Review(Is Legit or Scam?)

There are so many money making sites on the internet. And the amazing part is, as we speak, more money making platforms are in works to be launched at any moment. This makes it seem like the internet is really helping the world. Well yes, the internet is indeed helping the world. However, not all of these new money making sites are actually what they claim to be. For instance, have a look at the platform called, it is a newly launched ‘money making site.’


For most internet users, is a platform that would enrich their pockets and take their financial status up to the moon, and beyond. But that might actually not be the case.


It is unfortunately that more than 50% of money making platforms are not what they claim to be(that is, there are not legit, and they do not pay up their members).

So if you are having plans to join, you might have a rethink after reading this review article.

Before we proceed, do bear in mind that this article was made for the purpose of passing info to internet users. Enlightenment is always the goal, and we hope to always serve our readers in the best way possible. Enjoy the article. Review

You will most likely fail in so many ways, if you do not have knowledge about what you are about going into. Whatever it is that you plan to dive into, always ensure you do research and gain more than enough knowledge in that field or area.

Now, seeing that you plan to earn from, you need to gain knowledge and info about the platform, before joining. And it is only in review articles that you will get these infos. So it would really be of great help, if you read this review to the end.


In this review article, we will give you answers to many of your personal questions.

This will include: What is goldenstars, how to make money from, how to go about referral, how to perform login process, is legit or scam, and many more.


There is absolutely 100% assurance that this article would be easy for you to understand. It would all be explained in the simplest way possible.


What is

Goldenstars is actually an online forum that claims to be dealing with forex. Apparently, they believe they are experts in the world of forex trading.

And for internet users who would like to earn money online, this platform has suggested a cool way to earn.

No, you do not need to have knowledge of forex trading. They will do the trading for you, and then give you profits.


While this may sound logical, does this mean is legit??

Keep reading to find out.


How to Earn from

Making money is ridiculously easy on goldenstars. But what you should know is that it you would need to let go of your money. That’s right! Forex trading involves capital. So, you will need to deposit some of your money into account, then allow them use it to trade.

They claim to be experts in trading, which means you should be rest assured. You will definitely get profits.


This is not the first time something like this is happening. Many sites claim to be experts in trading forex, but most times, they are not what they claim to be.

We do not recommend that you give 100% of your trust.


You can fund your account with any amount you have. Then watch them trade with your money. But this is one big risk!


Alternatively, there is the option to earn by seeking Referrals.

Referral means getting new members to register on the platform. referral sounds pretty good. You get people to sign up, then you get 20% of their earnings.

The only downside is, if your referrals do not make deposit, then you will earn nothing.

So, while you are busy referring, ensure that the people you refer are going to deposit.


How to get Referrals

You can get yourself referrals easily. You will need to perform login process first. Then, you will need to click on the menu icon and then select ‘Refer Users.’

In the new page you get taken to, you will need to copy the link you find. Then start sharing the link.


When was Launched is known to be a new launched platform. However, no one is sure about the exact date they began operating. was launched in September, 2022. This is something we are certain of.


Who is the Owner of

The owner of is anonymous. And this is enough to tell you that you shouldn’t give this platform 100% trust. Sign Up

To register on this site, go to the homepage(, then click on ‘create free account.’


On sign up page, fill your details, then submit. Login

Head to the homepage, then find and click on ‘login.’


When you get to login page, fill up the blank boxes with your username and password. Then submit.

How to Withdraw on

The minimum withdrawal is said to be R100. The hilarious part is, if goldenstars keep failing to get profits, you may never reach the threshold of R100.


To place withdrawal, first perform login page. After that, click on the menu icon and select ‘Withdraw funds.’

Choose your payment method, then type in the amount you wish to withdraw.


Is Legit or Scam claims to be professional forex traders but they have no proof to show for it. On top of that, the owner of hides his identity.


This goes to show that isn’t legit. In fact, this site is most likely looking to scam internet users. If you doubt, then feel free to still give the platform a try.


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