Latest Review: Is Legit or Scam?

Rather than go job hunting from street to street, it is more advisable to try different money making sites online. Reason is because, making money from the net is more rewarding than most white collar jobs. You get to work remotely, and there is no boss to ‘boss’ you around. Now that you have got a good reason to join a site like, the next step for us to take is tell you all about!


‘What is, the pros and cons, the rewards that comes with being a member of bentesh, and many more.’

In this review, you will get access to all information, and more!


Incase you are wondering why you have never previously came across or heard about a platform names, well the most logical explanation to this is that it is a site that was only just launched recently.

If you were to perform sign up process now, it would mean you are among the founding members.

Anyways, this review begins now! Review

Of course, it is very normal for you to have questions about this new site that you are just hearing about. In fact, if you don’t have questions to ask about a new earning site that you want to earn from, then there’s probably something wrong with you. Being curious and inquisitive these sites is very normal!


We have taken it upon ourselves to answer those questions you have been seeking answers to. And all answers will be provided in this review article.

This article will provide answers to questions like: What is, who is the owner of bentesh, how to get referrals, how to make money from bentesh, how to perform login process, is legit or scam, and many more.


Please don’t skip any part. You may unknowingly miss an important info.


Disclaimer Alert! This review article does not in any way insinuate that we are the owners of Bentesh. We also have no affiliation or partnership with the true owners of the site. Thanks for understanding.


What is is another South African owned platform. This site gives internet users different opportunities to make money easily and bountifully.


To start with, all new members receive a sign up bonus of R68. This is simply a show of the kind generosity. Members receive the bonus as soon as they complete sign up process. It is cool.


When you now become an official members, there are different ways to add more money to your bentesh balance. But you will have to work this time.

Not to worry! Working on is not a hard task at all.


How to Earn from

There are two ways to earn, and you can choose one of the two different ways. Or, you can go for both. It depends on your zeal and drive to earn money.

The first way to earn money on is by receiving daily orders.


There is a task area on the dashboard, and there you will find orders allocated to you everyday.

When you complete all tasks for the day, you immediately get rewarded. has different vip or order amounts. So what you earn, depends on how much you deposited. And if you do not deposit at all, you will earn very low amounts of money.


Note: We are not advising any of our readers to deposit into!


The other way to make money from is by getting referrals daily. referral program is a really rewarding one. Although there was no mention of how much members get for each successful referral, it is still certain that there are bonuses for getting referrals.


How to get Referrals

If you want to earn via referrals, all you have to do is, perform login process.


In your bentesh dashboard, click on ‘Center.’

Next, scroll a bit to the bottom and click on ‘Invitation.’


On the invitation page, which is also referral page, copy your link and share the link to as many people as possible.


When was Launched

Even if we do know that was launched very recently, the exact date is something we aren’t so sure of. No member knows too.

The owners of should be blamed for not providing any information regarding when the site was launched.


Who is the Owner of

While we blame the owners for not providing the launch date, don’t also forget to add the issue of ‘not knowing the owners of!’


Isn’t it ridiculous that a site that expects members to blindly deposit money into their platform, cannot provide details of who owns/runs the site.

The owner of may never reveal his identity. And that’s a fact! Sign Up

To sign up, find your way to sign up page by clicking on ‘Register.’

The sign up page only asks for your personal details. It is a very simple thing to do. Login

To login, go to the homepage. You will get redirected to login page.


Next, provide your phone number and password.


How to Withdraw on

Since the minimum withdrawable amount on is R100, then it is a necessity that you have at least R100 in your account dashboard before you van head to the withdrawal page to request for payment.

To place withdrawal, perform login process(if you haven’t already done that), then click on ‘Withdraw.’

In withdraw page, provide your bank account details and submit for payment.


Is Legit or Scam

Bentesh is a new site and people are asking if is legit or scam before they register. Those that have already registered are asking to know if they should deposit or not.

Well, my dear readers, please bear in mind that the chances of being legit is very low.

To all those of you asking, “Is legit or scam?” The answer we have to give is, this site is most like a huge scam!


Thanks for reading this review. You may drop comments and questions below. If you have any.

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