Binateam Review(Is Legit or Scam?)

The trick money making platforms use these days, is to give extremely high ROI. It is always tempting and hard to resist. And of the earning site that adopted this method, is the famous limited.

While you may have heard lot of things about binateam, and how it has got mouth watering offers, I can say for a fact, that there are one or two things that you definitely do not know about this site.


So I say to everyone who has an interest in this platform; ‘Do yourself a favor, and ensure you read this review article.’

Even if you have just a slight interest, there is literally no harm in gaining info about how binateam works.

Now, seeing as you are here, it is clear you stumbled on this page either because you are curious to know what binateam ltd is, or because you are looking for a platform where you can earn money.


If it is the latter, well I would like you to know that a lot of internet folks believe is just the right site to make a heap of easy money from. But there is more to it than you may know.

In this review, I will do all the unraveling. Review

Binateam ltd is a bit complicated. Especially for those who know very little about crypto. It is nothing really though. Everything will be made clear in this review article.


Now, the elephant in the room is obviously not knowing if is legit or scam. This is probably why more than 50% of you readers decided to make research on binateam ltd. Well be rest assured that I will discuss on that as well.

A lot of pressing matters will be discussed, they will be introduced in form of questions, and answers will be provided to every single one of these questions.


Here are some questions you should expect to get answers to: What is binateam ltd? Who is the owner of binateam ltd? How to make money from binateam? How to go about login process? How to go about sign up process? Is legit or scam? And others.


What is

For those who do not know, is a platform that helps you with crypto trading(this what they claim to do).

The main idea is to help you trade, and give you back your capital, and returns. Binateam claims to have expert crypto traders.

By now, you should have gotten the idea. Binateam ltd is all about investing your money with high ‘hopes’ of getting it back, with huge returns. is a ponzi scheme. And you should know by now that is a risky business.


There is more than just one way to make money from this site. So let’s discuss them below.


How to Earn from

The main way to make money on binateam is obviously by investing.

Investment is quite straight forward and easy to understand on this platform. As expected, there are different investment plans, and the idea is for members to choose the one that suits their budget.


On the homepage of, you will realize that there are three investment plans/levels. Each plan varies in price(not surprising). And they all offer different return on investments. Check them out below:


Binance Lite – invest $50 to $10,000 and receive 3% daily for 50 days (150% total ROI)

Binance Pro – invest $1000 to $100,000 and receive 28% weekly for 42 days (168% total)


Binance Elite – invest $10,000 to $100,000 and receive 200% total ROI (this one isn’t available anymore).


To take a break from the stress of investing and investments, there is also the option to earn by binateam ltd referral program. referral doesn’t guarantee you any specific amount. Actually, you earn commissions from your referral’s earnings. Which means if your referral earns more money, you would too.


How to get Referrals

This is a simple process that involves having your binateam referral link in hand, and sharing the link across to friends and families.


You can easily get your referral link from your dashboard. And you can easily access your dashboard by performing login process.

When was Launched

There is no official talks of when binateam was launched, but I did some digging and here is what I found out.


First of all, the domain for this site was purchased very recently. Binateam ltd url was bought on the 28th of August. It was few days after that launched operations.


Who is the Owner of

The owner of binateam is not known by anyone. Not even members know who he or she is. And it remains a mystery as to why the owner’s identity is being kept a secret. Sign Up

To register, all you need do is head to the website yourself. On the homepage, simply click on ‘Sign Up.’ You will get taken to sign up page, and there you will be asked to fill up your personal details(like name, username, email, e.t.c.)


The whole process is pretty easy to figure out. It shouldn’t even take up to five complete binateam sign up process. Login

To login is as simple as the sign up steps. First, start by heading to the homepage and clicking on ‘Login.’

You would then be taken to login page. Punch in your username and password, then submit.


How to Withdraw on

Withdrawal is supposed to be possible via your crypto wallet. So ready your wallet address, log into your binateam dashboard, and find the withdrawal page.


Is Legit or Scam

Everyone who knows about also wants to know if it is a legit or scam site. No judgements about this. It is totally natural to be curious.


I would say isn’t legit. It is just another of those ponzi schemes looking for a way to scam internet users. I wouldn’t advice anyone to invest into binateam. Be warned folks!


Thank you for reading this binateam review article. Have any questions? If yes, then drop your comments.

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