Raysbot.com Review(Is Raysbot.com Legit or Scam? Find Out!)

Do you have interest in making money by online forex trading? If yes, then perhaps you should register and get started with “Raysbot.com

Raysbot.com is being mentioned on the lips of many social media users, because it is a platform that claims to make life easier and simpler for forex traders. In this “Raysbot.com review” article, we will help you understand how raysbot.com works, and if it is worth your time and resources. Kindly read every part of this article, and don’t skip any part.


Raysbot is a platform that deals with trading. The good thing about this, is that whether you are an expert in trading, or a total newbie in trading, raysbot.com is a platform that is claiming to help people of all categories earn well.

Even those with not even the slightest idea of how trading works, could also possibly earn from raysbot.com


If all that is said above, have caught your attention, then read to the last line of this raysbot.com review, and we will give you all the info you need. This will include a satisfactory answer to the question; “Is Raysbot.com legit or scam?”

Enough has been said. It’s high time we begin this “raysbot.com review,” in toto.


What is Raysbot.com? |Raysbot.com Review

Raysbot is an online auto trading bot. The platform was made to help internet users trade with ease. You do not really need to perform any action. You simply choose a package or plan, then the bot does the rest for you(which is trading).


With raysbot.com, you can trade every two hours. And it is totally your decision to start or close a trade at anytime. It is possible to trade up to twelve times a day. Your raysbot trade profits then comes in after you have closed the trade.

Incase you are wondering if raysbot gives any bonuses at all, well there is no welcome bonus from the platform, at least not yet. However, raybot.com.gives a bonus of 5% when members make a deposit of over $70.

As you can see, this is obviously to lure members into depositing high amounts.


How Does Raysbot.com works?

Raysbot.com simply involves trading daily and making money daily. If you decide to trade, you should know that there are different levels you can choose from.

The level you choose, will determine how much you will deposit, and how much you will earn from every trade that is a success.

There are about five different raysbot.com levels. You can choose any, depending on your budget.


Another way you can make money on raysbot.com, is by referrring.

Raysbot.com referral is the act of getting your internet friends to sign up and join raysbot.


You invite your friends to join raysbot.com, by giving them your raysbot.com referral to click on and then sign up.


Raysbot.com Registration/Sign up

To perform raysbot.com sign up process, carry out the steps stated below;



  • Type in all the information required


  • Click on ‘Next step’ to complete the raysbot.com sign up process.


Raysbot.com Login/Sign In

To login is also as similar as the raysbot.com sign up process. Follow the steps below;


  • Provide your cell phone number and password. Then submit.


Raysbot.com Investment Plans

3 Days of RaysBot is an automated trading. The daily trading profit is 3%. It lasts 3 days.


7 Days of RaysBot is an automated trading. The daily trading profit is 3.1%. It lasts 7 days.


15 Days of RaysBot is an automated trading. The daily trading profit is 3.3%. It lasts 15 days.

RaysBot 30 days is auto trading. The daily trading profit is 3.6%. It has a duration of 30 days.


Raysbot.com Referral/Affiliate Program

To earn by raysbot referral, all you need to do is get your referral link and share it.


Getting the link is no problem at all. Simply perform raysbot.com login process, then find and click on ‘Invite your friends.’ On the referral page, copy your referral link and share it with all your online friends.


Raysbot.com Withdrawal / Minimum Withdrawal Amount

Raysbot is a platform that claims to allow withdrawal anything a member wants to. The minimum withdrawable amount is said to be $10.

Simply log into your dashboard, click on ‘withdraw,’ provide your wallet address, and request for payment.


Who is the Owner/Founder of Raysbot.com?

It should be a necessity for investment sites to reveal their owners. This is because, top businessmen do not hide their identities. However, with raysbot.com, this is not this case.


The owner of raysbot.com has gone through extreme measures to keep his identity away from the whole of the internet. No one, not even top members of raysbot know who the owner of the platform is. This is really disappointing and not professional.


When was Raysbot.com Launched?

Raysbot.com is said to be launched on the 8th of September, 2022. Most people claim the platform will not last for a very long time.

Is Raysbot.com Paying?

Well, if you go on some social media groups, you will find some screenshots of successful withdrawals. A lot of members claim they have been paid by raysbot, and they went ahead to drop some screenshots. The fact is, we are not 100% sure if these payment proofs are manipulated or real.


Is Raysbot.com Legit?

Lots of members are asking, “is raysbot.com legit or scam?” Those who are asking, are doing so with good reasons. Raysbot is a site that requires money. Money to deposit. And it is important that you are 100% sure that the site is legit, before joining.

It is even amusing to know that some people are not sure if raysbot.com is legit, yet they go ahead and deposit into the site.


The honest truth is, the chances of Raysbot.com being legit, is less than 50%.


Is Raysbot.com Scam?

You should know this; the fact that we are not sure that raysbot.com is legit, doesn’t mean the platform is a scam.


There are yet to be claims that one or more persons got scammed by raysbot. Therefore, no one can say raysbot.com is a scam!

Just know that depositing and investing in this platform is a big risk. If you are a risk taker, feel free to go ahead.


Whatever you do, bear in mind that you alone are responsible for your actions. Whether you make money on raysbot.com, or lose your money to the site, it is totally up to you.


That’s a wrap on this “raysbot.com review” article. If you have questions, drop your comments below.

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