BonganiGurru Review: Is Bongani Gurru Legit? Find Out Now!!

BonganiGurru or BG Trading is a new trading and earning platform that many South Africans have been talking about. Want to know why?

The reason is because the Bongani Gurru trading platform has been putting smiles on people’s faces by crediting their accounts with cool figures!

In this write-up, we will discuss what Bongannigurru is all about. So stick around and read this Bonganigurru review to the end.

BonganiGurru.Co.Za Review

This bongani gurru review is for information and enlightenment purposes only. And in this review, you will have answers to many(if not all) of your questions related to Bonganigurru trading / bg trading site.

So as not to waste your time, let us begin…

What is BonganiGurru.Co.Za

Bongani Gurru is a South African trading website where members are expected to trade a little cash to earn a huge amount.

In Bongani gurru / bg trading, members who trade always tend to gain profit. There is almost no ‘loss’ in this platform. So cool right?!


If you are a new member, you will get a bonus of R100, and you can decide to use this cash to trade on the bonganigurru site.

How does BonganiGurru.Co.Za work / How to make money on Bongani Gurru

To make money on Bonganugurru, you can either trade or earn by referrals, or even both!

Bg Trading involves using capital(money), and then getting more money(profits). But many people don’t think they’ll get profits, so they choose to earn with bongani gurru referrals.

Bongani gurru referrals is also very profitable. Members get a fair amount of cash whenever someone registers using their link.

If you think you know people who will like to make money online, then you can use this to earn money on bonganigurru.

How to refer or invite on BonganiGurru.Co.Za

Bonganigurru referrals works like this – Login to your account dashboard, locate and copy your bongani gurru referral code, share your link with people who want to make money online. Then give them good reasons to sign up and login on bongani gurru using your referral link.


Who is the CEO / founder of BonganiGurru.Co.Za

No one knows who the founder of Bongani Gurru is.

However, we are still digging and trying to discover who this mystery person is.

Surely, there must be someone who pushes the button, right?

Where can I find BonganiGurru.Co.Za

You can find this earning platform by going to their website @

That’s the only known location where you can find bongani gurru, for now.

BonganiGurru.Co.Za Sign Up

To go about Bongani Gurru signup process, CLICK HERE.

BonganiGurru.Co.Za Login

For the bongani gurru login process, you first have to CLICK HERE.

Then provide your details, such as password and phone number.

If you have forgotten your password, there is a high chance that you may be able to retrieve it in the bongani gurru login page.

Find and click on “Forgotten password.” If there is any such thing like that.

How to withdraw on BonganiGurru.Co.Za

After making a fair amount of Bongani gurru trading profits, you can easily withdraw anytime of the day by heading to the withdrawal tab, providing your bank account details, then requesting for your bonganigurru payments.

You should try to be patient because your payment may take about 24 hours to arrive.

Is BonganiGurru.Co.Za Legit or Scam

Yes! Bongani Gurru trading is 100% legit and paying! It has been confirmed by many new members, and they have been many proof of payments from them(former members).

So if you are among those doubting the platform’s legitimacy, well doubt no more. BonganiGurru is legit and paying.

NOTE: Beta Hustler cannot guarantee that Bongani gurru trading platform will continue to always be legit, but for now, you shouldn’t worry about it being a scam.

Have any questions relating to this BonganiGurru review? If yes, then drop a comment below.

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