Top 8 Hot business ideas in Nigeria You Should Try

Their are many individuals today that have enough capital that they can invest into a business but they have no business idea, even most people that have hot business ideas in Nigeria does not have capital to bring their idea into reality.

Some has wasted money on the cause of trying to start a business which might be due to the nature of the business. Not all business is lucrative and not all business require huge startup capital.

In this article am going to reveal some lucrative business ideas in Nigeria that does not require much capital to start up, but capable of bringing high profits in returns.

Here are the top 8 hot business ideas in Nigeria

1. Phone charging business

Lack of constant electricity in the country has make this business lucrative, as many people will like to charge their electronic gadgets for them to be able to make use of it.

Phone charging business is one of the best daily income business in Nigeria, that give high profits daily.

You do not need much capital to set up this business, all you just need is; a board of suckets, chargers and generator. With the help of these tools you will be making your cash daily.

2. Goat farming business

Goat farming is another hot business ideas in Nigeria that is very profitable due to the high rate of goat meat consumption, just a small goat that you purchased for N5,000 can give you profits of N10,000 in return.

This meat remain one of the most sweetest meat in Nigeria, but very costly in the market. If you can start this business you will really be Make enough profits in returns.

3. POS business

Another lucrative business in Nigeria that you may consider starting is point of sale business (POS). but this business mostly move well in semi urban area or rural area where their is no bank or bank is far away from the location.

You do not need much capital to start this business with as low as N50,000 you may start this business in Nigeria, and it is easy to start.

To begin this business, all you just need to do is to, visit any bank of your choice that you may like to be their agent, register with them and get the POS machine.

Look for a good location that is suitable for the business and start helping people to do their daily transaction while you get paid from your customers for each transaction you help them to do.

4. Computer business centre

The need for computer business centre popularly known as cyber cafe in Nigeria is increasing daily most especially in the campus.

Students will always like to do photocopy, type their assignment, check their semester result etc. As someone with computer skill this business is basically for you.

You can make as much as N5,000 profit from this business, and you do not need much capital to start.

The basic things you need to begin this business is; Generator, laptop/desktop, photocopy machine, scanner etc. Once you have these just look for a good shop in students area and start your business.

5. Barbing salon business

Another hot business ideas in Nigeria is barbing salon business, this business is very profitable and easy to start not only in Nigeria as people will always like to have their haircut when it’s bushy.

Just check this; in most areas in Nigeria the cost of barbing one hair is N200 to N1000 depend on the quality of your service.

as someone hoping to dive into this business all you just need is to have barbing skill or amply some professional barbers, rent a shop purchase some necessary things like; clipper, generator, powder, oil, etc.

6. Car wash business

Another hot business idea you make think of starting is car wash business as many car owners are always in need of someone to help them wash their car.

Most people are too busy to wash their car by them self which mostly cause the demand for car washers.

This business mostly move faster in urban areas were many people owns cars, just look for a nice place that you can easily have access to water buy some detergents that you will be using to wash the cars and brush you are ready for business.

7. Dog breeding business

Dog breading is a very good source of income as dogs are in high demand in Nigeria. Dog are been used for many purposes such as; for security and for meat.

It is very profitable to the extent that it is capable of given you times three of the money invested as one female dog is capable of giving birth to up to 5 female puppies.

8. Cooking gas business

People have developed high Interest in the use of gas, most especially students that will always like to cook fast so that they can move out.

If you can start selling gas you will really make enough cash as most people that are in the business are making it big, you do not need much capital to start all you just need is money to buy big gas cylinder and fill it with gas then drop it in your shop and start refilling it to people.


I have been able to show you some hot business ideas in Nigeria that you can easily start, these business are lucrative and will keep giving you high profits in return if done well.

See you at the top, feel free to let me know how you feel about this article.

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