BillionQuiz Reviews Is BillionQuiz.Com Legit or Scam? Get Answers Here

Using your intellect to solve and answer simple quiz questions sounds like an amazing way to earn money. Thanks to BillionQuiz, a new earning site, this has now been made possible for all internet users.

If you love quiz and challenging yourself, then why not register on Billionquiz.Com and start accumulating cool cash asap! For those who don’t know how to get started on BillionQuiz, y’all have nothing to worry about.

This billionquiz review which you are currently reading, will provide answers to your personal queries.

Here are a few things you ought to know about Billion Quiz – The billionquiz sign up process is free. Meaning aspiring members do not have to pay a dime to join.

Also, the mention of ‘quiz’ may have you concerned. But be rest assured that on Billionquiz.Com, the answers are very easy. Even for a kindergarten child.

Now that all the above have been made clear, shall we begin this BillionQuiz Review?

BillionQuiz.Com Review

Like we stated earlier, this platform was only recently launched. And this explains why a lot of you have numerous questions to ask.

Amazingly, 95% of the answers to questions you have about Billion quiz are provided here.


There is an endless list of questions people have about this site, but some of the important frequently asked questions are – How to make money on Billionquiz.Com? How to withdraw on Billion Quiz? When was Billionquiz launched? How to perform billionquiz.Com login / sign up process? Is Billionquiz.Com legit?

Answers to the above queries will be provided in this review writeup. Tips will also be given as well. So kindly read to the end.

What is BillionQuiz.Com

To secret to excelling in a field is understanding what exactly that ‘field’ is. If you wish to earn(well) on billion quiz, you first have to ask yourself; “What is Billionquiz.Com? And what is it all about?”

Billionquiz or Billionquiz.Com is a website that claims to pay about $300 monthly to each member. However, members must be consistently answering quizzes everyday. The more quiz answered on Billionquiz, the higher chance of earning huge!

This sounds really nice and amazing, right?

In fact, if you are hearing this for the first time, you must be feeling really enthusiastic and fully ready to begin Billionquiz.Com sign up process. Well, slow down speedy. There are still quite a number of things you should know before you register.

How does BillionQuiz.Com work / How to make money on BillionQuiz.Com

Just like many earning sites out there, Billionquiz.Com has got a number of rules that all members must follow if they want to make money from the site.

There are two ways to make money from this platform. They are – Quizzes and Referrals!

Billion Quiz Quizzes

BillionQuiz quizzes is the main means of earning. It’s easier and really quick. The rules are simple: “Members have 60 seconds to answer as many questions as possible(10 questions each time). Each question has 4 options, one of which is the answer to the question. Each correct answer gets 200 gold coins.

When your gold coins reach 200,000, you can withdraw 200 US dollars.”

Following the above rules stated by BillionQuiz will help you in earning without stress.

But did you realize that a member would have to answer one thousand(1000) quiz questions before he/she will be able to apply for billionquiz withdrawal? This doesn’t look good. Or does it??

BillionQuiz Referrals

This is the alternative means to make money on the platform. It requires you to invite people using your own billionquiz.Com referral link.

What’s in it for you when you referral? “Inviting friends to register will earn you 4000 gold coins as a reward, and at the same time get 40% of friends’ income.”

Keep referring to earn more. Good luck.

How to refer or invite on BillionQuiz.Com

This process is very easy! But you must get your referral link first. So carry out Billionquiz.Com login process to gain access to your dashboard. Once this is successful, find your referral link and copy it.

Share the link with friends online and offline!

When was BillionQuiz.Com launched

Only few people are concerned about the above query. Well if you must know, billion quiz was launched recently. Most likely in the month of November.

We also would like to add that newly launched earning platforms cannot be trusted. The owners may abscond without paying the members. And since billionquiz was just launched, it would be wise to be cautious!

Who is the CEO / founder of BillionQuiz.Com

The owner or founder of billionquiz is a ‘mysterious’ person. Perhaps we should call him/her ‘Mysterio.’ LOL.

No one or platform(not even Billionquiz.Com) has any information to provide concerning who the real owner of BillionQuiz.Com is.

Sadly, this makes the website look more shady.

Where you can find BillionQuiz.Com

The internet is where this platform exists and lives! They have no physical location, yet.

BillionQuiz.Com Sign Up

To perform billionquiz sign up process, CLICK HERE.

You will be granted the chance to begin earning almost immediately!

BillionQuiz.Com Login

For billionquiz.Com login or sign in process, CLICK HERE.

How to withdraw on BillionQuiz.Com

Whenever you carry out Billionquiz.Com login process, or gain access to your dashboard, there is a tab that says ‘Withdraw.’ Click on it, then provide your bank details.

One great feature about billion quiz is the fact that there are different withdrawal methods. Members can choose withdraw via bank account, western union, or bitcoin wallets. Whichever method that suits you, go for it!

Is BillionQuiz.Com Legit or Scam

As an a member or aspiring member, it is important that you are certain of the right answer to give when someone asks you “is billionquiz.Com legit or a scam?”

Well, the answer is, Billionquiz is a scam! 

If billionquiz.Com were legit, the withdrawal threshold wouldn’t be impossible to reach. Also, have you asked yourself how they make money from giving members quiz to solve?

Doesn’t add up!

Our conclusion remains that, Billionquiz.Com isn’t legit! If you have a contrary answer, feel free to express yourself in the comment section.

Thank you for reading this BillionQuiz.Com review. Enjoy your day!

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