a part of it. This would help make everything easier and less confusing for you. Review

This review will be providing informations about this you didn’t know before, and probably some of the things you already know. Basically, this review is providing lots and lots of educative informations.


To some readers who have questions about publiccar, there is a chance that you may see that same question in this article. Because, we plan to answer as many questions as possible.


Questions like, how to make money from, how to get referral, who is the owner of publiccar, how to perform login steps, is legit or scam, and many others.

Answers to all the above questions will be provided in this review.


What is

Publiccar is a South African money making website. There really is nothing new about this platform. It has the usual rule of, ‘perform tasks on our site properly and you will get rewarded for it daily.’


This earning platform is based on automobiles. It is something like, investing in virtual cars, and then expecting return on investments.

Yes, is an investment website. But do not panic, making deposits is not a necessity. You can earn without investing.

One of the exciting features of, is the welcome bonus that they give to all new members.

Upon finishing sign up process, you immediately get a bonus of R45. This can be withdrawable, but it isn’t up to the minimum withdrawal amount.


How to make Money from

There are only two ways to make money from, and we already spoke about one earlier.


When you invest on cars found in your dashboard, you get returns everyday that you login.


There are also different plans/packages for members. Based on what you plan to earn, or how much you have budgeted to invest, you can invest in any publiccar package that you desire.


The second way to make money from is by Referrals referrals is a more preferable earning method. It is free, quicker, and limitless.

You could get twenty referrals in just one day(if you put your mind to it). And that comes with a lot of referral bonus.


We strongly recommend referral over investment.

How to get Referral

If you wan to get yourself referrals, the first thing to do is get your referral link. And if you don’t know how to get the link, just follow the steps stated below.


To begin, start by performing login process. You cannot get your referral link if you are not logged into your dashboard.


Once you login, ‘click on invite friends.’ Then, on the publiccar referral page, copy the link you are given. Share the link with friends and families. And give them convincing reasons to sign up with your link!

When was Launched

For a very long time, there have been no earning sites like Fortuneauto, so it became very obvious when publiccar just came out of no where. We got to realize that people suddenly started talking about this site on the 21st of June, 2022. So, we assume that this is the date that was launched.


Who is the Owner of

The owner of is not someone that likes the fame, or so it seems.


The owner of publiccar has hidden his/her identity. So no one knows who the person is. Sign Up

Signing up on publiccar is a very simple thing to do. If you have a publiccar referral link, then click on it to get to the sign up page.


If you don’t have a link, go to the homepage, then click on ‘Register now.’

Once you get taken to sign up page, fill in all informations accordingly. Then submit. Login

To login is one of the easiest things to do. To begin, go to the homepage. This will immediately redirect you to login page.


On the login page, fill in your phone number and password. Then click on ‘login’ to submit.


How to Withdraw Money from

Placing withdrawal is only possible if you have reached the withdrawal threshold of R60. Then all you have to do is find your way to the withdraw page, provide your bank details, then submit and request for your payment.

Is Legit or Scam

Many people really want to know if is legit or scam. Well, it seems it may be legit but we are yet to be 100% sure!



This site is still new, and it is too early to decide.

If you are among those asking, ‘Is legit or scam?’ Kindly know that no one knows the answer to this question, for now!


Thanks for reading this review. Scroll below to drop questions or comments.

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