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Whoever said making money from the internet is hard, is lying!! With a website like where you sign up and instantly get a bonus of $35, how hard can it be to earn more money?


Never heard about wishkk before? Well you are in luck since you have stumbled in this article.


Are you an ‘internet addict?’ No offense here. We simply meant to ask if you are one that loves to be on the internet every single minute.

You never want to go offline, but you feel that you are actually wasting your precious data. Well then, with, you can put your mobile data to good use, earn without breaking a sweat, and live ‘broke free life!’ Doesn’t that sound good to you?

Apologies if you feel that this article is giving too much hype. This was never our intention. Apparently, members of the platform have been doing the same as well. A lot of people are really convinced that wishkk is God sent.


Note: This review is not to promote or advocate for the wishkk earning platform. The aim here is to provide as much necessary information as possible.

There is no form of partnerships or affiliation between us and wishkk. Review

For old members of wishkk that are reading this review right now, this clearly means you have questions about this site. And for those who are hearing about the platform for the first time ever, the fact that you have gotten to this part, means that you are interested in becoming a member of earning hub.
This review will be a guide and an information center for everything related to the platform.


In this write up, answers to many questions will be provided. Questions like: what is wishkk, how to make money from, how to withdraw from, who is the owner of wishkk, how to perform login process, is legit or scam, and others.


It’s not every time that you get a 100% complete guide on a money making platform like, so do not take this article for granted.

Rather, ensure that you read this to the very end.


What is

Wishkk is a platform that offers internet users the opportunity to make money remotely, easily, and fast.

On the platform, the ways to earn money is not hard or new. It’s the same old ways like most survey and get-paid-to websites.


You perform tasks/jobs daily, you get rewarded dollars on your dashboard immediately.


Another thing you should also know, is that wishkk is quite similar to an investment website.

The platform has vip levels and packages.

How to make money on

If you want to make money on wishkk by depositing or investing, then check out how the whole thing works:



How to get Referrals

Experience room

Entry limit: $30

Level limit: Vip 0

Daily order: 20

Commission rate: 0.6%


Junior member

Entry limit: $100

Level limit: Junior M

Daily order: 30

Commission rate: 0.7%

Senior member

Level limit: Senior M

Daily order: 35

Commission rate: 0.8%


Junior Agent

Entry limit: $1000

Level limit: Junior A

Daily order: 40

Commission rate: 0.9%


Financial room

Entry limit: $2000

Level limit: Financial

Daily order: 55

Commission rate: 1.5%

Senior Agent

Entry limit: $3000

Level limit: Senior A

Daily order: 45

Commission rate: 1.1%


Black Diamond Agent

Entry limit: $8000

Level limit: Black D

Daily order: 50

Commission rate: 1.3%


Vip agent

Entry limit: $30000

Level limit: VIP A

Daily order: 55

Commission rate: 1.5% referral

If depositing and investing is too complicated for you to understand, or you would rather not invest in wishkk, then it would be wise for you to start getting referrals.


Wishkk referrals could even earn you more money. Here is how it works:

Invite 10 people and get a free gift of $88.8

Invite 30 people and get a free gift of $288.8 Invite 50 people and get a free gift of $588.8

Invite 100 people and get a free gift of $1888.8

Invite 300 people and get a free gift of $8888.8

How to withdraw on

This platform has made it clear that the least amount that can be withdrawn from wishkk is $100.


If you have a minimum of $100, head to ‘Withdrawal’ in your dashboard, click on it, provide your withdrawal or bank details. Them submit for withdrawal.


When was launched

Wishkk started trending a couple of days ago. Obviously, this platform was launched recently, most likely in the month of May, 2022.


However on the website, the platform owners claim that “in 2017, wishkk was the most downloaded e-commerce application in the united states.”

This seems false as the platform didn’t even exist a year ago.


Who is the Owner or founder of

The owner of is not even a known entity. No member of the platform knows who he or she is.


Some members seem to be interested in knowing who the owner is, while a few don’t even care about this info. Sign Up

Signing up on wishkk is a very simple thing to do. First, you will need to go to, then you will have to click on ‘Join Now.’


After clicking join now, you will be taken to sign up page. There, you just need to provide your personal details and you will be signed up immediately. Login

When you get to wishkk homepage, you actually land on login page.


On that page, you will be asked to provide your username and password.

Only those two are needed to pass wishkk login process.


Is Legit or Scam

It is still a bit early to come to a conclusion on whether wishkk is legit or scam. Like we said, this platform was launched recently.

For now, there have been no payment proofs to confirm that is legit. There have also been no proof to guarantee that is scam. Research is still being done.


So if you know someone that is asking: “Is legit or scam?”

It would be nice to share this article with them.


Thanks for reading the review article to the last line. Feel free to comment and ask questions.

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