Smartcashmining Review(Is Legit or Scam? Get Answers)

One very ‘smart’ way to earn ‘cash’ by ‘mining,’ is by registering on the platform called! According to many folks on the internet, smartcashmining seems to be a tested and trusted platform, and more people are beginning to give it a try. Why shouldn’t you do so too??


Hi there. You are currently reading review, and what this mean is that you are about to gain 100% knowledge on this earning site. It doesn’t matter if you just heard about this platform ten seconds ago, this article will do well to provide you with everything that there is to know.


For your info, there are a number of smartcashmining review articles that you will find in the internet if you do your research, but bear in mind that this will be the most thorough and information filled of them all.

If you know what’s good for you, and you really want to earn from the internet, then take a seat back and read every line of this review! Review

Don’t know how reviews work? Then here is a short and easy to understand explanation. This review will be providing info, explanations, and definitions, and answers.

Many questions, as well as answers to those questions, will be in the most part of this review.


Here are some of the questions you are likely to see in this review articles: How to make money from, how to get referral, who is the owner of smartcashmining, how to perform login process, is legit or scam, and many more questions.


And ofcourse you would get the answers to all of the above questions!

What is

Smartcashmining is a platform where you can earn without having to make any deposits. The site is a really generous one. Earning is easy, and can be done in a flash.


Another amazing feature associated with, is the welcome bonus.

Once you perform sign up process, you will immediately receive a bonus from the site. The amount you receive is R20. But you can earn more money by doing the necessary tasks on your dashboard.

Most people usually ask if Smartcashmining is for only South Africans. Because, earnings is only available in South African currency.

Well, if you live outside SA, but you have a SA bank account, then you can easily make money from this website.


Now, you should know that there isn’t just one way to make money from, but three ways. In the next paragraph, everything will be explained to you.


How to Earn from

Like we mentioned earlier, there are different ways you can make cool cash from this site.


The first way to earn, is by mining your hashrates. If you want to do this without having to make any deposits or upgrade, then you would earn about R20 everyday. But if you decide to upgrade, or invest, you will earn more from mining. There are five different levels to upgrade to.


Level O


Free 10 hashrate power +R20 Freely mined

R1.50 for each referral

Get 5% of your referral’s minings

Minimum withdrawal = R100

Level 1


100 hashrate

Earn R10-R20 per mining

R40-R80 daily mining profit Average mining revenue of R400 – R800

Minimum withdrawal of R150


Level 2


150 hashrate

Earn R18- R40 per mining

R75-R160 daily mining profit

Average mining revenue of R750 – R1,600

Minimum withdrawal of R300

Level 3

PRICE R1,000

175 hashrate

Earn R35 – R60 per mining

R140-R240 daily mining profit

Average mining revenue of R1,400 – R2,400

Minimum withdrawal of R600


Level 4

PRICE R2,000

200 hashrate – Earn R65 – R110 per mining

R260-R440 daily mining profit

Average mining revenue of R2,600 – R4,400

Minimum withdrawal of R1,200

Level 5

PRICE R3,000

225 hashrate

Earn R102 – R165 per mining

R408-R660 daily mining profit

Average mining revenue of R4,080 – R6,600

Minimum withdrawal of R2,000


Level 6

PRICE R5,000

300 hashrate

Earn R180 – R300 per mining

R720-R1,200 daily mining profit Average mining revenue of R7,200.

Minimum withdrawal of R3,000.


What we recommend is that you do NOT invest or deposit your money into smartcashmining.

Another way to earn is by referral. Referral earnings is very amazing. Every time you get a new referral, you will get rewarded the sum of R1.50! Thankfully, there are no limits to the amount of referrals you can get in a day. So you can refer as much people as possible.


Getting referral bonus of R1.50 is not all, you will also get 5% of your referral’s earnings.

No one should dispute over the fact that smartcashmining referral is way rewarding than mining and/or investing.


How to get Referrals

As a member of smartcashmining, we recommend that you focus mostly and mainly on getting referrals. If you do not know to, then here are the steps to do so.


First and foremost, perform login process. When you are logged in, find your way to the ‘Referral’ page. On that page, you will find your referral link and your referral code.


Copy the link, share with friends, and start earning money real fast!


When was Launched

When considering the legitimacy of some money making sites, one of the factors to put into consideration, is the platform’s age. Unfortunately, that can’t be used in this case, because no one knows launch date.

The only thing we know, is that this site was launched in July, 2022.


Who is the Owner of

The owner of has done a great job in creating a site like this one. Many are also convinced that smartcashmining is legit. If this is so, then why has he or she failed to unveil his/her identity.


Whether you agree or not, the honest truth is that the owner of will never reveal his identity to the public. Never! Sign Up

To become an official member, the only thing you need to do is complete the sign up process.


This can be done by, heading to the homepage of the site, clicking on ‘Create account now,’ then filling all of your details correctly in the sign up page. Login

To get logged in, simply head to the site homepage, click on the menu icon at the top right center, then click on ‘Login.’


On login page, the only thing you have to do is to provide your username and password.


How to Withdraw on

If you want to withdraw, never forget that the minimum amount you can withdraw is R100. And the payment will be done to your bank account.


So, you can place withdrawal by going to smartcashmining withdrawal page, then providing the boxes with your bank details, and then the amount you wish to withdraw(at least R100).


Is Legit or Scam

On social media platforms, there have been payment proofs circulating around to prove that is legit. We do not know authentic these payment receipts are, but what we do know, is that there is a chance that smartcashmining might be legit.

If you want to give this platform a chance, then you should go for it. But please, do NOT invest, recharge, or upgrade!


If you know people asking, “Is legit or scam?” Tell ’em to give the platform a chance, so they can find out for themselves.


Thanks for reading to the end of this smartcashmining review. Kindly drop questions if you have any.

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