Review: Is Legit or Scam? Get Answers

Who doesn’t like the idea of earning online, and not having to invest anything at all?! This is very possible on, a new site that was just discovered a couple days ago. Only few people know about this site(for now). Also, those few who know about know very little about the site.


That’s the main reason we decided to come up with this review. To enlighten the public, to answer those questions that you all have in mind, and to give one or two pro tips related to blueunited.

If you have read to this part, then it seems you really are interested in earning money from the internet through

This is good. But please note that only South Africans can make money from this website. Also, if you want to earn much, then you must be ready to dedicate your time. BE READY TO BE CONSISTENT.


Well the idea of keeping you readers waiting, doesn’t sound good. So let’s get started on ‘What really is.’


What is

Blueunited store is a website where you tend to actually make real money. There is a list of ways to make money from the site, and you can always choose the one that you prefer the most.


According to what is written on the website: Blueunited.stores “focuses on serving major tax refund shopping malls around the world and can provide online tax refund services for foreign users in mainstream countries around the world.”

Not quite sure what that means, but all we know for sure is that the website is an avenue to earn free money. And we will be telling you how! Review

This review article is not for the promotion of Blueunited. This is merely a review, and we do not own the platform. Do not hold this website responsible whatever action you choose to make when dealing with!


We only did this review to answer questions like; How to make money on, how to get referral, is legit or scam, and so on.

Always bear in mind, this website doesn’t promotes ponzi’s. And we will never!


How to make money on

The first money you make on blueunited is the welcome bonus reward. All members get a reward of R36 whenever the complete sign up process.


This bonus can be used to earn more money, and here is how you can go about the process.

One of the ways to make money on is by heading to the ‘Taxation’ tab on their website. You then place orders to earn money.

But placing orders is not free.


Since you a balance of R36, you can use that to place orders. And this will earn you R1.26!

You can then ‘liquidate’ and become richer!


If the above explanation is too complicated for you to understand, then it’s better you just stick to referrals. This is way less complicated, very easy to perform, and it is 100% free!


When you refer five people, you get R10. Meaning that one referrals earns you R2.

That’s not all. From every referral, you get 10% rebate. We are sure you agree that this is way more interesting than taxations which involves recharging and liquidating.

Complicated crap! *sigh*


How to get Referrals

If you want to start getting referrals, then just follow the steps we provided below:

1. Perform login process

2. Click on ‘Promotion.’

3. Click on ‘Share’

4. Next, click on ‘Copy’ to copy your personal referral link.

5. Share the link to as many people as possible.


How to withdraw on

To withdraw, you must have done the binding of your card details and account numbers. You should go to ‘My Wallet’ to get this done.


The withdrawal threshold on Blueunited is R100.

If you have made that amount, you can always attempt withdrawal at the ‘Remove’ page. “Click “Remove” to enter the withdrawal page, enter the withdrawal amount and confirm, and wait for the bank to process (you can check the status in the withdrawal record).”


When was launched

According to what is written on the website, blueunited was launched in 2020(which is obvious two years ago). But we totally disagree with this. only became known few days ago, and we have strong reasons to believe that was launched in the month of April, 2022.

Who is the Owner or founder of

Even though they managed to introduce what blueunited is and what the purpose of the site is for, they forgot to tell we members who the owner of is. Perhaps they didn’t forget. Maybe it was done on purpose. No one knows.


We will keep doing research to find out who the real ceo or founder of is.


Where can be found

Only on the internet! Sign Up

Just go to, Click on ‘Register Now,’ provide your details(phone number, desired password, and an invitation code). You can use this invitation code – CeeXNz


Then click on ‘Confirm.’

It shouldn’t take five minutes to perform sign up process. Login login process will only require your phone number and password.


The login page is also used for recovering passwords. It can assist those who have forgotten their passwords.

Is Legit

The most asked query about this site is, ‘Is legit or scam?’ People want to know because, some would like to recharge(invest) in the platform. Some wish to know because they don’t want to waste their time only to not earn a dime.



Well, we will like to inform you that so far so good we are yet to find any payment proofs from any member. So we cannot guarantee that is legit or not.


Is Scam

We cannot also say this platform is a scam because no one have come out to make complaints of being scammed.

This is still a new site, so no one knows for sure if is legit or scam.


Thanks for reading to the end. Ask your questions in the comment section of this review writeup.

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