Minemyrands.store Review(Is Minemyrands.store Legit or Scam?)

You still think making money online is hard? Well then, wait till you hear how easily internet users have been earning everyday on Minemyrands.


Making money from the internet is actually very easy. And anyone can succeed in that space. All that matters, is joining the right platform, and being consistent.

For you to know the right platform that will earn you well, you have to try out a lot of money making sites first. All these is just a ‘phase.’ Eventually, you will get past this phase.


Having said that, one of the platforms recommended by us, is one that they call Minemyrands.store! The platform literally means mining money(Rands is South African currency), so it shows that everything about this platform is money related.

This article is going to be all about minemyrands.store, and how earning works.


If you fall in the category of people that know absolutely nothing about minemyrands.store, trust us when we say, this review article will guide you through everything you need to know.

For those that already know a lot about the platform, the fact that you are already a member doesn’t change the fact that this minemyrands.store review will still provide you with info you probably didn’t know before.


Do well to read to the end.


Minemyrands.store Review

As you continue to go down this page, you will discover that this article is answering all sorts and types of questions(ofcourse only the ones related to minemyrands), and with each answer that get, you have gained more knowledge without even trying.


In this review, here are some of the questions we will be giving answers to: What is minemyrands, how to earn from minemyrands, how to get minemyrands.store referrals, how to perform minemyrands.store login process, is minemyrands.store legit or scam, and so on.


What is Minemyrands.store

Did you know? If you sign up on minemyrands right now, you would get an instant bonus of R15!! There are no special requirements to get this bonus, the only thing you have to do is to perform minemyrands.store sign up process. This platform is really cool, and there should be no dispute about it. Cool should even be an understatement.


Now, if you still need an explanation for what minemyrands.store, and what they do, then here is a good explanation: Minemyrands is a South African based earning site. The platform allows members to earn in different ways. You earn by investing, referring, and performing daily tasks. Infact, literally every action performed in your minemyrands dashboard, is an earning action!

One of the many cool facts about minemyrands.store, is that you do not necessarily have to make any payment or buy anything before you can make money. Some money making sites won’t even allow you sign up if you aren’t going to pay the registration fee, but minemyrands.store is free!


How to Earn from Minemyrands.store

You can earn in different ways. The first way you can earn on minemyrands, is by ‘Mining.’ Minemyrewards.store claims to be a cloudmining site(not sure we know what that means), so they decided to add ‘mining’ as one of the ways to earn on the platform.

To earn free money by mining, you just need to select the Free Miner option in your dashboard, and this will make you eligible to earn everyday.

“You get 1 free miner every 24 hours, This option is availabe for any level. You earn between RI – R2 per mining, remaining until next free spin.”


An alternative way to make money on minemyrands, is by Referrals. With minemyrands.store referral, you can earn way more than you bargained for. This is because you earn between R1 to R3 from every successful referral you get. And since you can refer as much as hundred people in a day(even more), then you can earn R100, or more, from minemyrands referrals!

Incase you don’t know what ‘Referral’ mean, here is a basic explanation: Referral is simply inviting and convincing people, or persons, to become a part of an organization or group.

Minemyrands.store referral simply means urging people to join the site by registering.


How to get Minemyrands.store Referrals

Before you can get minemyrands referral, the person you referred must successfully perform minemyrands.store sign up process using your referral link. This means that the most important tool needed for referral, is your referral link.

To get your link, you will have to perform minemyrands.store login process first. When you are logged in, click on ‘Affiliates.’ It is on the list of options in the side menu.


In the affiliate page, you will find your minemyrands.store referral link waiting to be copied and shared.


When was Minemyrands.store Launched

Minemyrands is a new South African site launched very recently. Although we have no idea of the day this platform was launched, we do know that minemyrands was launched in July, 2022.

Who is the Owner of Minemyrands.store

The owner of minemyrands.store has kept his/her identity a mystery. No member(or member) has any idea of who the owner is.


Minemyrands.store Sign Up

To register and become a part of minemyrands, you can sign up by either, clicking on the referral link given to you, or heading to minemyrands.store sign up page manually.


In the sign up page, fill in every detail that is needed, then submit and log in.

Minemyrands.store Login

Go over to minemyrands homepage, then click on ‘Login now.’


On minemyrands.store login page, type in your username and password. Then, click on continue.


Minemyrands.store login process doesn’t take up to a minute of your time. It’s easy!


How to Withdraw on Minemyrands.store

If you want to withdraw from this earning site, you ought to keep in mind that the least amount you can withdraw is R150. To get to the withdrawal page, the first thing to do is perform minemyrands login steps.


Next, click on ‘My Tasks.’ In that page, scroll down and click on ‘Withdraw money.’


Is Minemyrands.store Legit or Scam

If you want to really know if minemyrands.store is legit or scam, the only true way to find out is by giving the site a try. But note, do not make any deposits or investments! You may loose your money and get scammed!

We do not recommend investing your hard earned money into minemyrands.store!


If you are still asking: “Is minemyrands.store legit or scam?” Then read the two paragraphs above again and again!


This is the end of our minemyrands.store review. Do well to ask questions or make suggestions in the comment section.

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