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There is nothing online hustlers love more than seeing a new paying site that doesn’t require deposit. And can be classified as one of such sites. Are you just hearing about If your answer is yes, then prepare to get all informations about this new money making platform.


And if you already know about benyu cloud, then this review will still be of great help to you too!

You probably have some questions about this questions. Lucky for you, we have provided the answer to those questions in this article.

Did you know? People actually made a lot of money from the website called ‘BountyPort.’ Now, is very similar to bounty port, and this could actually mean that the there are lots of money to be made from benyu.


We don’t want to beat around the bush, so let’s get this party started. But first, we advice you readers to pay attention. You wouldn’t want to miss any part of this educative writeup. Review

DISCLAIMER: This review article is not for the promotion of benyu. This is merely a review, and we do not own the platform. Do not hold this website responsible whatever action you choose to make when dealing with

We would like to be clear on what this review will actually be all about. In this review, we will simply be answering most of the questions that you readers have in mind.

Questions like: How to make money on, how to get more referrals, who is the owner or benyu cloud, how to go about login / sign up process, eccetera..


We are also fully aware that people can’t stop going on google and making the query ‘Is legit or scam?’

If you are among those that want to know if this site is legit or not, then just take a seat, because we have the answer provided in this review.


What is

Benyu or benyu cloud is a SA ‘get paid to’ website(people from outside South Africa can earn from the site too). This site generously offers money to their members. It all starts with a sign up bonus of R30, and it doesn’t end there.

More money can be made when you perform tasks.


Again, be reminded that no deposit is needed to make money from this website. Just your consistency and willingness to earn.


Would you like to learn the ways to earn? If yes, then scroll to the next line!


How does work / How to make money on

You can earn from benyu via two different methods. One method is by grabbing others. The other method is by getting referrals. Let’s dive deeper into these two.

Grabbing orders

When you go to the ‘Grab’ page on your dashboard, you can easily earn by pressing ‘Pay.’ This simple action will earn you R6.3, and you will keep earning daily.

The more you perform the daily tasks, the quicker your chances of placing withdrawal and cashing out. Referral

By now, no online hustler needs to know the definition of what it means to ‘get referrals.’ pays members R3 per referral. And since there is no limit on the number of referrals one can get, then you are free to get even a hundred referrals in one day.

How to refer or invite on

To start earning via referral, you will need to first get your referral link.


Here are the steps to get your referral link:

1. Perform login process.

2. On the landing page of your dashboard, find and click on ‘Invite a friend.’

3. On the invite a friend page, copy the link you see there and share the link to your internet friends.


When was launched

Logically speaking, benyu cloud was launched on the sixth of April, 2022. And even though there isn’t any factual proof, we have strong reasons to believe this was launched on the said date above.


With the use of a Domain checker site, we discovered that the website url was actually purchased on the third of March, 2022. But this platform most likely kick started operation on April 6th.


Who is the CEO / founder of

No one knows why, but the owner or founder of has kept himself/herself hidden.

Even though not all members even care to know who the owner of the site is, it is really professional for the owner to come out to the general public. This would not only make professional, but also increase the trust score.


Where you can find

You can only find benyu on the net. They don’t operate offline. Sign Up

It is so easy to go about sign up process. Check out the steps below:

1. Enter on your browser. In the homepage, click on ‘No account to register.’

2. Type in your phone number, password, and an invitation code.

3. Click on ‘Registration’ to finish up the process.

When you are done, you will instantly receive a sign up bonus of R30. Login

All that is needed for login is your phone number and password. It’s also as simple as signing up.


How to withdraw on

On the homepage of your dashboard, there is a ‘Withdrawal’ tab that you can click on.

When you get to the page, provide your bank account details and amount you wish to withdraw.


Kindly note that the least amount you can withdraw is R50.


Is Legit or Scam

We are fully aware that people have been asking, Is legit or scam. Well, the answer is ‘no one knows for now.’



This site is less than a week old(based on the time this article was written). Because of this reason, we are yet to be sure if is legit or scam. But bear in mind that we are still in the process of research.


Soon, this article will be updated and we will provide answer to the question, ‘Is legit or scam?!’


We appreciate that you read this review to the end. Feel free to drop questions or comments below.

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