Wemoney.live Review: Is Wemoney.live Legit or Scam?

Having a side hustle, or even multiple income earning stream is one way to live a fulfilled life, and also to never be broke again. Well, there are thousands of passive income sites you could try out that would help you in a way or the other. However, be careful when making your choice. On the other hand, you can join wemoney.live to start making money online.


Basically, you can start making money on WeMoney for free without of course having to put your money into this site. That doesn’t mean you & I should waste our time on something fruitless.

Wait! Is wemoney.live a fruitless site? Does this mean I won’t get paid on WeMoney? Is wemoney.live legit or scam?


Well, your curiosity on WeMoney will be answered on wemoney.live review. So, not miss any word in WeMoney review would be in your favor, and also educative in every part to you. Moreover, if you are still curious about anything on wemoney.live, you can drop your questions in the comments at the end of this post.


Wemoney.live Review

One mistake most income finders make is not researching in a site before joining that site, and most times they very well pay for that. Well, big kudos to all readers of wemoney.live review — you have made the right decision today.

Wemoney.live review is going to be revealing to you everything you need to know on WeMoney, and also the answer to the question “is wemoney.live legit or scam?”


Despite this, like I mentioned earlier, wemoney.live review is going to be packed with popular (top) questions on WeMoney. Some of these questions are; what is WeMoney? How does WeMoney work? How to earn for free on WeMoney? Who is the founder of WeMoney? When was WeMoney launched? How to withdraw on WeMoney? WeMoney login, and others.


Critical information to all readers of wemoney.live review that I am neither promoting WeMoney, nor am I an affiliate to WeMoney. However, wemoney.live review is done to reveal to all readers everything they need to now on WeMoney.


What is Wemoney.live

WeMoney is a South African earning site which promises its users cool cash whenever they spin a wheel. Technically, when you spin this wheel, you could earn up to R10 — if you are lucky tho.

Nevertheless, you get more than this when you upgrade you account to a premium package as that is for free users. Seems easy right? Well, if you don’t still know how WeMoney works, you can learn more below.


How to Earn from Wemoney.live

Making money on wemoney.live is so easy that it requires no experience at all. Moreover, who need to experience to tap a button? – LOL. Regardless of that, you can make money on WeMoney in two ways, and you can earn in each of these ways without the need to put your money on this site.


Well, the first way to start earning is by spinning a wheel. All new members of WeMoney are given the opportunity to spin a wheel daily without having to deposit. Furthermore, each time you spin this wheel, you earn R3 – R10 depending on how lucky you are.

However, you can always earn more (if you see you are not always lucky – LOL). Upgrading your WeMoney account, or buying a WeMoney package requires you to make a minimum deposit of R300. By doing this, you do not only get more chance of winning better, but also more daily spins.


Like always, I wouldn’t advise you make that decision just yet because you currently do not know the answer to the question – is WeMoney legit? Technically, whatever answer you get may influence you decision on whether you are to join WeMoney.


Despite this, you can also earn on WeMoney in another way. Well, this brings us to the second way to earn on WeMoney, and that is wemoney.live referrals. This basically does not need much explanation as you should have at least the slightest idea if what referral is.

However, referral commission on WeMoney is stacked with double bonuses, and you obviously do not want to miss out on this.


How to get Wemoney.live Referrals

To get your wemoney.live referral link, all you just need to do is to log into your WeMoney account, and you would find it on your dashboard.

For each referral you bring with your invitation link to WeMoney, you get 1 free spin. Not only that, you also get an additional referral commission of 10%.


When was Wemoney.live Launched

Most users are interested in knowing the age of WeMoney before joining. However, keep in mind that that age of a site doesn’t really guarantee that it would be legit, and the same goes for WeMoney.

Nonetheless, wemoney.live was launched on the 23rd of September 2022, and has already captured the interest of most South Africans.


Who is the Owner of Wemoney.live

There is currently no information on whom the founder of wemoney.live is because the developers has hidden that information from everyone.


Wemoney.live Sign Up

Creating your WeMoney account is very easy, however, not every can earn on this site because there is a very big users restrictions. Well, this restriction is whom can create an account.

WeMoney was made specially for users South Africans which means you cannot join this platform without a South African phone number. Moreover, if you already have that, you can head to the WeMoney registration page by visiting its official website ‘wemoney.live’, and clicking sign-up.

Note that you will also need a username, and email address to complete your account creation.


Wemoney.live Login

To log into your WeMoney account, head to its official website ‘wemoney.live’, then select login. Fill in your login details i.e. your username, and password to access your account.

How to Withdraw on Wemoney.live

For you to withdraw your earnings on wemoney.live, you need to submit your bank details. These details are your account number, and also your bank name.


However, if you have all these set, head to the withdrawal portal, and request withdrawals. Note that the minimum withdrawal threshold on WeMoney is R300, and you can also request payment with your PayPal wallet.


Is Wemoney.live Legit or Scam

Well, as for the answer to the question “is wemoney.live legit or scam?” Note that WeMoney is currently a new earning site which is yet to pay any of its users. Nonetheless, WeMoney is not a scam site because of this, and has not been reported as a scam site.


Technically, this means wemoney.live is still a safe site – for now. Even so, I won’t advise you put your money into this site, but stick to the free plan till the answer to the question has been given.

Thank you for reading wemoney.live review till the end.

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