D98vip.com Review: Is D98vip.com Legit or Scam?(Find Out)

Hello there! Another gambling, or is it ‘football investment site,’ has been launched again. This one is called D98vip.com!

In the past few months, this seems to be the new trend for ponzi scheme owners. They launched fcb7, ow, and now D98vip.

Seems like ‘football’ is the big thing now.


For those that know very little about football(which is also called soccer), you have nothing to worry about. Even if d98vip.com is also called d98 football, the site doesn’t have anything to worry about.

Some may think this site asks quiz questions about football matches and players. LOL. It doesn’t work that way.


D98vip is a site that actually rewards members based on how well they can gamble. If you are one who gets lucky every now and then, then you should give d98 football a shot.

In this d98.vip review, we get to explain everything about the site. How you can earn, the right steps to take, and what not to do!

So, stick to the end.


D98vip.com Review

Disclaimer: This d98vip.com was written to educate and enlighten internet users about affairs concerning d98vip! Do not make the mistake of thinking the aim is to promote the platform. We do not have any affiliate links in this article. So, there is no affiliation between us and D98 football platform. We also are not the owners of the site.

Now, just incase you don’t know how reviews like this work, the aim is to assist you with solutions and questions that you have to ask.


This article will have questions to these types of questions: Is d98vip.com legit or scam, What is d98 football all about, how to make money from d98vip, how to perform d98vip.com login process, and many more questions too.


What is D98vip.com

D98vip is a site where anyone is eligible to earn a fortune. So long as you have start up capital.

To start with, d98vip.com gives all new members a bonus of $5. Everyone receives this sum as soon as they complete d98vip.com sign up bonus. Although the bonus can’t be withdrawn immediately(because it is not up to the withdrawal threshold), this is just to motivates the members to strive harder and earn more on the site.


How to Earn from D98vip.com

What you should know about making money in d98vip.com is, this platform is very similar to an investment site. Because, depositing before you can earn is very necessary. You could also call it a gambling site too.


But then, isn’t gambling also the same thing as investment? Only that one(gambling) is termed as irresponsible, and the other(investment) is termed as genius. Really funny!


Anyways, to earning on d98 football is all about gambling and predicting matches. If you predict right, you get rewarded. And if you predict wrong, well you don’t get a tap on your back with words of motivation such as “better luck next time.” You actually loose real money!!

Wondering if there is another means to make money on d98vip.com? Yes! There actually is!

To earn more dollars on this site, you could decide to get referrals.


D98vip.com referrals is actually easier, because you don’t have to think hard for this. You just get your d98vip referral link, and share to whosever you want to invite.


D98vip.com referral is also probably more rewarding. Because, you can get as much as a hundred referrals in a day. It’s gonna be hard, but you either go hard or go home, innit?


How to get D98vip.com Referrals

To get d98 football referrals, start by performing d98vip.com login process. Then in your dashboard, you need to find the referral or invite page. It is on this page that you can find your link.


Simply click on ‘invita amigos’ to get to your d98vip.com referral page. In the referral page, copy your referral link and share it with people.

Remember, it only counts when a person clicks on your own link and then proceeds to perform d98vip.com sign up process.


When was D98vip.com Launched

It was only just a couple of days ago that d98vip started to come out of the lips of internet users. Meaning that this platform is not even a month old yet(as at the time this article was written).


Based on the rough math and calculations we did(we are not very good in math though), d98vip.com was launched in June, 2022.


Who is the Owner of D98vip.com

Other sites like this one never revealed who their owner is. It would be funny to think d98vip would stand out.

The owner of d98vip.com is not known. And this will remain so till the site goes away.

Platforms like this one just don’t know that it makes no sense to hide your owner. But then, they do so because they aren’t 100% legitimate.


D98vip.com Sign Up

If you head over to d98vip.com, you will land on d98vip login page. To navigate your way to the sign up page, just click on ‘Registrate Ahora.’


When you land on d98vip.com sign up page, simply provide your personal details accordingly. Then submit and immediately begin your earning journey on d98 football!

D98vip.com Login

Simply go to the homepage. You will find yourself in d98vip.com login page.


To perform the login process, fill in the boxes with your phone number and password. Then submit. That’s how easy it is to perform d98vip.com login process.


How to Withdraw on D98vip.com

You can withdraw as low as $20 from your d98vip dashboard. And this is as easy as clicking on ‘Withdraw,’ providing your bank account details, then submitting your request for payment.


Is D98vip.com Legit or Scam

Well most of these platforms end up being a scam. D98 football will probably end up the same way. So, best advice is not to invest.

If you want to earn, you can do so without depositing. Stop going around asking “Is d98.com legit or scam?” Because obviously you plan to deposit. Rather, focus on getting as much referrals as possible!


That’s it for this d98vip.com review. Feel free to drop comments below.

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