Is Legit? A Must Read Review

If you have been searching for a passive income site that will earn you money everyday, without any stress, then you really should know about, it may just be what you are looking for. may just be a miracle to mankind. Because, this platform is one that would allow anyone from any part of the world, to generate income freely.


As you all know, we are in 2022. And in today’s world, many people earn from a passive income – That is, earning money by doing little to no work.

You just have to think smart.


Luckily for you reading this review, since you have landed on this page, it means you have found one of the numerous platform thay gives you the opportunity to make passive income. allows you to earn in u.s dollars, or in South African Rands(ZAR).

The good thing is, if you do not have a job, you can take as your means of livelihood. Also, for those that have jobs already, you can still take as a side hustle. Review

In this review, we promise to be through. As usual, this review just like every other review on this blog, is going to be in-depth. Meaning that every detail you need relating to, you will get it on this page.

Spoiler alert! What you are expected to see as you go down this review, is answers to many questions that you and/or other members of have been asking.


This includes, What is, how to make money from, how to get referral, how to perform login process, is legit or scam, and many other questions.


Read every line of this review to get the answers you need!


What is is not exactly a platform about the crypto currency known as ‘Litecoins.’ A lot of people are likely to make that mistake. is actually a money making scheme for internet users. Mind you, this is an investment site. And it is almost impossible to earn if you refuse to deposit in the platform.


According to the website, here is a fine definition of what is, and what they plan to achieve; “LTCS is a platform where anyone around the world can generate income through their investments, referrals and from other services we offer, members deposits are used to purchase Litecoin!”


How to Earn from

Making money on this platform has to do mostly with depositing and investing. Currently, there are different packages and levels that you can invest in.


The level you choose to invest in, will determine how much you will make daily from investment.


Below are all the listed levels and packages on the platform.

Deposit USD 5.56 = Earn USD 0.36 Per Day x 31 Days – (Level 1)

Deposit USD 16.67 = Earn USD 1.08 Per Day x 31 Days – (Level 2)


Deposit USD 33.33 = Earn USD 2.15 Per Day x 31 Days – (Level 3)


Deposit USD 44.44 = Earn USD 2.88 Per Day x 31 Days – (Level 4)


Deposit USD 166.67 = Earn USD 1.37 Per Day x 365 Days – (Level 5)


Deposit USD 500.00 = Earn USD 4.11 Per Day x 365 Days – (Level 6)


Deposit USD 833.33 = Earn USD 6.85 Per Day x 365 Days – (Level 7)


Deposit USD 2,777.78 = Earn USD 22.83 Per Day x 365 Days – (Level 8)

For your info, this website has made it quite clear that earning by investment is not the only way for you to earn on!


You could also earn via referral. Know what that means? It means you can earn when you convince people to join this earning site. And when they do so using your referral link, the website gives you an instant money reward.


For those wondering how much tou earn via referral, the bonus is $2.78, but note that you will get your bonus only when members upgrade/invest in one of the investment packages.

What makes referrals a better means of earning, is that you do not need to invest. And also, you can earn limitless amounts daily. You just need to keep referring and referring.

But when you earn via investment, you only earn the fixed amount that you are meant to earn. Going beyond the amount is impossible.


How to get Referral

To get yourself referral, all you need is to share your referral link.


Now, not a lot of people know where to get their referral link. So, simply follow these steps.

Start by performing login process. Then when you get into your dashboard, click on ‘view referrals.’

On the page you get taken to, scroll down and you will find your referral link.

When you share this link, convince your friends and families to sign up with the link. And when they upgrade, you start getting rewards.


When was Launched

There are many uncertain things about this platform. Things that even us do not have answers to. And an example, is the date was launched.


Nobody, apart from the owner and workers of, know when the site was launched.


What makes this even hard to understand, is why they are hiding the date they launched their platform. This doesn’t add up at all!

Who is the Owner of

Speaking of uncertain things, we move on tell you that the owner of is a ‘Mr Unknown.’ Probably even a Mr’s, no one knows.


When the owner of a platform, such as, has an unknown owner, it is probably because the platform is illegitimate.


You may now be wondering, “Does this mean isn’t legit?” Well, keep reading to find out. Sign Up

It is very simple to sign up. All you have to do is click on a referral link. It will take you to the sign up page.


For those without a referral link, simply go to the homepage. Then the next thing to do is click on ‘Create new account.’


You will be taken to sign up page, and there you will be required to provide all of your personal details. Then click on ‘complete sign up’ to submit. Login

If you want to log into your account dashboard, just find your way to login page. Then, fill in only your username and password.

After that, click on ‘access my account.’ You will immediately be taken to your account dashboard.


How to Withdraw on

You would be amused to find out that the minimum withdrawal amount on is just $1.67

This amount can be reached in just one day. And you can withdraw it via bank account or litecoin.


To withdraw from, simply head to the withdrawal page by clicking on ‘Withdraw funds.’


Is Legit or Scam

If you have been thinking really hard concerning whether is legit or scam, we would like to let you know that is not 100% trusted.


We recommend that you only focus on getting referrals, and avoid the depositing and investing because it is highly risky.


If you know people that have been asking; “Is legit or scam?” Then kindly share them this article.


Thanks for reading. Drop your comments and questions below.

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