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Welcome to another educative review of ours. Please read to the end, and make sure you enjoy!

Club wallet is a new website that can earn you lots of huge and easy cash, however, the website is a bit questionable. If you didn’t know this before, then that’s more than enough reason for you to read this clubwallet.live review.


Clubwallet.live is a new South African earning platform that is trending on social media platforms because of how simple you can make money from it. All it takes to earn is for you to get referrals. And your referrals do not even need to perform the sign up process before you can earn. Sounds new, right? Well, there’s no denying that clubwallet.live stands out a bit.


For the most part of this clubwallet.live review, we will be providing all the necessary answers to questions that you readers have been asking.

As usual, we advise readers to read to the end, because you never know what you will discover. Maybe, just maybe, this earning platform will lead to your financial breakthrough. Or, maybe this is the kind of earning site you should always avoid so you won’t get scammed.


The only way to find out is by reading every line of this review.

‘Why we review websites like Clubwallet.live’

The whole purpose of this article, as well as every other review article on our website, is to provide answers to queries internet users have been asking about these so called money making sites.


For instance, when a person hears about a new site that could likely earn him money, the first thing he ponders is if the website is legit, so he goes to the internet and make queries like: ‘Is clubwallet.live legit or scam.’


Our reviews provide answers to your numerous queries. And in this club wallet review we will provide answers to questions like: How to make money on clubwallet.live, how to get clubwallet.live referrals, who is the owner of club wallet, how to withdraw from club wallet, how to perform clubwallet.live login or sign up process, and others.


What is Clubwallet.live

Head straight to the homepage of club wallet, and here is what you wilk find: ‘Club Wallet is a business platform that pays you commission for clicks you received after sharing a unique link with your friends, your friends don’t even have to register or fill out forms for you to earn, as long as they visit your link, all withdrawal commission will be sent to you via bank EFT or Litecoin.’

When we made mention of clubwallet.live being a website that stands out, that’s what we meant. The fact that you earn from just ‘clicks.’ That’s rare!!


On clubwallet.live, you can earn in U.S dollars or in South African Rands. Some other country currencies are also included as well.


Well, there is more to know about earning on club wallet. It is not just about sharing links. It can be a little more complicated. Checkout the full explanation in the next line.


How to make money on Clubwallet.live

If you have already signed up on club wallet before reading this article, you would have seen some thing called ‘Fuel.’

You may now be wondering, what are fuels, and what have they got to do with earning money on clubwallet.live?!

You already know what clicks are, but here is how clicks and fuels work. Clicks is the amount that shows how much your link was visited, then fuel is the amount of clicks you can have, when someone clicks your link 1 Fuel is deducted.


The system will do all the calculation for you, but you can also calculate by multiplying fuel balance by ZAR 0.39 / 0.02 USD, this means 1 fuel is equal to ZAR 0.39 / 0.02 USD.


Unfortunately, members have limited amount of fuels, so if you run out, you may need to buy more.

You will then need to deposit money into your club wallet dashboard.


Kindly bear in mind that we do not advice that you deposit any money into club wallet. If you do deposit, you are doing it at your own risk.

How to get Referrals on Clubwallet.live

Performing clubwallet.live referrals means sharing your link and getting clicks.


To do this, you will need to gain access to your club wallet dashboard. Simply perform the clubwallet.live login process. Once you are in your dashboard, you will see your referral link at the top of your screen.

If you want to get lots of clicks, share the link across different media platforms.


When was Clubwallet.live launched

Club wallet wasn’t known a few weeks ago. Therefore, it would be logical to say that clubwallet.live was launched in the early days of the month of May, 2022.


Who is the Owner of Clubwallet.live

There is no page in the whole of the clubwallet.live website, that says anything about the owner of club wallet.


So, till they provide information regarding who the owner of clubwallet.live is, everyone will remain in the dark.


Clubwallet.live Sign Up

To perform registration or sign up process, go to the main website. Then, click on ‘Become a Member.’


You will be taken to clubwallet.live sign up page, and there you will need to fill in the boxes with your names, email, and others.

Then click on ‘complete sign up.’


Clubwallet.live Login

To log in, go to club wallet homepage and click on ‘Login.’


In clubwallet.live login page, provide your username and password.


How to Withdraw from Clubwallet.live

You can only place withdrawal on club wallet if you have earned up to ZAR 200 / 12 USD on your dashboard.


Simply go to the withdrawal page in your dashboard, to place withdrawals.


Is Clubwallet.live Legit or Scam

If you want to trust club wallet, then know that you are taking a big risk. Once again, we advice that you readers should NOT deposit any money in clubwallet.live!


For those asking, Is clubwallet.live legit or scam, well you can find out yourself. Simply, sign up and perform referrals till you get to the withdrawal threshold.


Then, place withdrawal and see for yourself if clubwallet.live is legit or not. Just make sure you do not deposit!


Thank you for reading this writeup to the end. If you have questions relating to this clubwallet.live review, then drop comments.

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