CloudBanc Honest Review Is Cloudbanc.Club Legit or Scam? Get Answers Here

A new platform was identified as CloudBanc.Club has recently been discovered by internet users who want to earn online, and this money making platform is really trending right now. Cloudbanc has got a lot of really attractive bonuses and features that have caught the attention of many. And that’s exactly why we will be discussing about it in this write-up.

Spoiler Alert: New members on cloudbanc.Club are given a whooping sum of R1500. This is the cloudbanc sign up bonus. And apparently, it’s their way of saying – “Thank you for joining our platform.”

It was even made known by the platform owners, that the cloud banc sign up bonus is totally withdrawable!

Totally mind-blowing, right?!

Well, if you are reading this cloudbanc review now, it either mean you are searching for a way to make money online. Or, you already knew about Cloudbanc.Club, but you would like to know more.

Regardless of the category you fall in, it’s a good thing you are reading this review!

There is no doubt that you would find out CloudBanc Review on the Internet, but trust us when we say, this is the most thorough and accurate one.

CloudBanc.Club Review

What you stand to gain from reading this cloudbanc review is a hand full! Many people already know this site(cloud banc) gives money to its members, but not all know what to do or how to go about making the money.

Others are not certain of how to withdraw, or when to withdraw. There are also those pondering over the question, “Is Cloudbanc legit?”

Whatever the issue you have, we’ll find you an answer.

Here is a summary of this Cloudbanc.Club review. We will have a look at queries and then provide the best answers you need.

Here are some of the queries we will solve for you guys – “How to make money on Cloudbanc? Who is the ceo / founder of cloudbanc? How to withdraw money on cloud banc? How to get carry out Cloudbanc login / sign up process?…

Most importantly, and at the end of this article, we will provide an answer to the controversial and really important question. Which is, Is Cloudbanc.Club legit or scam?

You really should stay to the end!

What is CloudBanc.Club

Cloud banc or CloudBanc is an online finance company that goes about giving the impression of wanting to put smile on people’s faces.

This platform offers multiple ways for users to earn cash, easily. It sounds and looks amazing, but only for the naive ones!

For those that have previously encountered similar sites like Cloudbanc.Club, this just looks like another ‘ponzi scheme.’

We don’t want to be too quick to judge though…

So, check out the different ways to make money on Cloudbanc!

How does CloudBanc.Club work / How to make money on CloudBanc.Club

Apart from getting a quick R1500 cloudbanc.Club sign up bonus, this platform has also promised more ways of earning. Check them all out below.


CloudBanc.Club ShareHolder Packages

As many of you know, being a shareholder will mean you have to pay for shares. Then from those shares, you will earn lots of interests, either daily or monthly.

Cloudbanc shareholder package works just like that!

The online money making site wants members to sign up and deposit their own money, then use it to buy shares. Cloudbanc then promises 10% to 50% returns daily.

WORD OF ADVICE: Do not fall for this trick! It’s too risky! Please do not deposit or buy cloudbanc packages.

Cloudbanc.Club Videos

Another way to earn money is by making videos on the platform. This is actually safer.

Cloud banc promises money redeemable vouchers for all members that can create YouTube videos.

This is worth giving a shot. But we(Beta Hustler) cannot confirm that you will get paid.

CloudBanc Referrals

This is literally the best means to make money on cloudbanc.Club! Sharing links is very stress free and fast.

The more people you can invite using your cloudbanc.Club referral link, the more cash you are likely to make.

The platform claims that one successful Cloudbanc referral will earn you 10% of the person’s earnings.

How to refer or invite on CloudBanc.Club

Simply preform the cloudbanc.Club login process(if you are already a member). If you are yet to be a member, then you would need to carry out Cloudbanc sign up process first.

Once you have access to your dashboard, find and locate your personal referral link.

Copy it, share it, and convince people to register on the site!

This very easy action ‘might’ actually make you super rich. Wouldn’t you want to give it a shot??

Happy earning!

When was CloudBanc.Club launched

While cloudbanc itself made sure of not providing any info regarding when it was launched, we did our own research and discovered that Cloudbanc.Club was launched in the month of November, 2021.

Though the actual date of when Cloudbanc launched is not known, it really doesn’t matter either. Or does it??

Who is the CEO / founder of CloudBanc.Club

For those who expected the founder or ceo of cloudbanc would actually reveal his/herself, you guys must be really really new to ponzi and pyramid schemes. LOL.

Money making sites like this one are very fond of hiding who their real owner is.

As expected, no one knows who the real owner / founder of cloudbanc.Club is! But if we ever find out, y’all will be alerted.

Where you can find CloudBanc.Club

The only place that cloudbanc exists is on the internet. To find this platform, head to the website. They have no branch or physical office, yet.

CloudBanc.Club Sign Up

If you want to be a member of this ‘esteemed’ earning site, then you are one click away! Kindly CLICK HERE to begin the cloudbanc.Club sign up process.

The process is easy and fast. Just provide whatever information is asked of you. Within a minute or two, you should be done with the cloudbanc sign up process.

CloudBanc.Club Login

To login, kindly CLICK HERE.

Then punch in your username and password correctly.

How to withdraw on CloudBanc.Club

Just like the different alternatives to earn, there are also different ways to withdraw your cash from Cloudbanc. But all methods have a criteria. Which is, all members must have at least R2000 before they can withdraw.

Members on Cloudbanc.Club can withdraw using Skrill, Paypal, Perfect Money, and so on…

To place withdrawal, firstly carry out cloudbanc.Club login process, then find and click on ‘withdraw.’ After that, provide your payment details. Keep your fingers crossed!

Is CloudBanc.Club Legit or Scam

If you are among those who have asked this particular query numerous times – Is Cloudbanc.Club legit or scam? The answer is, Cloudbanc is a scam! A big one at that.

Asking members to deposit and purchase Shareholder packages is the first sign that this so called Cloudbanc.Club isn’t legit! Also, how can a site just give out R1500 for free??

Even if this site pays its members now, there is a very high chance they’ll end up scamming a lot of people in future.


Have questions related to this Cloudbanc.Club review? Or you still believe cloudbanc is legit? Then drop a comment below.

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