Xtraincome.org Review(Is Xtraincome.org Legit or Scam? Find Out)

In Nigeria, there is the never ending issue of unemployment. And since the Government aren’t doing too much about it, it is up to you to take matters into your hands. To find legit ways to make money, you can head to the internet and do extreme research. While doing online money making research, you will probably come across a site called Xtraincome.org, it is a new money making site.


Xtraincome.org is a platform that has got many Nigerians excited. If you head to social media, you will realize hypes around the recently launched earning site. But then, what’s with the excitement?? Xtraincome isn’t introducing anything new. Everything about this platform is something we have seen before.


In fact, what are the chances that xtraincome will not end up the same way previous money making sites(uch as NNU Income, Racksterli, ATPays e.t.c.) did?

They say ‘the internet never forgets.’ But it seems these guys forgot about previous money making sites that weren’t what they claimed to be.

Did you recently hear about xtraincome.org? Have you been contemplating on whether to give xtraincome a try? Well let us indulge you in all that you need to know about this money making site.

If you are yet to sign up on the platform, then you really need to read this xtraincome.org review before carrying out any further action!


Xtraincome.org Review

Chances are that you heard about xtraincome.org from a friend who wants you to join. This friend probably enticed you with sweet words, and tells you about how this platform would sky rocket your financial status.

Bummer! Your friend is only interested in getting a successful xtraincome.org referral. That friend of yours will most likely not tell you everything you need to know about the earning platform.


In this xtraincome.org review, we will give you info, in and out!


Here is a peek of some issues and matters we will discuss in this review article: What is xtraincome, how to make money on xtraincome, how to get yourself xtraincome.org referrals, how to go about xtraincome.org login process, is xtraincome.org legit or scam, e.t.c.

This Xtraincome review is solely for educational purpose. We have no partnership or affiliation with the website.


What is Xtraincome.org

Xtraincome claims to be ‘a better way to earn money.’ The platform has got different different ways to entice users. Most of the available activities are very easy, and the payment rewards are tempting too.


However, the platform is not free. Just like some ‘crashed’ money making site, xtraincome requires members to pay before they can sign up on the site.

While performing xtraincome.org sign up process, you must purchase a coupon code which is worth #3,000.


The hilarious part is, you get compensated with one gigabyte of data after paying three thousand naira, and performing xtraincome sign up process.


How to Earn from Xtraincome.org

The platform has got three ways for members to earn money. They call it direct earning, indirect earning, and Xtra points.

Xtraincome Xtra points

Xtra points are the points given to you when you perform the daily activities provided to you.


When you share sponsored posts, you will be given these xtra points. These xtra points can then be converted into Naira, and then withdrawn.


Direct Earning

Direct earning involves getting xtraincome referrals.


Xtraincome.org referrals is the act of getting people to pay and join xtraincome. But, they must use your referral link.

When a person performs xtraincome.org referral with your link, direct earnings are said to be based on a large chunk of referral commission you earn when you refer new members to the website.


Indirect Earning

This also has to do with referring and referrals. Indirect earnings is said to be based on referral commissions you earn when your downlines refer.


This simply means, when you get a successful referral, you will be rewarded with ‘direct earning.’ Then if your referral also gets a successful referral too, you will get another reward which is ‘indirect earning.’

All these long talks, but is it worth going into?? Keep reading this xtraincome review to find out.


How to get Xtraincome.org Referrals

Well it is pretty simple and straight forward. If you have been in previous money making platforms(similar to xtraincome), you would know that all you have to do is get your referral link and share it.


The xtraincome referral link is somewhere in your dashboard. So login and find the page.

When was Xtraincome.org Launched

Xtraincome.org was launched in the month of September, 2022. Probably on the 13th.


Who is the Owner of Xtraincome.org

Here lies one, out of several, reasons why xtraincome shouldn’t be given 100% trust. The platform asks members to trust them with by depositing the sum of three thousand naira.


Amusingly, this platform cannot even show or tell who the owner of xtraincome.org is. Makes no sense at all!


Xtraincome.org Sign Up

We do not recommend signing up or joining this ridiculous platform, but if you want to, then here is how to go about it.

First, head to the homepage. Next, click on ‘Create an account.’ Mind you, you cannot proceed with xtraincome.org sign up process unless you pay for a coupon code.


When you pay the for the coupon code, you will need to provide it in the xtraincome.org sign up page.


Xtraincome.org Login

Although you will always automatically be logged into your account. But if that doesn’t happen, find your way to the site’s homepage.


Next, find and click on ‘Log in.’ When you get to xtraincome.org login page, you will know what to do next.

How to Withdraw on Xtraincome.org

You can only withdraw when you have at least six thousand naira(which is 15,000 task points/ earnings).


Go to the withdrawal page and provide your bank account details.


Is Xtraincome.org Legit or Scam

Obviously, xtraincome will only pay for a while. Since the site is new, they will pay new members and this will make you gain their trust. Eventually, xtraincome.org becomes a scam, and this is something we know for a fact!


If you asking, is ‘Is xtraincome.org legit or scam?‘ We assure you that this site is not legit!


That is all for this xtraincome review article. If you have any questions to ask, then drop a comment.

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