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You probably may have heard of Moreng ltd which is what prompted you to read this writeup.

Well in this article, we will answer questions such as; Is Moreng legit or a scam, How much can I make on Moreng, Moreng Registration, and so on.
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What is MoreNg Ltd 
MoreNg Ltd, or MoreNg Investment, is an online money making platform that gives literally anyone the opportunity to earn money online. “MoreNG LTD is a company envisioned with Forex trading, crypto tradings, human resources and real estate services.”
Moreng ltd gives it’s members the privilege to invest and get back as much as fifty percent(50%) return on investment(roi). The platform is a very promising one.

How to make money on MoreNg Ltd  
If you are wondering how one one can make money on moreng investment, well it’s pretty easy! Infact, you don’t need to perform any tasks. All you have to do is; register on moreng ltd, select any preferred moreng packages, invest your money, then sit back and relax.
In no time, you will get back your investment with an unbelievable return on investment.
You can also make money on moreng ltd by referrals.
So cool!
How to invite or refers members on MoreNg Ltd referral program?
To invite a member on moreng ltd, you must first be a member of the platform.
To refer, you will need to share your unique moreng referral link. Simply log into your moreng account dashboard, locate the referral tab, click on it and then copy your referral link.
Share the link to friends, families and colleagues that you think will be willing to invest in the platform.
MoreNg Ltd packages levels plans
Moreng investment came up with different packages/ plans for it’s users. This is because not everyone are in the same financial status. They then came up with package levels of different sorts.
In total, there are eight different levels to choose from. You can willingly invest in one, or more than one, level.
Remember, the higher the level, the more returns you will get. And vice versa. All the levels are listed below.
ROI: 50 %
Monthly / one Time
Invest Amount : ₦1000000
ROI: 50 %
Monthly / one Time
Invest Amount : ₦500000
ROI: 50 %
Monthly / one time
Invest Amount : ₦200000
ROI: 50 %
Monthly / one Time
Invest Amount : ₦100000
ROI: 50 %
Monthly / one Time
Invest Amount : ₦60000
ROI: 50 %
Monthly / one Time
Invest Amount : ₦40000
ROI: 50 %
Monthly / one Time
Invest Amount : ₦20000
ROI: 50 %
Monthly / one Tine
Invest Amount : ₦10000
When was MoreNg Ltd launched 
Moreng investment ltd was launched on the Thirty first day(31st) of May, 2021.
As at the time this article was drafted, the site is yet to be a month old.
Everyone has got their eyes on this platform. And if the platform turns out to be a legit one, then a lot of internet users are definitely going to patronize them.
How much can I make with MoreNg Ltd
Moreng is a cool investment platform, and earning a lot is a certainty.
In the case of how much one can make, well there really isn’t a limit on how much you can earn. The package level/plan you are in, will determine how much you can make on moreng ltd.
Also, if you refer a lot of investors, then you stand a chance to make a lot of income (money).

Who is the owner of MoreNg Ltd investment
Betahustler is yet to find out who the CEO of the platform is.
But when the information is made known, you readers wipl definitely get updated!
MoreNg Ltd Legit or a scam
Over the years, many investment platforms have come and gone. Many were scams, while a few were legit. It is for this reason that a lot of people are wondering if Moreng ltd is a scam or legit platform.
Well, I cannot give a certain answer concerning this delicate issue. Moreng is still new investment site. We are yet to discover if they are legit or not.
Bear in mind that you readers that are investing in this site, are taking huge risks!
Registration MoreNg Ltd
If you wish to join this amazing investment site, then your first step will be to register. To register, simply click HERE.
You will be directed to a page where important informations about you will be needed. Informations such as your; first and last name, your desired username for your moreng account, your phone number, and your preferred password.
Then click on ‘Sign Up’ to complete your Moreng investment registration process.
How to withdraw on MoreNg Ltd
To withdraw your investment when the time comes; simply log on to your account dashboard, locate the withdrawal tab, then click on it wnd provide your bank account details.
Your payment will ‘most likely’ arrive few hours after you placed the withdrawal.
That is a wrap. I hope you readers found this article filled with excess information. Do well to share and drop your questions in the comment box below. Thanks for reading.

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