Review: Is Legit or Scam?

Everyone in the world, regardless of how rich you are, would love the idea of earning from the internet. Because, making money online is one of the best ways(if not the best) to earn. So if you have been looking for a means to earn online, then perhaps today you may stop looking. Because is the platform you might just be what you have been searching for.


Do not panic if you do not know anything about! Since you are reading this review, it means you are about to gain excess knowledge on everything related to the earning site.


First off, bear in mind that cardo98 is a free site to join. You immediately begin earning money as soon as you register. And, earning happens every single day!

Surely, you can’t say you aren’t tempted to become a part of this.

So, before you hop into sign up page to begin registration process, it is highly recommended that you read every line of this review. Review

One thing you should know about this review article is that, it was written to answer queries of both members and aspiring members of cado98. Our goal is to enlighten and educate our readers that seek answers. This blog is in no collaboration, partnership, or affiliation with the owners of!


Another thing to note, is that this review will be answering about 99% of the questions that you have most likely been asking.

Questions such as, what is, how to make money from cado98, how to get referral, how to perform login process, is legit or scam, and so forth.


What is

If you haven’t totally figured out what platform is, it’s alright. The explanation will be done now.


Cado98 is an online forum for making money everyday. The platform allows anyone from anywhere in the world to earn with ease. And even though the currency earned is South African Rands(zar), if you live outside South Africa you can earn from the site regardless.


Now, one of the reasons why lots of internet users are joining, is because of the bonus that all members are eligible to receive.

The moment you complete sign up bonus, the platform rewards you with a welcome bonus of R30.

Ofcourse the bonus can easily be withdrawn. But only on the condition that you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount(a.k.a withdrawal threshold).


Another thing to love about this site, is that it is very easy to earn everyday. The makers of made it so easy, that one can spend just five minutes on the platform everyday, and the earnings would keep skyrocketing each day that goes by.


How to Earn from

After your sign up bonus have been received, you need to begin daily tasks to earn more money.


Amazingly, new members can earn the sum of R4.71 everyday. And this is for performing very simple tasks.


If you feel that R4 is too small, then you can upgrade(or level up) your account. This will allow you earn more money daily. But it comes at a cost. You will need to deposit some money into your account.

Note: It is very risky!!

Thankfully, there is not just one way to make money on cado98. Members can also earn via another method called Referral.


Incase you are wondering which of the two methods of earning is better, we strongly believe that referral is way better, and more rewarding.

On top of that, no deposit is required for you to earn much money.


Here is how cado98 referral works; Your job is to convince people to register on the earning platform. But while doing that, you will be sharing a link called referral link.


When people sign up using your link, you will get a bonus. Also, the person that performed sign up bonus using your link, will also get a bonus.

How to get Referrals

Getting referrals is not hard. You just have to find people that would like to earn from the net. Then give these people your referral link, and then give them good reasons regarding why they should join the site.


Having problems finding your referral link? You simply have to perform your login process first. When logged in, find and click on ‘invite friends.’


In the invite friends/referral page, copy the referral link, then share!


When was Launched

The date launched operations remains unknown to all members. Only owners of the platform know the answer to this question, but it doesn’t seem like they plan to share this piece of information. At least, not anytime soon.

Research is still being done by us. And hopefully, we may soon discover when cado98 was launched.


Who is the Owner of

Most of the owners of money making sites, like to remain anonymous. Don’t ask why! Cause even we do not have an answer.


As usual, the owner of is unknown. This person, he or she, may never reveal his identity to the general public. Sign Up

Find your way to sign up page, by clicking on ‘No account registration.’

On sign up page, fill in your personal details correctly. Then click on ‘Login.’ Login

To login, just get yourself to login page. Then, provide your phone number and password. Click on ‘Login’ to Submit.


How to Withdraw on

Minimum amount that can be withdrawn from is R110. If the amount on your account dashboard is up to the withdrawal amount, then go to the withdrawal page.

On the withdrawal page, provide your bank account details(correctly), then fill in the amount you wish to withdraw. Then submit for withdrawal request.


Is Legit or Scam

Many are in dire need of knowing whether is legit or scam. If you are among such people, hope you know that this site is very new?

It is always hard to tell if a recently launched site, such as cado98, is legit or not. More research still need to be done.


So, for those asking; “Is legit or scam?” We simply don’t know for now! But please, do not deposit or recharge into the platform!


This is the end of our review. Feel free to comment or ask questions.

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