Review: Is Legit or Scam?

Remember the old earning site called Easybucks? Well something similar has just been discovered. This platform is called, and internet users seemed to have lots of enthusiasm for this new money making platform. In this review article, I will do the honors of giving a detailed and easy to understand explanation of how the platform works.

On top of that I will discuss the popular question, “Is legit or scam?” Kindly read to the end if you wish to attain all necessary information.


What exactly is it that you want to know about Hold on a minute, that’s just a trick question! I’ve got it all, right here in this review article.

Whatever it is that you want to know, you will get it in this write up.

I believe there should be no reason for me to drop a pep talk regarding ‘why you should never underestimate the internet, as it is a very powerful tool for earning.’ Don’t already know that? Then that’s really your own problem.


In this tokentank review, I’ll just go right into it. No waste of time, and no unnecessary speeches. Every part of this review will simple, and straight forward. So, have fun reading. Review

If you have gotten to this part of this article, it is clear you are interested in making money from

I promise to be of help with that.

This article is basically to help in as many ways possible. It will help members and non-members of the platform.


Whenever a new money making site springs up, it is normal to be curious about how it works before signing up. In fact, if you have made up your mind to read this review article before signing up, then that is a very smart choice you have made.

In this tokentank review, I will give answer to as many queries as possible. This includes queries like: What is How to make money from tokentank? Who is the owner of tokentank? How to perform login process? How to perform sign up process? Is legit or scam? And so on.


Disclaimer: We are in no partnership or affiliation with this money making platform.


What is

It goes without saying, that tokentank is a money making platform. It is very similar to that crashed earning site called Easy Bucks. is a site that has to do with tokens. On this platform, it’s token this or token that. You cannot even make withdrawals without tokens, because tokens is what needs to be converted to money.

This explains why the site is called ‘Token’ tank.


Anyways, the idea is to get tokens, and then sell ’em for higher profits.


Upon signing up, you get a welcome bonus of 30tokens. This bonus is available for all members that complete the sign up process the right way.

How to Earn from

It’s clear now that the main idea is to accumulate as much tokens as possible. Now, you are probably wondering how you can go about getting tokentank tokens.


There are different ways actually.


After receiving tokens as a sign up bonus, you can then decide to get more by investing in one of the available levels.

Currently, there are six different levels, and they all come at different prices. The higher the level, the higher the price. And the more expensive the level is, the more tokens and earnings you stand to get.

Below is a list of all the levels:

Rank Level 1

Price R300

Get 300 tokens

10 tokens per 6 hours

Earnings R15-R20 per 10 tokens

Minimum withdrawal R150


Rank Level 2

Price R600

Get 600 tokens

20 tokens per 6 hours

Earnings R30-R40 per 20 tokens

Minimum withdrawal R300

Rank Level 3

Price R1200

Get 1200 tokens

40 tokens per 6 hours

Earnings R60-R80 per 40 tokens

Minimum withdrawal R600


Rank Level 4

Price R2400

Get 2400 tokens

80 tokens per 6 hours

Earnings R120-R160 per 80 tokens

Minimum withdrawal R1200


Rank Level 5

Price R4800

Get 4800 tokens

160 tokens per 6 hours

Earnings R240-R320 per 160 tokens

Minimum withdrawal R2400


Rank Level 6

Price R9600

Get 9600 tokens

320 tokens per 6 hours

Earnings R480-R640 per 20 tokens

Minimum withdrawal R4800

What is that I hear you say? You don’t have money to invest in any of the levels? That is absolutely fine! Apparently, you can still hustle a couple of tokens by getting yourself involved with referral program.


With referrals, you get rewarded with tokens. Just one successful referral can earn you about five tokens. Fortunately, there are no referral limits, so you coulf even get up to a hundred people to sign up via your referral link. Know what that means? It means you’ve successfully gotten five hundred tokens, without depositing a dime.


If you do your math right, one hundred referrals is equal to about R200.

How to get Referrals

To get referrals is not rocket science. I shouldn’t even include this part in this article, because it’s something a ten year old could figure out.

Obviously what you need to do is find your referral link, copy it, and share it!


When was Launched was launched on the 27th of September, 2022.

This may not be the date the site was created, but it is definitely the date they began operating.

Who is the Owner of

The owner of tokentank is not known. And he most likely will never be known. Sign Up

It is going to be a lot easier to perform sign up process if you receive a referral link from someone. All you will have to do is click the link and you will be taken to the page.

Don’t have a referral link? Then find your way to sign up page, fill your details accurately, then hit on ‘Sign Up’ to submit. Login

To login, head to, then input in your username and password.

The homepage is the login page, so it should be pretty easy.


How to Withdraw on

Placing withdrawal is only possible from your dashboard, so start performing login process.

Next, find the withdrawal page, then provide your bank account details.


Is Legit or Scam

For now, I cannot give any assurance. Like I mentioned, tokentank was launched not too long ago. So, it seems to early to conclude on whether is legit or scam.


For those that have been restless over the question, “Is legit or scam?” I urge that you do not invest into this site for the time being. At least until things are certain.


That’s all for this review. Have any questions? Then comment below.

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