Zuzu-tv Review Legit Or Scam? Find Out Now!!

Have you heard of the recently launched online money making site called Zuzu-Tv?
Zuzu-tv or Zuzu-tv.com, is the new site that many online hustlers have been talking about. Want to know? Find out in this Zuzu-tv review article!

It’s not new to see people spending 24hours of their day on the Internet. In fact, some people don’t go offline unless their have a low baterry. What do they do online? They lavish their data on things that earn them nothing! E.g watching online videos, chatting, playing games, and so on…
Well, Zuzu-tv was launched to assist internet users in earning cash from simply watching online videos.

How hard can it be?!

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Below, you will be provided answers to questions related to this online platform. Ensure you read this Zuzu-tv review to the end.

What is Zuzu-Tv
Zuzu tv claims to be an entertainment and advertising company that pays members for time spent watching videos on their platform.

One of the best things about Zuzu-tv.com is that it is completely free. Registering, earning, and withdrawing is free!

This platform is very easy to understand, and there are almost zero complexities.

How to make money on Zuzu-Tv
Curious on how you can earn on zuzu tv? Well, there are only two ways you can go about it. Check them out below.

Watching Videos
This is the main way to make money on zuzu-tv.com
It is as simple as the sub-heading says. All you have to do is watch videos on the site.

For every video you watch, you will be given 100 points. When converted to naira, 100 zuzu points is equal to 10 naira.

To watch a video, log in to your zuzu-tv.com account, click on the side menu bar, then click on ‘earn points.’
From there you can easily watch video and earn points(money).

Zuzu-tv Referrals
Referral means inviting a friend to join the platform. When you refer a member with your referral link, you will be given a bonus a bonus amount which can also be withdrawn.
The more you refer/invite members with your Zuzu-tv referral link, the more money/points you will accumulate.

How to invite or refer members on  Zuzu-Tv referral program?
To refer a member, all you have to do is log into your zuzu tv dashboard, click on the menu button/icon, then click on the referral tab.
Your referral link will be shown to you, and from there you can copy it with ease.

Zuzu-Tv packages levels plans
This platform has no packages or special levels. This is simply because most money making sites that introduce packages are paid ones. But since zuzu-tv.com is completely free and doesn’t involve any deposits or investments, then having packages would be useless.

To begin on zuzu tv, register and begin earning immediately. No time for selecting or choosing packages/plans.

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When was Zuzu-Tv launched
There isn’t any information based on when the platform originally began it’s operations. But after doing some research on the domain age of Zuzu-tv, it got to my attention that the domain was created on 24th of may, 2021.

Therefore, Zuzu-tv must have launched around the end of May or beginning of June 2021.

How much can I make with Zuzu-Tv
How much you can make on zuzu-tv depends on how much efforts you can put into the platform.
And since there are no limits on how much one can make on this platform, then you can make as much money as possible.

Just aim to get lots of referrals, and make it a necessity to watch zuzu-tv videos daily.

Who is the owner of Zuzu-Tv.com
The ceo or owner of zuzu tv is not known!

Apparently, this online site prefers being intransparent with it’s members.

Is Zuzu-Tv Legit or a Scam
Zuzu-tv is not a scam. There is a high chance that they are legit. Here is why;

This site doesn’t require members to deposit or invest a dime. Meaning you can never be defrauded. Also, their explanation of making money of affiliations actually checks out.

Working for zuzu-tv, you have nothing to loose!

Registration Zuzu-tv.com
To join or register on zuzu tv, CLICK HERE.

Login Zuzu-tv.com
To login, CLICK HERE.

Then correctly provide all required info about you. Such as; full name, email address, desired password e.t.c.

Then provide your accurate email address and your password.
If you find it hard to remember your password, click on “forgotten password” on the login page.

How to withdraw on Zuzu-tv
When you reach the withdrawal threshold, you can simply place withdrawal on zuzu-tv by doing the following;

Login to your dashboard, click on the menu bar, then click on the ‘withdraw’ tab.
After that, in the new page you are taken to; fill in your username, email address, bank name, account name, account number, and the amount you desire to withdraw.

Then place withdraw.

NOTE: The payment might take about 24hours to arrive.

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