Reviews(Is Legit or Scam? Get Answers)

It is not surprising to hear that many attained their riches and wealth from online platforms. Mostly the investment ones. Well, is one of such platforms that promises members that they can earn easily from the internet. And the requirements to earn is…..Oh wait, there are actually no requirements at all! Anyone and everyone is eligible to be a member of!


Since there have been hype all over the internet about this platform being a really amazing one, then there would be harm in giving it a try. Remember that online investment is not something that is new. People have been doing it for years, and even if some weren’t so lucky, there are those that made a fortune from taking the risks of investing on random online websites.

Well, wouldn’t you like to fully understand how works? Pretty sure you would. So, since we have done the favor of collating all information regarding the site already, all you simply have to do is read this review. Review

It was not too long ago that phoenixcontact earning platform became discovered. In fact, this platform was launched just a few days ago(depending on when you are reading this review though). As usual, all new money making platforms need to be explained to prospective members. Because if you join a site without enough info, you may end up loosing money and not getting a dime back. is new, so you readers most definitely do not know everything about the site. This is where we come in.

In this review article, every important info will be discussed. And you all will get answers to questions you have been asking yourselves.


Some questions that will be addressed, includes: How to make money from phoenixcontact, how to withdraw from, how to perform login process, and ‘Is legit or scam?’


What is

Phoenixcontact is an online investment site for Nigerians. The site has got juicy and tempting investment plans/packages. But before you begin with depositing and investing, here are things you should know. tries to show generosity to all members by giving a bonus of one hundred naira to all new member.

When you perform sign up process for the first time(and is supposed to be your only time, because signing up should be done only once), you get a welcome bonus!


The welcome bonus is not enough to be withdrawn because it is not up to the withdrawal threshold.

To get to the withdrawal threshold, you will need to invest in one of the plans/packages.


How to Earn from

The most important part of this review, is this part of the article. Because, earning is the main reason why you all landed on this page.


So, let’s make it clear on how you can make money from the site.

As you already know, you have to invest into the platform. So for those asking how much is the least amount, or most, that one can invest in, checkout all the investment packages below;



Deposit Amount: 3000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: ₦300 | 10%

Total Return: ₦27000 | 900%


Deposit Amount: 5000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: ₦525 | 10.5%

Total Return: ₦47250 | 945%



Deposit Amount: 10000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return:₦1100 | 11%

Total Return: ₦99000 | 990%


Deposit Amount: 50000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: ₦6000 | 12%

Total Return: ₦540000 | 1080%



Deposit Amount: 100000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: ₦13000 | 13%

Total Return: ₦1170000 | 1170%



Deposit Amount: 500000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: ₦75000 | 15%

Total Return: ₦6750000 | 1350%


Deposit Amount: 1,000,000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: ₦180000 | 18%

Total Return: ₦16200000 | 1620%



Deposit Amount: 5000000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: ₦1000000 | 20%

Total Return: ₦90000000 | 1800%


As you can see, it works just like normal investment schemes. The higher you deposit, the more money you get back in return. Do bear in mind that, we are not urging any of our readers to engage themselves in investments. This is only for informational purposes.


Further more, there is actually another way to boost your revenue on dashboard. It is called the act of getting referrals.

With referrals, you can make more money in a day instead of investing in extremely ridiculous packages.


You will earn six hundred naira from every successful referral. And this comes with percentage profits from your referral’s earnings.


How to get Referrals

It isn’t something that even requires a step by step explanation, be cause it is something so easy.


Anyways, start by performing login process. Then, click on ‘Referral.’ This will take you to referral page. After that, click on ‘my link.’


Your referral link will be shown to you, and all you have to do is share the link and tell people to sign up on phoenixcontact using the same link.


When was Launched was launched on the 22nd of June, 2022. This is not 100% certain though. But it seems so.

Note: We are fully aware that if you scroll to the bottom of the website, you will find on the footer that they claim the platform has been operating since 2018. But this is very untrue!


Who is the Owner of

No member, or non-member, knows who the owner of is. No one even knows a staff that works for the platform.


The enter team, including the owner of, have been hiding their identities for unknown reasons. Sign Up

To become a registered member, the first step to take is performing of sign up process.


To begin, go to the website homepage. You will then have to click on ‘Sign Up.’ This immediately takes you to sign up page.


The next thing to do is provide your mobile number and password. Then submit!

Once done with sign up process, you get your sign up bonus. Login

To login is way easy. To begin, go to the site’s homepage.

Next, fill in your mobile number and password in the page you get taken to(which is login page).

Then submit to access your account dashboard.


How to Withdraw on

The least amount that can be withdrawn is One thousand Naira. Sounds good as this isn’t hard to reach.


If your account dashboard is showing your revenue balance as #1,000 or more, then you can simply click on ‘Withdraw,’ provide your account details, and request for your cash.

Is Legit or Scam

Are you among those curious to find out if is legit or scam, well you are one of many.



For your info, this platform is a ponzi scheme. And a lot of Ponzi schemes in Nigeria do not take long before they ‘crash.’ This site called is most likely a scam. Be ware!


That’s a wrap for this review. Feel free to comment or drop questions.

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