Review(Is Legit or Scam?) Get Answers review, is legit or scam? How to make money from!


If you think making money from the internet is harder than it seems, then maybe you should try first. You may be shocked at how extremely easy it is to bag in u.s dollars day in and day out.

People are already acting fast and earning daily from, so it’s best you grab this opportunity too. is a newly launched online earning site. It seems to be owned by a Chinese company. This high paying platform is bringing in joy to hearts of many people on the internet.


It doesn’t really matter if you already have a full time job. That is no excuse at all. can be your side hustle. And for those who have no jobs at all, can actually give you more than you earned in your former work place. But this will be possible if you work consistently.

For those that want to know everything about, and how it works, stick to the last line of this review. We assure you that you will learn a lot. Review

Before we begin this review, it is important that we announce this disclaimer! We have no partnership, affiliation, or deal with the owners of!

In fact, this review is only to educate and pass information to internet users. Do not make the mistake of thinking we own, or are in partnership with the owners of!

Moving on, this review will be the best one you come across on the internet. Because, this one is detailed and straight forward. We plan to answer questions that members have been asking.


Questions such as: What is, how to make money from, how to get referrals, how to perform login process, how to perform sign up steps, is legit or scam, and others.


This won’t be one of those long boring educational articles you are probably used to reading. Our review will provide humor and entertainment. *wink*


What is is an app and website that offers internet users money. Lots of money. Starting with the sign up bonus of $50 that all new members receive. This generous platform then moves on to give $1 everyday to all members than login daily.


Earning on this site involves buying virtual fishes, then feeding these fishes daily.

There are different types of fishes on, and the type of fish you choose to feed will determine how much you earn daily.


Bear in mind that the virtual fishes on are expensive. Also, the more expensive the fish is, the more money you earn daily.

As you can see, hard work is not needed at all. You won’t have to break a sweat to start earning.


How to Earn from

We already spoke about how making money on works, but let’s just add a few things that wasn’t mentioned earlier.


There are two ways to make money on! The main way is by investing and feeding fishes.


There are ten different species of virtual fishes on the app or dashboard. You invest in one, then feed it daily. Everyday, you get a specific return on investment. And in the end, you earn more than you invested.

Some people do not quite get it, so instead they would rather go for the second way of earning from, which is referrals.


This is a less complicated way to earn. It involves no deposit, and it has no daily limit.

With referrals, you earn between $0.2 to $1 for every successful referral you get.


Best part about referrals is that whether you have an expensive fish or not, you will earn the same amount whenever you get new referrals.


How to get Referrals

To start getting referrals, the first step will be to perform your login process.

When you get logged in, click on ‘invitation.’ Then on the next page, click on ‘Invite 20 friends

get$5 to$20.’ You will shown your referral link. You can copy it directly, or share it to social media platforms.


When was Launched

Apparently was recently launched. Because, no one ever spoke about it before. However, the platform didn’t provide details of when was launched.


If we had to give a logical guess, we’d say was launched in the last week of the month of May, 2022.


Who is the Owner of

Another undiscovered information about this site, is who the owner of is. Although it was hinted on the website that is owned by Chinese. But the real owner or ceo is an unknown person. Sign Up

To register on, find your way to sign up page.


On the sign up page, fill in all the boxes accurately. Then click on ‘Register.’

After completion of the sign up process, you will immediately get your sign up bonus of $50. Login

To login, the first step is to get to login page.

This is an easy step as you just have to head to homepage, then click on anything. You will be taken to the login page instantly.


On login page, you will be required to fill in your phone number and password.

Then click on ‘sign in now’ to access your dashboard.


How to Withdraw From

You can choose to withdraw any time and any day. But the withdrawal will only be possible if you have reached withdrawal threshold of $20.

If you have earned $20 or more, then head to the ‘Withdrawal’ page, provide your account details, then request for your cash out.


Is Legit or Scam

Because it is a newly launched site, many members have been wondering within themselves if is legit or scam.

This site requires deposit to earn, so it is important that before you deposit a dime, you have the answer to this question: “Is legit or scam?”


Well, it is still too early to give an answer. We haven’t seen any payment proofs of, and there have been no complaints of being scammed. Nothing is certain for sure. So do not deposit into this site for now.


Thank you for reading this review to the end. Do well to drop comments and questions in the comment section below.

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