Reviews: Is Legit or Scam?(Find Out)

There are long term investments, and there are short term investments. For example, investing your cash in a platform like is a short term investment. But, investing in a platform like Apple(iphone owners), Amazon, and so on, is an example of long term investment.


Although most think short term investments are better, but it is quite risky. So now, the million dollar question is: “Is legit or scam?”


Incase you didn’t know, is a newly launched site that has got rewarding offers for every investor that plans to work with them.

If you are looking for one of those short term investment platforms, then is one of such. Nextera has got high return on investments. And you can get back your returns in just one month(or less).

If you would like to know more about how this investment site works, then all you have to do is read this review to the end.

This article is filled with premium information, and you’re getting it for free. So ensure you read every part of it. Review

Even if you already know that is all about investing and getting returns, there are still a ton of other things to know. In this review, we discuss about every important information related to how works.


Most of our readers come here seeking answers to questions. And this is why this review will mostly be about answering questions.


We plan to give answers to questions like: How to earn from, how to get referrals, who is the owner of, how to perform logins,Is legit or scam, and others.


Let us begin now.

What is

Nextera is a money making site, and the only way to earn is by investing. But if you are worried because you currently have no cash to invest, kindly let go of that thought. Because, gives a bonus of $20 to all members.


When a wants to join this investment site, the first thing he or she does is to perform sign up bonus. As soon as you finish signing up, you’ll immediately get sign up bonus of $20.


With this bonus, you can invest in the platform and get daily returns.

As you can see, you do not need to make any deposit before you can begin to earn.

How to Earn from has got different earning/investment plans. It is only the cheapest plan which is called ‘alpha plan,’ that you can use your sign up bonus to invest in.

Check out all the other plans on


Alpha plan

5% Daily

Every 3 hours profit: 0.625%

Invest amount: $20 – $300

Total profit: 150%

Invest term: 30 days


Beta Plan

6% Daily

Every 3 hours profit: 0.75%

Invest amount: $300 – $750

Total profit: 162%

Invest term: 27 days

Gamma Plan

7% Daily

Every 3 hours profit: 0.875%

Invest amount: $750 – $1500

Total profit: 175%

Invest term: 25 days


Delta Plan

8% Daily

Every 3 hours profit: 1.00%

Invest amount: $1500 – $3500

Total profit: 184%

Invest term: 23 days


Epsilon Plan

9% Daily

Every 3 hours profit: 1.125%

Invest amount: $3500 – $7500

Total profit: 198%

Invest term: 22 days

Zeta Plan

10% Daily

Every 3 hours profit: 1.25%

Invest amount: $7500 – $15000

Total profit: 200%

Invest term: 20 days


Theta Plan

11% Daily

Every 3 hours profit: 1.375%

Invest amount: $15000 – $30000

Total profit: 209%

Invest term: 19 days


Iota Plan

12% Daily

Every 3 hours profit: 1.50%

Invest amount: more $30000

Total profit: 216%

Invest term: 18 days

Also, to add to your earnings, you can get involved with the referral program.

This is simply convincing and inviting to people to sign up and invest on the site.


Whenever a person signs up using your link, and the person proceeds to invest, you will be given 5% of your referral’s earnings.


How to get Referrals

You cab get referral by sharing your link with friends on the internet.


You can get the link by, performing login process, finding the referral page, copying your referral link, then sharing the link.

When was Launched

If you check homepage, you will find out that they made claims of this site being in existence since 2012. Well, this is very incorrect! was launched in 2022. And most likely in the month of June.


Who is the Owner of

Nobody know who the owner of is. And nobody knows why the owner is hiding his or her identity a secret.


Like we always say, “Desist from investing in a platform with an unknown owner.” Sign Up

Want to become a member of If yes, then find your way to the homepage first.


Next, click on ‘Invest Now.’ You will then be taken to sign up page.

Fill in all your details, then click on ‘Register.’ Login

To login, you only have to click ‘Log In.’ Right after clicking on Invest Now.


Then when you get taken to login page, fill in your email address and password. Then submit!

How to Withdraw on

You can only be able to withdraw from when you have at least $10.

If you reach the threshold, the only thing you have to do is head to the withdrawal page and provide your bank details.


Is Legit or Scam

For those asking if is legit or scam, we would like you to know that investing into this site is a huge risk! And there is a 50% chance that you won’t get any returns, or even your money back.


However, if you still believe that is legit, then we advice that you only try out the investment plan that would require you to invest the sign up bonus you got.


Still asking, “Is legit or scam?” Then do more research to get a more satisfactory answer!


That’s all for this review. Please drop your questions and comments below.

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