Treasurestores Review(Is Legit or Scam? Full Details)

Looking for money making platform that would perform miracles and wonders for you? Congratulations, you will never find what you are looking for. Because, no platform is perfect, and none will last forever. You just have to find one site that is currently legit and paying. This is where comes in.


This article is not going to hype, or tell you that this is a platform that would make you extremely rich. All these will not be said, because it truth treasurestores is not such a site. is simply a basic money making site where you can earn little cash and move on.


Note: is NOT a get rich scheme.

You cannot buy your dream house, or dream car, from the money you earned on treasurestores. Because to some, the money earned from this platform is just ‘peanut.’

But regardless, you are likely to earn money from, and that is all that really matters.


In this review, we will tell you more about how this platform operates, and how to go about performing actions that will fetch you real cash from the site. There are lots of benefits you stand to gain of you would only read this review to the end. So stick around to the very last line! Review

If you are one that reads online reviews frequently, then you already know how this works. But if this is like your first time, then here’s a quick explanation of how this review is going to go down. This review article will answer all your queries, give you explanations and definitions, then guide you through all the hurdles and challenges you are likely to face.

Mostly, answers to your questions will be provided in this review article. So brace yourself, as you will be getting answers to questions such as: What is treasurestores, how to make money from, how to get referral, how to perform login process, is legit or scam, e.t.c.


There are lots of things to know about this earning site, so that explains why this article will be a bit lengthy. Just ensure that you read every line!


What is

Treasurestores is in fact not a store(or online store). Nothing is sold on the platform.

Treasurestores is actually a platform where you can earn free money everyday, by stacking cash from your account dashboard. Everyday, members are allowed to stack a certain amount of money within seconds. is a platform where you can earn without depositing a dime. It is obvious many internet users prefer to earn from platforms that doesn’t require deposits. Well, treasurestores is that platform!


Another interesting thing you should know is, there is more than just one way to make money on!!


How to Earn from

Don’t know you can earn from this platform? Don’t worry about it, it’s all stated below!


You can make money by doing either of these two things, Stacking or Referring.



Stacking money on is a simple action that earns you money daily. Whether you deposit or not, stacking will earn you money!

But for members that deposit/upgrade their treasurestores account, you tend to earn more money from daily stacking.

These are the advantages that comes with upgrading or depositing your account;

No minimum amount for upgrade

Maximum of R2,000

Stack every 4 hours

Contract is valid for a month (30 days)

Earn 1.5% – 2% per staking

Earn 9% – 12% daily

Withdraw after 20+ stacks.


NOTE: We do not recommend that anyone deposit or upgrades his or her account. Do it at your own risk!!

Referrals referral may be the best thing this platform has to offer. The reward for a single referral is R2. And since there is no limit, you can get up to a thousand referrals(if you can *wink*).


Referring is a great and simple way to earn. And it helps you draw closer to the withdrawal threshold. So, you really should give in your all for referral.


How to get Referrals

Getting referral is something that can be easily done. And it can be done in minutes.


If you want to refer, the first thing to do is to find your way to your account dashboard. So, first and most importantly, perform login process. When you’re logged in, scroll down and you will find a link that can be easily copied. That’s your referral link!


When was Launched

No one is 100% sure of when was launched. But there is this belief that the platform started operating on August 1st, 2022(not 100% sure).

Who is the Owner of

The owner of, just like the owner of many money making platform, has hidden his/her identity a secret, from both the general public and members of treasurestores platform.


This makes no sense, but the owner doesn’t seem to care. Sign Up

Do you want to join treasurestores? If your answer is yes, then all you have to do is go straight to the homepage. On the homepage, click on ‘Register.’


You will be taken to sign up page. On the registration page, fill all the boxes, then click on ‘Continue with registration.’ Login

If you want to log into your account, you will also need to go to the homepage, then click on ‘Login.’


On login page, provide your username and password. Then submit.


How to Withdraw on

You can place withdrawal if you have gotten to treasurestores minimum withdrawal threshold. Minimum withdrawal is R150.

Head to the withdrawal page to cash out your revenue.

Is Legit or Scam

Everyone knows is still a very new platform. So it is really surprising to hear people ask, “Is legit or scam?”



It is quite hard to know the answer to the above question, because treasurestores is still in its early stage. In future, it will be known to all if is legit or scam. But for now, it’s hard to tell.


Thanks for reading to the end of this review. If you have questions, drop them below.

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