You are currently viewing TuneGaga Review: Is TuneGaga Legit Or Scam? Find Out Now!!

TuneGaga Review: Is TuneGaga Legit Or Scam? Find Out Now!!

A new money making website has just been discovered. This one is known as TuneGaga, and a lot of people just can’t stop talking about this platform.


Tunegaga is a website where earning cash is so simple. In this article, you will learn how to make money easily on the website, and how everything works on the platform.

Stay tuned to this short but descriptive tunegaga review!

In platforms like Spotify, apple, and so on, users pay to listen to music  But on TuneGaga, users ‘are paid to listen to music! That’s just mind blowing right? Who knew a time would come when people would be paid to listen to music online?

Well, it’s happening anyways. And Tunegaga is the only platform that does this(is it?).


Now, there is a high chance that you already know that Tunegaga pays members. If so, then you must have one or two queries about this music platform. Bear in mind that whatever query or thought that you have related to this site, our Tunegaga review will definitely provide the best answer that you need!


TuneGaga.Com Review

Tunegaga, a music platform, is meant to help singers and stars reveal their music to the world. For people like you, this platform gives you the privilege of getting cash for simply watching the music videos.


In this tunegaga review, you readers will be fully educated on how it works and how you can earn for FREE. Enjoy!


Some questions and queries we will be focusing on, are – How to make money on Tunegaga? Who is the founder / owner of Tunegaga.Com? How to withdraw on Tunegaga? How to perform tunegaga login process? Is Tunegaga legit or scam? E.t.c.


Without further ado, let’s get started on this Tunegaga review.



What is TuneGaga.Com

TuneGaga.Com is a music platform where music videos can be found. This platform pays members for watching these videos for at least thirty seconds. You don’t need to share the video or even like it. All that is important is, you watch the tunegaga videos and you will get rewarded for it.


How does TuneGaga.Com work / How to make money on TuneGaga.Com

Earning is easy as long as you can be consistent with watching videos daily. Tunegaga pays a particular fee per video, and members can watch three videos per day, everyday, for the first fourteen days.

Between this period, one would have made a fair amount of cash during that time.


All you simply have to do, is watch music videos on tunegaga.Com! How hard could that be?!


Also, bear in mind that this earning platform allows almost all countries to register and earn.



Who is the CEO / founder of TuneGaga.Com

For now, there is no released information on who the founder of tunegaga is.



TuneGaga.Com Sign Up

To join or sign up on tunegaga, you can simply CLICK HERE.


Tunegaga register or sign up process is a simple and quick one that should give you no stress whatsoever. Just ensure that you provide all the necessary and accurate informations.



TuneGaga.Com Login

The tunegaga login process is also simple too. To login, CLICK HERE.

You will be required to provide just your login details(password, phone number or username).


Also, if you lost your login details, Tunegaga login page can assist you with recovering your account. Simply click on “Forgotten Password.”



How to withdraw on TuneGaga.Com

For most countries, the minimum amount you can withdraw on Tunegaga.Com is $20. It may be different in your country, but what is certain is that it is always easy to get to the minimum withdrawal threshold.


On Tunegaga, you can choose to withdraw to your bank account or via crypto currency. It all depends on you.



Is TuneGaga.Com Legit or Scam

To be honest, it has not been confirmed of tunegaga is legit or a scam! For those that have been can’t stop asking the question- Is tunegaga legit or scam? We don’t have a definite say in this.


Yeah, many are really in dire need of knowing if tunegaga is legit, but it isn’t confirmed it. Remember it is a recently launched platform, and jumping into conclusion wouldn’t be the right thing to do.

NOTE: Do not invest or deposit your money into Tunegaga, there might be regrets later on. Remember that it hasn’t been confirmed if Tunegaga is legit or scam!


However, soon Beta Hustler will keep y’all posted on whether TuneGaga.Com is legit!


Have any questions related to this Tunegaga review? If you do, then drop a comment below.

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  1. Moeen Ahmad Qureshy

    How much per day and per month we can withdraw from tunegaga

  2. Danny

    Your WhatsApp group is filled up create another one thanks

    1. Kings/52752

      Thank you for this review. I’m new on tunegaga and I was going to put in some $100 for the upgrade until I saw the NOTE part of your review. Thanks!

  3. Shayla

    Tunegaga is a scam they will denied you access after you invest they are same as boostpal and you can even tell from their set stay alert don’t invest in Tunegaga they’re scammers

    1. Anonymous

      I got paid already. Don’t judge if you haven’t joined.

