Review(Is Legit or Scam? Full Details)

Even if it is often said that “making money is hard,” this doesn’t mean you too have to go through a lot of stress and struggles before you too can earn. Well, this article will be doing an introduction to you. An introduction of a site that could possibly earn you a lot of free cash, without having to make you break a sweat. The site is called, you may or may not have heard of it. is a newly founded money making site that Nigerians are starting to grow a liking for. It is a site that has got money bonus for new members, extra cash for existing members, and best of all, it is a free to join platform. Everyone is welcome!


If you landed on this page seeking to make money from the internet, this mngyr review is going to be of great benefits to you. So, we do not have to emphasize on how important it is that you read this review to the end. Review

If you have been active in the ‘make money online sphere,’ by now you would know that earning online from sites like mngyr can be tricky. For this reason, you always need a guide. This explains the reason for this review article.


This review article will help you to fully understand how the platform works, how you can easily earn without hiccups. This review article is premium information that you are getting for free!


Now, here’s a quick glance of what you should expect to see as you read on.

This review will provide many of the answers that you seek, and even answers to questions that you may not know that you need(yet). Such as: what is Mngyr, how to make money from, how to get referral, how to perform login, who is the owner of mngyr, is legit or scam, and so on.

What is

Mngyr is a new e-commerce website where any internet user can make money easily, everyday. Basically, is a get-paid-to website. Members are paid to perform easy and quick online tasks everyday. And they are paid little commissions for it.


Mngyr can be taken as a side hustle, not a main job. The reasons are because;

1. You cannot become a wealthy person from a site like this.

2. Your presence on the platform is only needed for a few minutes. Once you are done for the day, you have no reasons to remain on the site, until the next day.


But regardless of the fact that cannot make you a millionaire, the site is still an amazing one.

One of the amazing features, is the sign up bonus every new member receives. As a new member, once you sign up, you will receive the sum of One thousand naira(#1,000).

How to Earn from

Don’t know how to earn? It’s a good thing you are reading this review! Checkout the different ways to earn below.


Earning on Mngyr starts with earning by grabbing orders. This is simply placing orders on virtual unreal products. You have to do this everyday on yout dashboard, as this is your daily task. When done right, you will earn specific amounts of money. May not be much because of the free vip level you are on. So if you desire to earn more money from daily tasks, then upgrade your account to a higher vip level(NOT RECOMMENDED).


NOTE: Upgrading will cost you money.

Another marvelous way to make money, is by Referrals. Referrals is a very smooth way to earn money everyday. And best thing about it is, there is no limit to it. You could literally get one hundred successful referrals in a day, and still aim for more that same day!


The reward for mngyr referral is hundred naira for a successful referral. With just ten referrals, you have earned One thousand naira(which is the minimum withdrawal amount).


How to get Referrals

You can start earning by referrals by sharing what is called your ‘referral link.’


To get your referral link, simply follow all of the steps stated below.

Start with login process. Once you are logged into your dashboard, click on ‘Me'(the last tab at the right corner of your pc or smartphone). Next, click on ‘invite friends.’ In the opened page, you will find your referral link. So, share it to earn!


When was Launched

According to reports made by the earliest members, mngyr was launched on the fifth of August. This is not something we are 100% certain of, but the owner(s) of didn’t help with any information regarding this.


Who is the Owner of

The owner of mngyr is not known by anyone. He or she has decided to hide his identity and personal info from the general public, for unknown reasons. Sign Up

To get started on this platform, you can sign up by clicking on referral link if you have one. And if you don’t, then go to the homepage of the site. Next, click on ‘free registration.’


On sign up page, fill all your details, then click on ‘Register.’ Login

If you really want to login, then you just need to do two simple things. login process is pretty easy. First, go to the homepage. Then, fill in your username and password. That’s it!

How to Withdraw on

Placing withdrawal is a simple action. But it will only work if you have a balance of One thousand naira.

Note: You can’t withdraw your sign up bonus.


If you have up to #1,000 in your earnings, log into your account, then find and click on ‘Withdrawal.’

On the withdrawal page, provide your bank name and account number. Then provide the amount you desire to withdraw.


Is Legit or Scam

It is normal to be curious, and it is wise to make research on site’s like Mngyr. If you are here, curious to know whether is legit or scam, then you have done nothing wrong.


Just like you, many people have also been asking “Is legit or scam?” And till now, no one has gotten an answer. This is because the platform just launched few days ago, and it is not known yet.


But to be honest with you, there is a high chance that is a scam!!


Thank you for reading this mngyr review. Ask questions if you have any.

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