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A lot of rich folks will tell you that social media is a waste of your time and mobile data. Well, they are not entirely correct. This is because, we are in a time where you can earn money from social media platforms, easily! For instance, there is a platform called Techbrank where you can get to meet new friends, chat and have fun, and also make money every single day.


If you are on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but you aren’t making any money from any of the above stated platforms, then it would be right to add to your list of social media platforms. Because Techbrank is very similar to these sites, but you can earn money easier than any of the other sites.


The money you will earn is in U.s Dollars! Sounds cool, innit?!


So, have you been searching for a way to make money on the internet, without any special requirements or skills? If your answer is yes, then congratulations dear reader! This review will be explaining to you how you can make money from the social media platform that pays daily.

Do yourself a huge favor, and read to the very end. Review

Techbrank is already known by some people. Most of these people are only aware that the platform is a social media platform, but little do they know that they can earn from the site. A small percentage of people already know that it is possible to earn from, but don’t know how to.


In this review, everyone(regardless of your category) will understand everything that has to do with this platform.

Wether u know nothing about the site, little about the site, or a lot about the site, you will still benefit from reading this review!

“Is techbrank legit or scam? What is techbrank? How to make money from techbrank? How to get referrals? How to perform login process? E.t.c.

All the questions stated above, you will get answers to all of ’em, and more!


What is Techbrank

Techbrank is a blog and a social media platform. It is similar to Facebook. You login, view other people’s posts, you too can make your own posts. Then you can like, comment and share on posts.


Techbrank is basically a cool platform for fun and enjoyment during your free time. To make it even more awesome and amazing, the owners of the site added a way for members to earn money. And best part is, no deposit is needed!

How to Earn from

You can earn money on techbrank in two simple ways!


The first earning method(which is extremely simple, and also hard to believe), is by being an engaging member of techbrank social platform.


Being engaging means liking posts, commenting, sharing and creating posts too.

These easy things will earn you dollar bills on!


There is another way to earn money, and it is by referring. Techbrank referral is also a smart and easy way to cash out from this online platform.

With techbrank referral, you can get lots of daily earnings. And even though the reward for a single referral is low($0.2), it’s still not that bad since the minimum withdrawal amount is $1.

How to get Techbrank Referrals

You can get yourself techbrank referrals by sharing your referral link around.


Don’t know how to get your referral link? What you simply have to do is perform techbrank login process. Once you are in your account dashboard, find and locate the referral page. The link will be waiting to be copied in your referral page.


When was Launched

No one is really certain of when they started this program. All that is certain, is that techbrank is currently paying. So don’t sleep on it!!


Who is the Owner of

The owner of techbrank is also not known by anyone. There is no logical reason behind this, and this is a bit disappointing to know.

Who knows, maybe the owner may eventually review his or her identity as time goes on. But it’s not certain yet.


Techbrank Sign Up

If you want to join techbrank, then you will need a referral link to do so. Simply use this referral link –

When you click the link and get to techbrank sign up page, provide all your details correctly, then submit it.


Techbrank Login

The same goes for techbrank login process. If you want to log into your account, click on that referral link above. Then, select ‘Login.’


How to Withdraw on

Like we mentioned above, the minimum amount you can withdraw from techbrank is just $1. Very little money, but at least it is easy to get to the withdrawal threshold.

If you want to place withdrawal, perform techbrank login process, locate the withdrawal page, fill in your paypal account details, then submit and request for payment.


Is Techbrank Legit or Scam

If you have been asking “Is techbrank legit or not?” Bear in mind that you are not the only one asking that question. Many members and prospective members are also curious, and want to know if is legit or not.


With the looks of thinks, techbrank seems legit. No deposits needed, so what do you have to loose?!

Dear readers, do well to give this site a try!! You may not regret it!!


Thanks for reading this techbank review.

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