Bgtgroup Reviews(Is Legit or Scam? Get Answers Here)

Hi there! If you have been making research for money making sites that pays, then we suggest you look into Bgtgroup.


For the past few days, people can’t just stop hyping, they claim it’s one of the best money making site they have come across. The site us currently trending on some platforms, and more and more people are signing up on bgtgroup as we speak!

If you haven’t joined yet, there is a high chance that you will after reading this review to the end!


Bgt group is such an amazing platform. No special skill is needed from members. Even a ten year old can earn with ease on this website. So you have nothing to worry about.

Another thing you shouldn’t worry about is paying to sign up. sign up process is free of charge. Everyone can join this website. And you can earn in different currencies(u.s dollars included). Review

Like the headline suggests, we will review bgt group, and tell you all you need to know, answer all your queries, and also provide you with financial advice on the necessary steps to take with bgtgroup!



To summarize this review, we basically will be answering different questions. These are mostly questions that members and prospective members are asking.


Questions like: How to make money on, how to get bgt group referral, how to perform login or sign up process, is legit or scam, and others.


DISCLAIMER: Please bear this in mind, this article is not for the promotion of website. This is only a review, and we do not own the platform. Do not hold this website responsible for whatever action you choose to make when dealing with bgt group!

What is

You already know that bgtgroup is a website that can earn you money, but “what exactly is this site about?”


Bgtgroup is a website that helps promote virtual products that are for sale. “The main work and business of BGT Group is to help the platform merchants of major e-commerce companies to improve product sales and praise rates on the official e-commerce platforms”


By performing daily tasks in the tasks hall, you are being exposed to these products. And this is simply “Advertising.”


Enough of that. Now let’s talk about how you can make money from!

How does work / How to make money on

The whole purpose of this is to make money. No one is here for another reason. So let’s talk about the different ways to make money on bgtgroup.


Earning from Task Hall

This is as simple as clicking on the products you see underneath “Task Hall.”

This action earns you a maximum of R50($3.4) everyday.

It is free if you stick to the free vip. But if you want to earn more from this daily task, then you will need to recharge. Please do not recharge any money into! Just stick to the free vip, and keep working consistently. It’s safer this way. Referral

An alternative and better way to make money is via referral. Getting new referrals everyday on bgtgroup can make you way richer than you currently are.


When you get new referral, you get rewarded R2. There are no limits, so you can even get ten referrals, or more, in one day.


Note that, you can decide to choose either one or all methods to earn on bgt group.

How to refer or invite on

To be able to get bgtgroup referral, just follow the steps below:

1. Carry out login process

2. Click on ‘My.’ It is at the bottom right corner of your screen

3. Tap on ‘Invite friends.’

4. In the invite friends page, you will see your referral code and invitation link. You can share any of the two to friends that want to sign up on bgtgroup.


Pro tip: It is easy to get referrals if you are sharing your referral link, and convincing people to join. Don’t just spam people with your link.


When was launched

There is a page on that talked “about bgt group” and its history. According to what ws written on that page, this platform began operations in the year 2012. And they operated in New York, USA.


Bgt group then launched in South Africa in 2020.


We do not believe any of this because just became known in 2022. We have no idea why the owners of the site would tell lies about launch date.


Who is the CEO / founder of

In the website, there was no mention of who the owner or ceo of bgt group is. We have no hint or idea of this person may be. We also have no idea why the owner of is keeping his/herself hidden. Sign Up

You can easily sign up on bgt group by doing the following.


Firstly, start by going over to the website,


Next, Find and click on ‘Register.’ Then provide your phone number, desired password, and an invitation code.

You can use this invitation code – 0769749


After filling all boxes correctly, click on ‘register now.’ Login

Simply head to the website homepage, then find the Login page.

Provide your phone number and password, then click on ‘Login in now.’

We discovered that it doesn’t even take up to a minute to perform login process. It is a very simple action.


How to withdraw on

The least amount you can withdraw is R150. If you have up to this amount in your bgt group wallet(or dashboard), the log into your account and click on ‘Withdrawal.’


Then provide your bank account details, and expect your payment in a few hours.


Is Legit or Scam

We researched, and we discovered that is legit!!

For y’all that can’t stop asking, is legit or scam? The answer is out, and bgt group actually pays.


But still, we advise that you do not deposit or recharge any amount into this website. You can Cash out from bgtgroup without depositing. People have been doing it. You can too!

Now that you know is legit, what are you waiting for?! Quickly head to the sign up page and begin your journey.


We appreciate you for reading this bgtgroup review to the end. Thank you very much. You may drop questions and comments below.

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