Tesla55555.com Review, Is Tesla55555.com Legit or a Scam?

Online money making platforms can be a stressful process, due to the requirements to make money. Online platforms now offer income to individuals. And one example of a site that provides make money online services is the Tesla55555.com website.


Online money making websites tend to increase day by day, but internet user may come across scam website most times. Which is why we made a honest review about telsa55555.com and decided to bring it to you.


Tesla55555 is a recently launched site, but many individuals probably may have not come across it before.


This article is for everyone that wants to get a to know tesla55555 and does not know how that platform works.

Tesla55555.com Review

Wrong approach can make internet users stop or lose interest in making money online, making money is quite easy if the right approach is taken. Which is why we made research about Tesla55555.com, and decided to bring you a complete and honest review about the website.



And at the end of the writeup, readers will be able to operate and earn easily on Tesla55555.com. And most importantly, if the website is legit or a scam.


What is Tesla55555.com

Tesla55555.com claims to be a new energy is the new direction of mankind in the future. Tesla new energy group specializes in electric vehicles

This website seems to have a huge investment, which will tend to increase as time goes on.


And this website has come up with an initiative to make their user earn money on the internet. By investing on the platform user can make a living from the website.


Tesla55555 guarantee that they are supervised by the South African government and banks. And your transaction are safe with them.


How does Tesla55555.com work / How to make money on Tesla55555.com

There are two way to make money on tesla55555.com, which are:

1. Investing : Tesla is a invest and earn initiative. Earn on the platform by investing on the product provided on the website. Each product has it income attached to it. And this product tend to generate income per hour.


Increase your income by advancing to higher rank on the platform.


2. Referral : Refer friend and family to tesla55555 and get referral commission for each person you invite.


How to refer or invite on Tesla55555.com

Tesla55555.com referral enable their user to earn, refer by copying and pasting your referral link or code that is readily available on the platform to family and friend. Promote it on social media platform to gain more invitation reward. The more friends you invite, the more bonuses you’ll get.

When was Tesla55555.com launched

Tesla55555.com is a new and upcoming website, which was launched in the early days of March, 2022. And the users of Tesla55555.com will tend to increase as time goes on.


Who is the CEO / founder of Tesla55555.com

One thing that seems to be a trend among upcoming online make-money platform, is the fact that they don’t reveal the identity of their owner. And tesla55555 has also decided to operate in such manner.


There is no information about the owner of Tesla55555.com yet on their website.

We promise to update our readers about the owner of tesla55555.com once it is eventually revealed.


Where you can find Tesla55555.com

Unlike most other online make-money website that don’t reveal their location, tesla55555.com is not one of them.


It is clearly stated on the website, that Tesla55555.com is a South African. So people from other countries may find it hard to transact on the website.


Tesla55555.com Sign Up

Signing up on tesla55555.com is completely free, sign up by clicking on the Tesla55555.com, which automatically redirect you to the website sign up.

Enter your mobile number and create a password.

With this you have successfully created a tesla55555.com account.


The best way to sign up for Tesla55555.com is by downloading the app by clicking Tesla55555.com which will direct you to the site homepage where you find the download icon, tap on the icon and download it. Users can also sign up for Tesla55555.com on the internet, but it is advisable that you register via the app. Because it provide easy navigation of the site.



Now you can start your journey to make money.


Tesla55555.com Login

Before you intend to login on tesla55555.com, you must have successfully created an account with the website. After completing this, Login to the website with your mobile number and the password you created.

How to withdraw on Tesla55555.com

The minimum withdrawal limit on telsa55555 is 200 ZAR. Withdraw on tesla55555.com by navigating to withdrawal section, tap on withdraw and fill in your bank detail. With this few steps your withdraw successfully on Tesla55555.com.


Note that for a withdrawal on Saturday, Sunday and non-work day, will be charged with handling 20%


Investing money on Tesla55555.com, is also a vital aspect of the website.

Recharge to the platform by navigating to the recharge section and fill in the necessary informations.

Note that the transfer amount must be the same as the recharge amount, otherwise the recharge will not be successful,


Is Tesla55555.com Legit or Scam

If tesla55555.com is legit or a scam is obviously one of the most important question in the review.


Let’s start from the sign up aspect, how do you expect a website that does not verify your mobile number be legit. You can even sign up on the website by entering random numbers. Tesla55555.com does not verify phone number.


After making income on Tesla55555, user do not get paid to the personal bank account.

In conclusion, Tesla55555.com is a scam, and shouldn’t invest and waste your time on the platform. During our research, when we applied for withdraw on tesla55555, no deposition was made to bank accounts. Depositing money on the website is dangerous because you will eventually not be able to withdraw your earnings. Tesla55555 is just trying to run ads with their website.


It does not necessarily means that there are no other legit website that offer similar services, but tesla55555 shouldn’t be an option to earn.

Feel free to drop your question and opinions about Tesla55555.com below. Thanks for reading.

24 thoughts on “Tesla55555.com Review, Is Tesla55555.com Legit or a Scam?”

  1. I’ve gone through your article and I’ve come across such annoying online money schemes on numerous occasions. What I’m interested in is these other means of making money online that you keep mentioning. Could you kindly point me in the right direction… Perhaps a few links with reputable references. Thanks for shedding some light

  2. They have withdraw issues when get to third withdraw and asking question got me blocked. Lost money and just because asked why takes 1 to 2 weeks to withdraw

    • Utter BS…I’ve covered my capital and now I’m making profit…take your negative vibes n get lost!!!!!!

      • Yes some people got paid and were able to withdraw but that’s the trick they use to pull in as much subscribers as they can because that’s how these scammers receive lump sums of money and then run away because remember their intention was never to help the needy but rather to steal from them. It’s not negative vibes Jennefer, it’s a SCAM. Where’s your Tesla55555 now?

  3. I was told the Ceo is Elon Musk and after searching the internet I saw he is the Ceo of Tesla but now I’m thinking they are using his name to sell there products

    • hi there according to the tesla system they are upgrading from the 27th until the 3rd ao no withdrawals wil go through did you did you do a withdrawal and how many withdrawals have you made thats successful from starting with the app??

  4. Tesla55555 is a scam same people operating in kkbt etc.
    I phoned Texas tesla head office and they conformed it.

    Person name is Mr Tyson

  5. I have successfully withdraw my daily earnings from Monday to Friday without any hiccups
    Only this week where we are told they are upgrading their system till the third of July.
    Withdrawals come straight to my bank account.

    • Tesla is a scam because I tried to withdraw my cash it was waiting until today I’ve not received anything in my bank account

    • My account has been stopped I don’t know why it says I must ask administraton anyone can explain what it going on

  6. I’ve lost all my money in tesla….tye website does not exist anymore

  7. How can one go about recovering one’s money. My family invested heavily on this platform.

  8. Mine also it stopped says o must contact the administrator yet no link or web where I must contact them

  9. Also invested in them. Managed to withdraw before the so called birthday celebration event, now site says stopped, to contact administrator. Hoping for a miracle that they will return so I can get something back

  10. I see the App has closed …. what up with that …. Cs making & waiting 4 à certain amount, just vanished…. They be stating ” Feel Sorry ! This site has been stopped by the administrator, please contact the administrator for details”. ? I’m so angry … these people that’s making a scam apps . mast be Arrested

  11. These people deserve to diethey are gone with our money whereas we are struggling like this


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