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One of the most fraudulent websites on the internet is the betting industry, especially unpopular betting sites. Which makes it hard for an internet user to get involved in it. How well do you know about Crown27? It’s one of numerous online betting platforms.


Investing in sports betting is risk-taking, each investment has its own distinct characteristics, risks, and benefits.


In this write-up, we will be reviewing an old sports betting website called is a sport betting website, and many individuals are not aware of it yet.


This is article is definitely going to be useful to internet users that want to get involve in crown27. Because we will be teaching you how to sign up log in if crown27 is legit or scam and so on. Review has no review yet about on the internet. This is why we bring to you an honest review.

After we did much research on the website, we bring to you the full information about the platform.

This article’s main aim is to determine if is legitimate or just one of those fraudulent platform on the internet.


What is is a sports betting website, that deals with football games. It is a platform with reverse betting agenda with an amazing betting offer. And the site is set up in such a way that it helps in financial management instead of another betting website that is focused on gambling.


The only games, users can find on this platform are European league games. is a betting site and should not be accessed by individuals that are less than 18 years of age.


How to make money on

Earn on crown27 by placing a bet on games provided on the platform. Users can also earn by guessing scores, football match results and so on.


The platform gives users an R100 trial fund for football reverse score betting. bet earning rule is quite logical, in such a way that once the match you place your bet on is over. You will not be able to win if your predicted score is the same will the one after the match. But can win if the predicted score is different to the after match score.


Users can also earn with the referral aspect of crown27, refer friends to register on the platform to get betting profit. And also get a commission when the person you refer deposits on crown27.


There are varieties of other good paying betting options on, but your earnings increase as you advance to a higher level on the platform. For example, if you are in level 3 tier and a friend register with your link, you commission will be higher than someone in level 1 tier that also did the same.’ users should always check the state of their investment after placing a bet, and should always place their bet on a game before the match begin.


How to get Referrals

Crown27 referral is worth it. because it fetches their users’ commission. After all, a new member cannot register without having a referral code.


Navigate to the referral section on crown27 by:


1. Click the mine icon at the bottom of the website homepage.

2. Locate the invitation option.

3. Copy and paste your referral link to your friends and family.


How to withdraw on

After, making money on, you obviously want to withdraw. Withdraw on the platform by:

1. Tap on the wallet icon, where you will find the withdrawal option.

2. Click withdraw.

3. Choose the withdrawal method.

4. Fill in the correct personal information you are asked


Money withdrawal on the platform takes about 8 to 48hoursr to implement, and a handling fee of 10% is imposed on every withdrawal transaction.


To place a bet, you also have to deposit, you can do this deposit via online banking.


When launched

It is quite surprising that is an old site without much popularity yet.


Crown27 website was launched in March 2017. And seem to be a promising platform, which it user will grow as time goes on.


Who is the Owner or founder of

The identity of the owner of is not yet known. Because the website has not yet revealed it.


And we promise to update you when the owner of crown27 name is finally revealed.

Where can be found

Although, is a South African website, but can only be found by visiting their website at


The website is accessible by all countries of the world. And you can also contact crown27 with their customer care service available on the website via telegram and WhatsApp. Sign Up

Sign up with today by :

1. Visit their website, by clicking the link which gets you to the sign up page.

2. Tap sign up

3. Enter the correct information that you are asked for.

New users can’t register on crown27 successfully without having an invitation code.

You can download the app on Google play store for easy accessibility of the platform. Login

After creating a account. Logging in is simply carried out by clicking, which redirect you to the login page and only requires you to fill in your registered number and password.


Is Legit or Scam

For those that doubt, if it legit or scam and if it is really paying its users.


Sadly, the platform is not legit and shouldn’t be considered trustworthy.

After all, there is no risk free betting website on the internet.

Even though it has been in the betting industry for quite a long time, has no review about it by its users yet, but we can assure you that the platform is not 100% guaranteed to be legit.


And if you must get involved in such a site, users should make sure they are above eighteen years of age.


Thanks for reading, feel free to drop your opinion and question on any issue concerning thisĀ review below.

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