The Best Review | Is Legit or a Scam?

Hello there. Welcome to another review ours! is a new cryptocurrency mining websites that has got a handful of mouth watering offers for all that would like to be a member of the platform. In this article, we would be happy to provide information on everything that we know about, but first it is important that we also provide information on how crypto can change your life drastically.


Did you know? The richest cryptocurrency investor(Brian Armstrong) is worth over $6.5billion. He achieved most of his wealth from owning crypto currencies. You can too, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the money to purchase crypto coins.


With sites like, you can consistently mine different types of coins, hodl for a long time, and then become really rich in a couple of months.


It may not be all easy. Of course it won’t. But it is also not impossible!

Now that we have given you enough reasons to be take seriously, let’s not talk about what this review will be revealing to all who read to the end. Review

If you’re reading this now, it means you are yet to know ‘all about’, but this is going to be temporary.

Because, in a couple of minutes, when you are done reading this shorta review, you would have gained way more knowledge about mining website.


Before we go on, please note that we do not own, in fact we are not in any partnership with this mining platform. This article is merely for the enlightenment of our readers.


In this review, we will be answering questions.


Such questions include: how to earn money from, what is, how to get shorta referrals, when was launched, how to register on shorta, how to perform login details, is legit or scam, and others.

It would be really important to know the answer to the question, ‘Is legit.’ If you want to find out, then kindly keep reading.


What is, or shorta, is an online platform that claims it can actually provide you some special kinds of crypto coins, and all it takes is for you to perform an action called ‘Mining.’

Ob shorta, it is as simple as this: ‘the more you mine, the more you earn.’


One could also say is similar to an investment website. Because, if you deposit your money in the website, you would be eligible to earn specific amounts of commissions every day.

But whether, or not, you invest, you are still eligible to earn free bonuses from this mining sites and this is just one of the cool features of this platform.


How to Earn Money from

You could decide to make some deposits into your shorts account dashboard the purpose of this is to increase how much you are likely to earn from every mining you do. Honestly it is not a necessity but for those who would like to earn Peugeot amounts of money then there is the option to deposit and upgrade your package.


All new members are in the free package.


Checkout all the packages that there is:



2% per day

180 VH/s bonus

Investement period 180 days



2.5% per day

180 VH/s bonus

Investement period 180 days

40 VH/s




3% per day

180 VH/s bonus

Investement period 180 days

1000 VH/s




3.5% per day

180 VH/s bonus

Investement period 180 days

10000 VH/s



5% per day

180 VH/s bonus

Investement period 180 days

30000 VH/s




5.5% per day

180 VH/s bonus

Investement period 180 days

60000 VH/s




6% per day

180 VH/s bonus

Investement period 180 days

180000 VH/s

Despite the fact that there are six different paid packages, we highly recommend that you remain at the free package. It is safe, and cost free.


Alternatively, you can earn on by referral.

For every referral you are able to get, you will get 1 VH/s for each invited user on the first and second levels.


How to get Referrals

You only need to share your referral link with friends and families online.


This link can be found in your account dashboard, and it can be copied easily.


When was launched

If you check ‘About Us’ page, you will see where it is stated that was launched on the 7th of April, 2022.

It is still a really new site, and a lot of crypto enthusiasts are yet to discover it.


Who is the Owner of

On the about us page, you would expect to see the owner of, but you would be disappointed.


The only thing we know is that this site claims is owned by ‘five enthusiasts.’ None of the five have come out to reveal his or herself. So no one knows any of the owners of! Sign Up

To register on, go to the site homepage, you will find a box that is asking for your email.

Once you provide your email address, you will be sent a mail. Login

Go to website, click on the icon at the top right corner, then click on ‘Login.’


In the login page, provide your username and password. Then, click on ‘Sign In.’


How to Withdraw from

You can withdraw only crypto coins from this website. These are the least withdrawal amounts for each coin: 0.043 LTC, 0.012 BNB, 75 TRX and 35 DOGE.


You can easily find your way to the withdrawal page. There, you just need to provide your wallet details, then wait for your payment.


Is Legit or Scam

When people ask this question, is legit or scam? We tend to tell them that looks logical, but not 100% trusted. So the best thing to do is remain in the free shorta package(do not deposit), then earn more money via referrals. is a new website, no one knows for sure(yet) if is legit or scam. So, it is best to take precautions.


Thanks for reading. If you have questions relating to this review, then drop your comments and questions in the comment section below. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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