Golden Lion Review: Scam, Legit, Or Crashed? Find Out Now!!

Reading the article means that you probably may have come across Golden Lion. The online investment that many have been talking about.
This content you are reading is a Golden Lion Review article.

What it means is that, you will be given answers related to Golden Lion investment. Make sure you read to the end to get all info. Are you wondering if Golden Lion is legit? Relax, you will get your answer here.

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What is Golden Lion, also known as Golden lion, is a recently launched money making platform. The site allows users to earn by giving them simple online tasks to perform. The tasks can be; watching online videos, liking or sharing a tiktop posts, sharing a Facebook post e.t.c.

In fact, on Golden lion platform, tasks are pretty easy to perform.

What’s cool?! Even though it is similar to a mini-investment site, some members are actually eligible to earn without making any deposits.

Want to know how you can make money on this platform? Check it out below…

How to make money on
There are two ways to make money on Golden Lion. Fortunately for online hustlers, the two ways are very easy and stressfree.
The first way to make money/earn is by;

Performing Golden Lion Tasks
Like was explained earlier, you simply have to do some quick tasks to accumulate earnings on the platform. This tasks can be done in a space of five to ten minutes, so you shouldn’t bother about being stressed out.

This platform gives individuals to earn 80 naira daily as a free member. But if upgrade to being a golden lion vip member, you should be able to earn as high as 4000 naira daily!

Golden Lion Referrals
Referrals on simply means inviting and telling/convincing people to register and join this money making platform.

Each time you successfully complete a referral, you will be gifted a particular sum of money on your golden lion account.
Keep referring to keep earning.

In my opinion, referral is the smartest and safest way to earn on this site.

How to invite or refers members on Golden Lion referral program
To invite a member, you will need to share your referral link/code first.

To get your golden lion referral link, log into your dashboard, tap on the ‘my’ tab which is at the bottom right corner of your screen, then scroll down a bit.
Click on the ‘invite friends’ tab and you will be shown your golden lion referral link and referral code.

Whomever you wish to invite, you can share your link or code with them.

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There are different types of packages on this site. The reason for this is simply because not everyone is in the same financial level. The various packages have different prices. They are listed below;

Free Member
Per Order: NGN5.00
Daily Tasks: 14

Card Member
Per order NGN15.00
Daily Tasks:14

Bronze Member
Per order NGN90.00
Daily Tasks:12

Silver Member
Per order NGN400.00
Daily Tasks:10

Gold Members
Per order NGN1350.00
Daily Tasks:6

Platinum Member
Per order NGN6000.00
Daily Tasks:4

Diamond Member
Per order NGN27000.00
Daily Tasks:2

What the above mean in essence is; Per order is how much revenue you get for every task/order you complete, whild daily tasks is maximum number of tasks you can perform in the membership level.

When was Golden Lion launched is a newly launched money making platform. Many aren’t aware of many things about the platform. As a matter of fact, apart from it is a money making site, peopld don’t know any other info about golden lion.

Concerning the date of launch, no one really knows when Golden Lion was launched.

However, what is certain is that, this platform was launched around the end of may or the beginning of June 2021.

How much can I make with Golden Lion
You can make as much as possible. To earn much, simple work on being consistent in the daily tasks. Also, aim to get more referrals.

Who is the owner of Golden Lion investment
There is no information on who he/she is.

Is Golden Lion Legit or a scam
Many have been asking this same question; Is Golden Lion Legit?

Well, there is no sure answer for this.
The site is still a new one so we cannot jump into conclusions. Meanwhile, all over the internet, many are already showing payment proofs. Perhaps, this might be a legit platform.

Let’s see how things turn out!

Registration Golden Lion
Wish to join or register on goldenlion? Follow these process for a smooth registration.

Firstly click HERE. Then provide informations such as your name, email adress, phone number, an invitation code, and any password you can easily remember.

Use this invitation code to register – 7746746

After filling in everything. Click on ‘register now’ to complete your registration for Golden Lion.

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Login Golden Lion
To login on, you can do so by clicking HERE.

Then provide your accurate phone number and password.

How to withdraw on Golden Lion
Before you attempt withdrawal on, please note that the minimum amount free members can withdraw is five thousand naira(5000N). For the vip members, the minimum withdrawal is one thousand naira(1000N). Another thing you should note about Golden Lion withdrawal is that withdrawals should be made only on Mondays to Thursdays. Your payment is likely going to arrive within 24 hours.

Lastly, Golden Lion charges 15% tax on every withdrawals. Meaning that anytime you withdraw, 15% will be removed for tax(except on thursdays).

Having said that, follow these easy steps to withdraw on Golden Lion; Firstly, log into your account dashboard. Then locate and click on the ‘my tab.’
After that, click on the ‘my wallet’ tab, then the ‘withdrawal’ tab. Then fill in all your accurate bank details and the amount you wish to withdraw.

Following these steps will help you successfully place withdrawal on Golden Lion with ease.

We have come to the end of this Golden Lion review. Have any other questions related to this? Drop your comments below.

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