Mzansidatasell Reviews(Is Legit or Scam?!)

So many money making opportunities in the internet, yet so little time to try them all out. Well, there is a new one called mzansi data sell, and many internet users are quite enthusiastic and optimistic about the newly launched money making platform.

Would you be interested in knowing how to make money from If your answer is yes(your answer is obviously yes), then learn about this platform below.


Mzansidatasell platform is an online site made by a group of South Africans. And no, because the name makes it look like it is a site for buying data, this doesn’t mean the site is only for buying mobile data.

There are just so many things you need to know about mzansidatasell, especially if you are just hearing about it for the first time.

Here are some amazing features that mzansi data sell have got for all members; This site gives welcome bonuses to all members when they perform sign up process.


Another cool feature is, you can earn money from the site everyday. And the best part remains that, you(or any internet user) can sign up on mzansi data sell for free. Review

Since a lot of internet users have a lot of questions about this new make money site, this mzansidatasell review article will answer most queries. This includes answers to the queries you want, and answers to the queries you need!


Some questions you should expect to see includes; what is mzansi data sell, how to make money from mzansidatasell, how to get referral, how to perform login process, is legit or scam, e.t.c.


What is

Mzansi data sell is an avenue to earn online. No special requirements, and no sign up fees!

On, you can begin to make money as soon as you become a member of their community.

All members of this platform are allowed to earn only in South African Rands(get a south African bank account if you don’t already have one).


When you perform sign up bonus, you will find the sum of R50 in your account dashboard. This amount didn’t get there by mistake. The platform actually gives a sign up bonus to all new members.


After joining mzansi data sell and getting the sign up bonus, you can still proceed to earn more money on the same day. Another of the numerous benefits of this platform, is that there is no exact limit on how much you can earn daily, weekly, or monthly.

If you can work smart, you would definitely earn limitlessly on mzansidatasell.


How to Earn from

You can choose how you can earn from this site. Good thing there isn’t just one method to earn.

The first way you can earn is by daily logging in. The idea of it all, is that you are selling your internet bandwith, and is simply buying it.

Not sure how this works, but then who cares??


Mzansi data sell pays members R5 daily for this. So, if you want to really make a lot of money off this site, ensure that you are consistently logging in and getting your daily earnings.


Proof that this platform is extremely amazing; On top of the fact that members can earn R5 daily without making any payments, one could double his/her earnings by engaging in the other earning method provided by the owners of mzanidatasell.


Mzansi data sell platform allows members to earn via ‘Referring.’ referral is a way to earn by inviting people to join the site.

All you have to do is, get your referral link, share the link, and urge people to click on the link and register.

The price reward for everg successful referral is R2. So with each referral you get, an extra R2 is topped into your mzansidatasell account dashboard.


How to get Referrals

You can start referring today by locating your link and sharing your link.


The referral link can be found in your referral page. To get to the page, you must first perform login page.

Once logged in, locate your referral page, then copy the link from there.


When was Launched

Should a site like mzansidatasell reveal its launch date publicly to all members? Yes! They should! However, the owners don’t seem to know what’s good for business.


On the website, there is no ‘about us page'(or anything similar) that speaks about when mzansi data sell was launched.


Who is the Owner of

The owner of is not known by any member. There are some bits of (important) info that are hidden from members, one of them is info on who the owner of mzansi data sell is. Sign Up

Find your way to the sign up page, then fill in your details correctly, and submit. Login

To perform the login process, you just have to head to the homepage.


On homepage, click on ‘Login.’

So when you land on mzansi data sell login page, fill in your username and password. Then submit.


How to Withdraw on

When you plan to place withdrawal from mzansidatasell, you should never forget that the least amount you can be allowed to withdraw is R150.

If you have accrued up to such amount in your account dashboard, then the only thing left for you to do is, perform login process into your dashboard.

Then, head to the withdrawal page and fill in your bank account details.


Is Legit or Scam

Mzansidatasell is on the lips of a lot of Internet hustlers, but does this guarantee that mzansi data sell is legit? Ofcourse not!


This is why many members are asking repeatedly, “Is legit or scam?” Well, it is a bit too early to make any judgment. This site is still pretty new, so we can’t say for a fact.


When it becomes clearer, we would update this page and guarantee whether or not mzansidatasell is legit or scam!


Thanks for reading to the end of this mzansi data sell review to the last line. If you ask questions, you should drop your comments below.

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