MoreMe Hub Review: Is MoreMe Hub Scam Or Legit? Get Answers Here

“Is Moreme hub legit?” is the question that runs through the mind of most people when they first hear that there is a new platform ‘called moreme hub,’ and that they pay writers to create content on their platform.
Indeed Moreme Hub claims to pay their writers, but is this actually true?!

Well in this article, you will get answers related to questions such as; Is Moreme Hub legit or a scam, How much can I make on Moreme Hub, Moreme Hub Registration, and so on. Make sure you read to the end so you don’t miss any necessary info!
What is Moreme Hub?
Moreme hub is simply an online money making platform that gives writer, and freelancers, the opportunity to earn money by publishing contents on the moremehub site. Though most people claim that moreme hub is simply a ‘low budget version of opera news hub.‘ I totally disagree with such intuition.
Indeed, moreme hub is similar to opera news hub in lot of ways. However, the platform is yet to be noticed by many because it was just recently launched.
If you look at it from a different perspective, it is actually a very promising platform. It will probably take only a matter of time for it to become as famous as the likes of Scooper and Opera news.
How to make money on Moreme Hub 
One of the numerous cool features  about moreme hub is that literally anyone can earn as a writer on the platform. Meaning that you do not need to be a pro writer. If you simply write for passion, or you are an amateur writer, as long as you can work on producing quality contents, then moreme hub is going to be beneficial to you.
‘Please note that Moreme Hub is NOT a news website. Therefore, any news related articles will NOT be approved. Also, gists, gossips, and time-dependent articles are not allowed on moremehub.’
To make money on moreme hub, you can do so by publishing articles and deciding the type of monetization you desire.
On the hub, there are two monetization options available and they are listed below;
Pay Per Articles (PPA)
These type of articles will fetch a writer five hundred naira. It must be a thousand words, and must be of good quality. Once the article gets approved, your payment of five hundred naira will immediately reflect on your dadhboard. It doesn’t matter if no one reads it.
Pay Per Click (PPC)
These type of articles do not have a specific payment. When you select PPC monetization option for an article, you will be paid 0.06 naira for every click you get on the the article.
Meaning if six hundred readers click on the article, then you will earn 36 naira only.
I feel that the PPA option pays better(just an opinion of mine).
NOTE: The minimum withdrawal amount on moreme hub is two thousand five hundred naira(500).
How to invite or refers members on Moreme Hub  referral program?
Unlike many other online money making platforms, this platform does not pay members to refer new members.
Telling your friends and families about moreme hub will not fetch you a dime.
But you can do it anyways.
When was Moreme Hub launched?
Like I stated earlier, Moreme Hub was just recently launched. The platform began operations in the first few days of February 2021.
Moreme hub is becoming fast rising, and beta hustler is certain that within a year, this media house will be more famous than it currently is.
How much can I make with Moreme Hub? 
Moreme hub is no doubt a great place to earn online.
The platform made it known that 2,500 naira is the minimum amount to withdraw, but they made no mention of the maximum amount one can earn.
Therefore, you can make as much money as you desire on moreme hub. You just need to write quality and attractive contents!
There are no limits on how much you can earn on moreme hub.
Who is the owner of Moreme Hub?
Although, the ceo of more hub never came out to announce that he owns the platform, Beta Hustler did some digging, and we got to find out that the owner of moreme hub is Daramola Afeez.
Very little is known about Mr Daramola. You can visit his Facebook profile and see pictures of the young developer.
Is Moreme Hub Legit or a scam?
Moreme Hub seems very similar to Opera News Hub and Scooper News, but there have some tads of difference.
Opera and Scooper are international based platforms, and they have a reputation to protect. But Moreme Hub doesn’t.
Moreme Hub can decide to not pay it writers, and there is literally nothing anyone can do about it.
For this reason, Beta Hustler  came to a conclusion that Moreme Hub is not a 100% trusted!
Moreme Hub Registration 
Moreme hub registration process is pretty easy. To begin, simply click HERE.
Then fill in all required informations. After your account has been successfully created, you can begin creating contents and earning cool cash on moreme hub.
How to withdraw on Moreme Hub
The platform pays its members on on the 15th of every month. So once you reach the minimum amount for withdrawal(which is 2,500), you are most likely going to receive your payment on the 15th.
That is a wrap. I hope you readers found this article educative. Do well to share and drop your questions in the comment box below. Thanks.

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