      1. Basheer

        Have you withdraw to your bank account? Let’s us know please… I’m also a member too… Getting to the minimum withdrawal amount using free trial is impossible…

  4. Shayla

    Tunegaga is a scam they will denied you access after you invest they are same as boostpal and you can even tell from their set stay alert don’t invest in Tunegaga they’re scammers , today 5th November 2021 the website has been shutdown since morning they denied you access

    1. Tamunotonye Jaja

      Hi Shayla please check the website again. It’s working back.

      1. Alali

        Tamunotonye Jaja, please what’s your real Facebook handle, I’d like to ask you some questions about it pls… Thanks.

  5. Auatine

    Has anyone get paid on this platform???

    1. mee

      Yes, I already made my first withdrawal last Tuesday and is about to withdraw some tomorrow.

      1. Ade

        How sure are you?, U know losing money is not easy and their sub is expensive

      2. ItzBJ

        Which of the payment method did you use

      3. Faith

        Which withdrawal method did you use?

      4. Damian

        @Mee can we see your withdrawal proof? Thanks

  6. Popeway

    Your WhatsApp group is can I join

    1. Alali

      What WhatsApp group?. Is there a group created for tunegaga subscribers?

  7. osazee Igbinovia

    is this platform tunegaga still working perfectly and paying as them said

    1. Dudung

      Yes. I was able to cashout my earnings last Tuesday

  8. umar

    for the free trial, the sum amount you will make after watching videos is not up to minimum withdrawal how then do you withdraw??

    1. Dudung

      Of course you need to subscribe first. There’s a lot of pay per click fraud now and it is easy to create multiple accounts in tunegaga. Which means you can just create more accounts to withdraw and not subscribe at all. There is a min amount for withrawal

  9. Nura

    Good question asked by Umar, this made me feel suspicious about tunegaga. Please someone should explain better, thanks

  10. Chibuike

    Pls guys. help a brother how real is this tunegaga

  11. Michael

    I’m so scared of this platform, now the CEO is hiding himself, how can we trust a company nobody own and invist money into the platform, 2 why are they not using bank method to add and withdraw, why are they using electronic wellet

    1. Dudung

      You can use bank method through payeer. I think there’s someone big behind Tunegaga. Since you get paid by watching at least 30s of the video means they are up to View Count. A channel’s videos need a lot of views for them to be eligible for targeting. It’s written in their website that they are helping Advertisers who want to drive traffic in form of viewa to their content.

      1. Ejiaku

        Please how do I subscribe?

      2. Fausat

        I’m scared right now, cause I have been trying to open the site since afternoon, but it was abortive, any idea of what’s going on.

  12. Bizwa

    It is impossible to earn the withdrawal limit if you’re on a free trail which is why I’m skeptical about the site. Please if the site is really legit kindly indicate and what plan are you on?

  13. ISAAC

    It remains 3 day for my trial to lapsed. But whatbi read above, 1. Can I add more money to the earnings I made during trial period to complete my subscription? 2. Since only help advertisers to get traffics it means that when the advertisers reached their target what happens next? 3rdly, don’t tunegaga allow nairacard for payment and withdrawal. 4thly now that the founder name withheld how am I sure of the returns. So let me stop here.

  14. Briel

    Who has subscribed yet?

  15. Ralph

    Please how legit is tunegaga cos I intend to subscribe to it now

    1. Luis

      To make it clearer for you Ralph, based on my own point of view tunegaga is legit yet and a day will come that it will shutdown. I am saying that it is legit because I am already earning in this website and withdrawn the amount I used to upgrade my account. So if you’re planning to subscribe now this is the right time so you still have enough time to recover the money thst you will be using in upgrading your account..I’ll be leaving my referral here in case you wanna use it.

  16. Luis

    I’m on standard plan Bizwa, and if you ask me if this is legit my answer is yes and I’ve already earned in this withdrawing my money every week. Here’ my referral link in case you want to use it.

    1. Show

      How long does it take you to receive your earning after you cashout ? I will use your referral

  17. joan

    maybe shayla use the free trial and its expired once you didnt upgrade your account for learner or standard they suspended your account you cannot recover it… do not use free trial if you are not decided to join

  18. Authormoses

    Excellent reviews, I’ll follow your step now and try and join fast.

  19. jake

    tunegaga is a scam. A fraud site.

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