Lastest Review (Is Legit or Scam?)

Sharepay is a new online networking platform. It is a site with lots of cool features and offers, and every online hustler will undoubtedly join the platform as soon as they discover it. But hold your horses for a minute! I would love to give you a full briefing on how operates, and everything you need to know about this new site.


It wasn’t too long ago that was launched. And as usual there are lots of unanswered questions going around the internet. Not too many people know about the site yet, so you won’t be getting answers from lots of folks. Good thing you’re reading this “ review.” This review article has got the info you need, and even info you didn’t know you needed.

So, it is close to the end of 2022 and everyone already knows that making money online is a norm. People without degrees, skills, or special abilities, can earn online with ease. All it takes is to find the right platform to register in. Now the million dollar question is, “Does count as one of those right platforms to register in?” Let me rephrase the question, “Is legit or scam?”


The answer will be provided in this sharepay review article. Just read to the end if you are curious and want to get the answer. Review

Even if you already registered on this site, even if you are already earning from this site, it still doesn’t change the fact that you need to read this sharepay review article. This is because, you will likely face one or more challenges that will get you stuck. To avoid this, this review was made specially for you.

Here are some questions I will provide answers and solutions to: What is sharepay? Who is the owner of sharepay? How to go about login process? How to go about sign up process? Is legit or scam? How to get sharepay referrals? And many more.


What is is a free to join online earning site. No, it isn’t an investment website, so you do not need to have any capital. The platform gives tasks to members, and when performed well you get rewards in u.s dollars.

Sharepay is a site where you can earn in u.s dollars. This means it is a universal platform, and everyone from every part of the world can register and earn. They payment will be made to you in your local currency.


Something you and I would definitely agree on, is that is a very generous site. They give a bonus of $25 to every new member. All you need do is, perform sign up process. The bonus is added to your dashboard, and yes it can be withdrawn. But you must reach the withdrawal threshold first.


How to Earn from

Basically, this is a survey site. And yes, I know surveys are easy and really fun to carry out.

Sharepay will pay you to carry out daily surveys, and as you complete them, you will get paid instantly.

You can actually earn up to $20 for every single survey you complete. Mind you, you can carry out more than one survey in one day.


The interesting part is, there is more than one way to earn from sharepay.


Another way to earn, is by downloading different types of app. When you download and provide screenshots, you also get paid about $25.

Also, uploading of YouTube videos can fetch you more dollars too. When you make and upload these videos, more revenue is added to your dashboard.

On top of these plenty ways to earn, you can still make more money by getting involved with referral(I’m certain you know what referral means, so no long talks).


With sharepay referral, you earn $10 everytime you successfully refer a new person. That’s not all. You also get 40% of your referral’s lifetime income.


Note: You can refer as many people as you wish. There will be no restrictions or limits.


How to get Referrals

Getting referrals is a very easy part, if you have friends that would like to join.

Here are the steps you need to take. First of, you need to be logged into your account. So, perform the simple login process. When you login, scroll down and you will find your referral link.


Share the link to get referral earnings.


When was Launched

No one can really give a date and say he or she is certain that this is the date sharepay was launched. This is because there is no statement from the admins of sharepay. So the date of launch is not certain.


Who is the Owner of

The owner of doesn’t seem to be interested im sharing his/her identity. Because till date, the owner has remained incognito. No one knows when he/she will do the identity reveal. Sign Up

If you have a sharepay referral link, click on it to get to the sign up page. If you don’t, then all you need do is go to the homepage(, then click on ‘$25 register now.’


When you get redirect to sign up page, fill the blank boxes with your details. Then click on ‘Register.’ Login

Head to the homepage first, then click on ‘Login.’ Then on login page, fill in the blank boxes with your email and password. Then click on ‘Log in.’

How to Withdraw on

There are different withdrawal options, ranging from Paypal to crypto currencies, and so on.


To withdraw, first perform sharepay login process. Then head to the withdrawal page.

Note: The minimum withdrawal amount is $100.


Is Legit or Scam is worth giving a shot. I don’t care what anyone says. In fact, there is a 90% chance that is legit.


For those asking, “Is legit or scam?” I hope I have answered your question. Join this platform as soon as possible, and start earning the dough!


Have any questions about this “sharepay review?” If yes, comment your question below.

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