Latest Corelminer Review | Is Legit or Scam??

Hello and welcome to one of the best Corelminer review you can ever stumble upon.

In Nigeria, they have been talks of a new money making site, and this platform is called!

Apparently, many of the people who recently joined, can’t seem to keep their mouth shut about this site. Why?! Because these internet users have been searching for ways to make money from the net, and they are really excited about Corelminer.Com!


So, we have done a thorough check and deep investigation about this platform, and in this review, we will be revealing everything that you need to know about this Nigerian earning site.

By the time you are done reading this, you may be really surprised to find out that not all making money websites on the net are worth your time and effort. is recently launched. The site claims to be one that mines crypto currency, but this makes absolutely no sense! Because this platform has nothing to do with crypto at all.


More will be discussed, but first let’s give a glimpse of most of the things that will be talked about in this review. Review

We know Nigerians have been wondering and asking themselves questions like: is legit or scam, how to make money on corelminer, how to withdraw money from corelminer, how to get referrals, how to perform corelminer login and sign-up process, and more similar questions.


We will answer all those questions, and more, in this corelminer review. But before we get started, do note that we do not have any intentions of promoting website.


This article is only meant for educative purposes. This blog is not in any form of partnership with!

What is

Corelminer is ‘get rich quick scheme.’ The platform is obviously owned by a Nigerian, and it is available for only Nigerians. You also earn Nigerian currency.


Upon performing login process, the platform gives a welcome bonus of two thousand five hundred naira(not withdrawable because it is not up to the withdrawal threshold). This bonus is only to draw in more members because to earn money on the site, you will have to invest more than that welcome bonus.


Oh! Did we forget to mention that this Nigerian get rich scheme, is also an investment website with different percentage ROIs, depending on the package you are on.

The most ridiculous part is, investment is a must! It is written on withdrawal page: ‘Do Not Place Withdrawal If You Have Not Recharge And Upgrade Your Account.’

How to make Money on

For you to be able to withdraw, corelminer states that you must upgrade to a higher package. And as a new member, you are in the 2500naira page.


Checkout all the other packages on the site, and how much they cost:


2500 NGN

upgrading fees

320 NGN is the amount you will be earning every day



5000 NGN

upgrading fees

470 NGN is the amount you will be earning every day



10000 NGN

upgrading fees

970 NGN is the amount you will be earning every day



25000 NGN

upgrading fees

2200 NGN is the amount you will be earning every day


50000 NGN

upgrading fees

4600 NGN is the amount you will be earning every day



150000 NGN

upgrading fees

12000 NGN is the amount you will be earning every day



300000 NGN

upgrading fees

25000 NGN is the amount you will be earning every day



500000 NGN

upgrading fees

46000 NGN is the amount you will be earning every day



1000000 NGN

upgrading fees

120000 NGN is the amount you will be earning every day.

Note: ‘Storage’ is how the packages are classified. There are nine packages(or storages), each more costlier than the last!


To boost your earnings, you can also perform referrals. This will earn you about 5% of your referrals earnings.

Meaning, if one of the person’s you referred earns 100,000naira, you will get 5,000naira.


How to get Referral

First, you need to enter your dashboard. So, you will need to perform login process.


Next, you will need to click on ‘Start earning with referral.’

On the corelminer referral page, copy your link, then share it with friends.

When was Launched

Corelminer was launched in the month of April, 2022. Though the exact date is not yet known, but it was most likely in the last week of the month of April.


The only info the site provided regarding this, is that ‘Corelminer was founded in early 2022.’


Who is the Founder / Owner of

At least they provided little info regarding the date of launch. Unfortunately, nothing was said about the owner of! Sign Up

To perform the sign up process, you will first need to go to the website homepage, then the sign up page.


To get fo sign up page, you will need to click on ‘Registration’ in the sidebar. Login

To login, you just need to follow the same steps for signing up. But, what you need to do is get to the login page, provide your username and password, then login.


And if you accidentally forget your password, then you can reset it from ypur login page.


How to Withdraw from

You can only withdraw from corelminer, if:

1. You have deposited and upgraded to a higher package(storage). The deposit must be at least 5,000naira.

2. You have earned at least 4,000naira.


If you have achieved the two listed above, then all you need to do is go to the ‘withdraw now’ page, provide your bank account details, place withdrawal, then ‘hope’ for your payment.


Is Legit or Scam

There is no need to sugarcoat this, those that have been asking, “Is legit or scam?” Honestly, it is funny how anyone would think corelminer is legit!

This site is obviously after people’s money. The owner is not even known, yet they insist that you deposit before you can withdraw. CORELMINER.COM ISN’T LEGIT!


This is the end of this corelminer review. Drop questions and comments in the comment box below, if you have any.

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