SolarCityZa Review- Is SolarCityZa Legit? Find Out Now!

Solarhub or SolarCityZa is yet another earning site that you online hustlers should know about. This African platform is a generous one, looks promising, and allows earning with ease!

This article will be focusing on what solarcityza is, and how you guys can make money from it.

SolarCityza.Com Review

Solarcityza is said to be new, and not many people really know much about the earning platform. This is the purpose of this solarcityza review. In this review, you readers will be enlightened on how things work with this site.

You will also be given tips on how to earn more on solarhub. And that’s not all! This solarcityza review will additional give you answers to whether it is a legit or scam site. By the time you are done reading the whole of this write up, you will have answers to questions such as:

How to make money on solarcityza? Who is the founder of Solar hub? Is solarcityza legit or a scam? How to withdraw on solarcityza? When was solar hub launched? How to go about solarcityza login / sign up process? And many more intruiging info…


If you desire to earn big on this platform, then it would be very beneficial for you to go through this solarcityza review to the end. Remember, information is power!

Let us begin.

What is SolarCityza.Com

Wondering what is solarcityza? Well here is the best answer to that question – Solar hub or SolarCityZa is South African money making platform.

Even though not much is known about the platform(because it is new), it is safe to say that Solarcityza is helping it members to gain financial freedom.

It’s a really cool website!

How does SolarCityza.Com work / How to make money on SolarCityza.Com

On Solarcityza, you begin to make money as soon as you sign up. What does this mean?! Well, solar city gives R100 to all new members as soon as they go about solarcityza sign up / registeration process. After that, you can then do more to earn more.

Here is how you can make more money on solar city.

SolarCityZa Tasks – All new memebers of solar city are given the privilege to perform at most fourteen(14) tasks in a day. These daily solarcityza tasks can earn you as high as R10 everyday.

However, if you feel that such amount is low, then below is an alternate(or additional) way to make more money on Solarcityza.

SolarCityZa Referrals – Referrals is a better way to make money on Solar city. The platform will give you 10% of your referees earnings.

So the more people that do the solarcityza sign up using your solar city referral link, the more 10% of cash you get. Really cool right?! Pretty sure you agree.

Below is how to go about Solarcityza referral process.

How to refer or invite on SolarCityza.Com

To go about Solarhub or Solarcityza referral process, login to your account dashboard. Locate your referral link in your dashboard or Referrals tab, then copy the link and share to friends and families.

Do well to convince them to sign up on solar city using your referral link. Don’t just spam people.

Who is the CEO / founder of SolarCityza.Com

Not many information is known about Solarhub. One of such information is who the founder of Solarcityza is.

Currently, there is yet to be anything about who he/she/they is. If you do your research in every corner of the solar hub site, you won’t find a tad of info about who the ceo or founder of solacityza is.

When was SolarCityza.Com launched

Another information that is not known is the site’s date of launch.

It has been confirmed that Solarcityza was recently launched, but there really is no info about when the platform began it operations.

Unfortunately, all these unanswered questions about Solarcityza reduces the trust score of the platform. *sigh*

Where can I find SolarCityza.Com

Currently, members of solar city can only find the platform on the internet. This platform doesn’t exist outside of the net.

Hopefully, Solarcityza may decide to expand in future and have branches and physical offices.

SolarCityza.Com Sign Up

To do the solarcityza sign up process, kindly CLICK HERE.

You will be taken to the registration page where you have to fill in your phone number and desired “strong” password. After that, click on register and you will immediately be given R100 free sign up process.

Solarcityza sign up process doesn’t take more than a minute, so don’t be bothered about being stressed out.

SolarCityza.Com Login

Solarcityza login process is also very easy. To login on solar city, CLICK HERE. Then provide for them, your correct phone number and password. Then click on the solarcityza login button.

Just like the sign up/registeration, solarcityza login process is very easy!

How to withdraw on SolarCityza.Com

If you want to witdraw on Solarcityza, first bear in mind that the minimum amount to withdraw is R300. So when you have such an amount, or more, you can freely go to the Solar Hub withdrawal tab, provide your bank account information, and request for payment.

Even though your payment doesn’t arrive immediately, try to excersice some patience because the platform may have to go through some process before completing your payments.

Patiently wait for about 24hours for your solarhub payment alert. And if you don’t get paid, contact their customer care support which you can find on the site.

Is SolarCityza.Com Legit or Scam

Is SolarCityza legit? This is an important question that many members have been asking. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed answer to this question. Since it was recently launched, it is yet to be confirmed if Solarcityza is legit or a scam.

However, if you check the solar city website, you will see a tab where Solarcityza payment proofs are. Feel free to check it out.

NOTE: This article will be updated in future, when it has been confirmed that Solarcityza is either legit or a scam.

Have any questions to ask about this Solarcityza review? If yes, do well to drop a comment below. Thank you for reading this article.

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