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Honest Review(Is Legit or Scam? Get Answers)

Already a crypto investor and looking for a place to trade and get profits from? If your answer is yes, then how about you try! If you are also a newbie in the ‘crypto trading sphere,’ it doesn’t matter either. You too can earn from too. Want to know how? We’ll tell you in this review article!


This review is going to be doing lots and lots of explanations to all who care to read to the very end. If you go over to the website of this trading platform, you would have issues with understanding how things work. So we decided to take it upon ourselves to provide solutions to everyone’s queries and issues.

For you that have been looking for a legitimate way to earn from the internet, this might just be that opportunity. You really should read this review to the end.

And just so you know; In the past couple of years, trading has yielded a lot of young millionaires. This is not child’s play. Review

Some people who are already members of are even confused on how to go on with further processes like, earning, withdrawing, even logging in. This review sheds light on every area of this esteemed trading platform.


In this review you are currently reading, some of the queries you will be getting answers to, includes – How to earn from, how to withdraw from autotrad, who iz the owner of, how to perform login process, is legit or scam, and others.


Most people landed on this page, seeking answer to the question; “Is legit or scam?”

Well, we can guarantee we would give a satisfactory answer before wrapping up this review.

What is is a recently launched online trading platform(although all crypto and forex trading platforms are online, LOL). The name, ‘autotrad,’ hints what makes the platform unique. This site actually has automatic trading bots to help you earn more profits than usual.



If you are an experienced trader, you would most definitely enjoy trading on! Newbies won’t be left behind either.

Another admirable feature, and great reason why you should consider joining autotrad, is that all new members receive a sign up bonus of $10.

To some people, it is very little. But to others, this is a nice amount for trading.


Checkout how to earn and trade in the next line.


How does work / How to make money on

You know already that you would need startup capital to begin trading. So, just as you may have expected, has got some investment packages.


All it takes is, picking any package of your choice, depositing in it, and begin trading.

Checkout all packages:


Deposit Amount – $20.00 – $2000.00

Daily Profit (%) – 5.00


Deposit Amount – $200.00 – $2000.00

Daily Profit (%) – 2.50


Trading on is no doubt very rewarding. But if you want to take a break from it, you could also earn by referrals! referral is as rewarding as trading. When you get referrals, you earn as much as $5 when your referrals join a package.

If you have about ten referrals, that’s estimately $50. And it can be withdrawn anytime you wish. This is why most people would rather focus on then referrals, rather than trading to get profits.


How to refer or invite on

Want to refer but don’t know how to? Well, here are the steps! referral process starts with you gaining access to your dashboard.


So to begin, you will have to perform sign up process.


When you are logged in, in your ‘dashboard,’ scroll to the bottom till you find ‘your referral link.’

Click on copy link, then begin giving the links out to every friend you know would be interested.


Not everyone that you share the referral link with, will be interested in joining. So just keep being persistent and consistent.


When was launched

It is funny how, on the ‘about us’ page of, the platform claims they have been operating since 2015. Really funny!

Then it would be nice if they would explain why we only got to discover in may 2022.

Obviously, was launched in the month of May(2022). Except they operated under a different name, and domain name.


Who is the CEO / founder of

Not too many people are curious to know who the owner of is, but for the few that want to know, we have no name to give you. Unfortunately.


The owner of must be really good at hide and seek. Especially the hiding part. Because he or she has hidden the identity of his/herself for months now. Sign Up

To become a member, you must first go over to, click on ‘Sign Up.’ Then on sign up page, fill in all your details accurately in the registration form. Then agree to their terms and conditions(feel free to read it if you like). Wrap it all up by clicking on ‘Register.’ Login

To perform login process, click on ‘Menu’ in the homepage, then select ‘Login.’

On login page, fill in your username and password. Then submit!


Your forgotten password can also be recovered on the login page. Just click on ‘Password recovery.’


How to withdraw on

To place withdrawal, go to your dashboard page and click on ‘Withdraw.’


On, you can withdraw via bitcoin, tron, or usdt. Provide your wallet address and request your payment.


Is Legit or Scam

No one can say that is a scam, because there have been no claims so far so good. By the looks of things, is probably legit.

For those asking: “Is legit or scam?” We advice that you do further research on this matter before you make any deposit or investment.


This is the end of this review. Do well to comment or ask questions below.

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  1. Dan Ramos is a scam! Stay away folks!! Today, after depositing a total of $17k, they got rid of my account including blocking me from the Whatsapp chat that they created, perhaps to silence me. That VIP program is definitely a scam because they will hold on to your deposit for 6 months…but I was kicked out and ran with deposits only after 20 days. Don’t be a victim. For those already members, stop depositing.

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